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Bastard judge endorses next wave of white supremacist terrorism

Posted by te2ataria on July 19, 2019

sent by a reader in Terror City  [edited by Moderator DH]

White supremacist Judge: Despite ‘abhorrent’ racial epithets, road rage attack on Chinese-NZ family not a hate crime

The retard pursued a Chinese NZ family in a prolonged road chase which led to children being thrown from the car, in March 2018.

The racially-motivated road rage left five people seriously injured, including a child who sustained a fractured skull.

The white supremacist judge, Justice Sally Fitzgerald, sentenced Fraser Milne to only two and a half years imprisonment at the High Court at Auckland on Friday.

Despite the evidence, that the attack was a racially motivated hate crime, and conceding that the attacker’s racial slur were “abhorrent”,  Fitzgerald told prosecutor Jasper Rhodes that “it would be quite wrong” to describe it as a hate crime. [Why? Because he didn’t shoot the Chinese family???]


[Photo: LAWRENCE SMITH/STUFF] Despicable driver Fraser Milne, who looks like a mentally retarded creature (and another compelling reason why women should not copulate with beasts), was sentenced to only two and a half years for an almost deadly road rage incident which left five people in hospital including a child with fractured skull last year.


Court documents revealed that Milne had told witnesses that Asians were “taking over the country” and that  “fucking Asians” had damaged his car.

“Milne also made a racist remark about the shape of the family’s eyes and said they had run away because he would get ‘the pieces of sh*t’ deported,” a report said.

He chased the Chinese target car several times, the last time for about 7km, at high speeds, the court heard.

Then, after catching the family, he pulled up alongside them on the wrong side of the road and demanded they stop.

The family refused, so Milne deliberately rammed their car, causing it to spin out of control and crash into a bank.

Flipping in the air, the family’s car landed upside down on top of Milne’s vehicle before sliding off when he braked suddenly.

When he did, however, the two children were thrown from their car.

They had earlier taken their seatbelts off because they thought they might need to make a hurried exit, court documents read.

The two children landed on the road, narrowly avoiding a steep 100m deep ravine.

But despite the two children lying injured, Milne approached the car to continue his attack.

“Get out of the f**king car, I’m going to smash you! You f**king Asian c***! F**king Asians!” Milne yelled.

Crown prosecutor Jasper Rhodes told the court that the road rage incident was a “very serious racial motivated attack on a family”.

“This is not simply a case of road rage,” he asserted, adding that the racial slurs showed what was “essential to his beliefs”.

However, the white supremacist Justice Sally Fitzgerald simply disagreed with the prosecution, thus endorsing the very serious racial motivated attack on non-white families and opening the way for future terrorist attacks against the minorities living in NZ [and Australia.]

The would be terrorists rest assured that NZ justice is NOT on the side of their victims, a fact readily reinforced by our shameful history.

It’s true that the assault of wealthy foreigners on this country has made life very difficult, making home ownership, for example, almost impossible for the average Kiwi.

However, we’re meant to hold the corrupt government responsible for their egregious immigration policy, instead of going around killing or causing serious injury to migrant families.

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