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How Many Properties Sold in Christchurch?

Posted by te2ataria on November 8, 2010

New Zealand Buttlines

Property values still sliding

ZERO Properties Sold in Christchurch: Ain’t that surprising!!?

Residential property values continued to decline in October sliding more than 5.5 percent …

“The report did not provide a measure for Canterbury, saying there were too few sales since the magnitude 7.1 earthquake on September 4 to generate a reliable index measure.”

Bacterial infection hits North Island kiwifruit orchard

“The disease, pseudomonas syringae pv actinidiae or PSA, has not appeared in New Zealand before but has had a significant impact on Italian kiwifruit production in recent years.” More…

Company fraud in NZ doubles

“The survey of about 200 groups, in both government and private sector, on both side of the Tasman showed the cost of fraud rose from an average NZ$1.9 million in 2008, to NZ$3.8m this year.”

Genetic link likely in alcoholism, depression

“A Christchurch woman whose parents suffered from alcoholism and whose father also had depression is being treated for both conditions as part of a new study.” More…

Include “Murder,” “Rape” and “Psychopathic Demeanor” in the headline and you’ll find this blog has already highlighted the “missing” link.

Eruption threat real, warns expert

“An eruption is coming, warns GNS Science volcanologist Dr Graham Leonard, and anyone living pretty much north of Wellington should be prepared.”

“The venue is deliberately fitting – the Taupo volcanic zone is the most productive volcanic system on Earth. Eruptions, when they happen, are big.” More …

Better late than never, telling people at least half the story!!

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