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Another Weekend of Death in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on February 22, 2010

edited by TEAA and D.H.

Up to 40 people were killed or seriously injured on New Zealand Death Roads in weekend, only a few reported

Meanwhile, the body of the woman, formally identified by police as Gaynor Alice White, was found in her home in the suburb of Huntsbury, in the Cashmere Hills, City of Murder [Christchurch.]

Our contact have checked all the available records and could not find a NZ birth certificate for Ms. White, 62, a wealthy widower, which suggests she was born outside New Zealand.  Her body was discovered about 48 hours after she was viciously murdered.

Death by Drowning

An undisclosed number of people died from drowning in the weekend.  Of the two who drowned in Waikato river, only one death was reported.

Meanwhile, at least two children were critically injured in two separate incidents, AND

Owhiro Bay beach on Wellington’s south coast was closed for the third and fourth times in a month, after another few tons of human faeces  (excrement) was discovered in the water.

As the number of motorists killed by police during car chases dramatically increase, so dose the frequency of attacks on New Zealand’s police farcers (officers).

“In the latest attack last night, an Oamaru police officer was knocked to the ground and repeatedly kicked by a carload of people after the vehicle’s driver failed a breath test.” NZPA said.

“It followed an attack in south Auckland on Friday in which an off-duty officer was beaten unconscious by a group of youths after he tried to break up a fight, and a second attack near Whangarei on Saturday in which an officer’s lip was chewed off by a suspected drink driver.”

“In last night’s attack, the officer stopped a vehicle on Thames Highway, Oamaru, about 8.10pm … The driver [allegedly] failed the test but refused to accompany the officer for more testing …  The officer used pepper spray to subdue the driver, but five passengers brought him to the ground and kicked him repeatedly …]

“Meanwhile, the off-duty police officer John Connolly beaten unconscious when he [got involved in] a fight near his house in Tuakau, south of Auckland, was recovering in Auckland’s Middlemore Hospital.”

[It’s not known whether he was related to constable Nathan Connolly.]

He received a list of injuries which included a fractured skull, multiple facial fractures, a collapsed lung, a broken jaw and a broken ankle, the report said.

In another attack, a “suspected drunk driver,” showed his love for the police by biting off an officer’s lip.  The driver was stopped in Kamo, near Whangarei, at 11.15pm on Saturday and [allegedly] became aggressive attacking the constable, “who received serious facial injuries after being bitten, Whangarei District Inspector Clifford Paxton said.” The report added.

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