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It’s rape-a-tourist season in New Zealand, again!

Posted by te2ataria on January 20, 2009

New Zealand nincompoop police  are investigating Leviathan Hotel in Dunedin where a hotel guest, most probably a tourist, was raped.

“The incident was reported at 8.35pm and police have cordoned off the hotel while people staying at the hotel are questioned.” A report said.

Dunedin police have apparently asked anybody who may have “witnessed any unusual activity in the vicinity around 8.30pm to contact them.”

That’s laughable in a tragic sort of way for the poor victim. The useless NZ police, when not participating in rape crimes themselves, are nevertheless fully aware of  the ubiquitous practice of raping tourists in New Zealand. Surely, they ought to have asked anybody who witnessed the usual activity in the vicinity!


Nincompoop police have interviewed a man,50, but said there was no suggestion the incident was linked to two other rapes in Dunedin last weekend.
[Thank you for the clarification: There are more than just a dozen rapists operating in Dunedin!]

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I’d Say YOU Have A Big Problem

Posted by te2ataria on January 8, 2009

submitted by a reader

If your 3-yo is bitten in the face because s/he provoked a dog by pulling on its testicles, and you are angry why the dog wasn’t destroyed, I’d say you have a serious cultural problem.

WOUNDED SON: Sam Stevens with her son Caine, who spent three days in Waikato Hospital with dog-bite injuries. Photo: IAIN McGREGOR/Waikato Times. Image may be protected by copyright.

Pakeha top the world’s list of animal abusers. If you insist that their murderous impulses, pathological hatred for self and others, and cruelty to animals are not due to a genetic misprint, or a result of feeding on toxic New Zealand food and living in a chemically-compromised environment, then they must be the fruits of cultural heredity.

Note the stud-covered face of the kid’s mum. Is there an inch of skin available for other functions? I hate to think what else she might have sewn to other parts of her ample body. Note also the poor kid’s distant, get-you-when-I-grow-up  stare!

“Animal control staff believed the dog had acted in its own defense, and after assessing its behavior and ‘completely clean record’ they decided it did not need to be put down.The investigation also revealed the child had been involved in two previous incidents of alleged animal cruelty.”

Read the story here.

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Pet goat brutally attacked by pakeha

Posted by te2ataria on December 20, 2008

pakeha thugs hack goat’s horn off!

Heartless pakeha thugs grabbed a family’s pet goat and hacked one of its horns off with an axe and slashed its face

WOUNDED: Mordecai the goat was brutally attacked. Phto: BRADLEY AMBROSE/Taranaki Daily News. Image may be subject to copyright.

“Mordecai was found bloodied and dazed by owner Michelle Trethewey tethered outside their home on Auroa Rd, near Kaponga,” a report said.

One or more people must have used a lot of force to rip the horn off.

“They had an axe and looking at the horn it’s not certain whether they chopped it off or just grabbed the horn and held his head, ripped it off and twisted it,” Wayne, the owner’s father, said.

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New Zealander Rapes Frail Woman, 99

Posted by te2ataria on November 14, 2008

A Brave 20 year-old pakeha [European occupier in NZ] rapes a 99 year-old woman!

The 99-year-old woman was badly injured in her Palmerston North (New Zealand) home and is currently under observation in hospital.

It is not yet known whether the violent thug was a military personnel.

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De-Maori-fication of New Zealand!

Posted by te2ataria on July 8, 2008

sent by a reader

Cui Bono? Who benefits from heightened tensions between Maori and the Asian Communities in New Zealand?

Who is Behind the Asian Murders?

The New Zealand ruling class desperately needs to create an extreme “underclass” to protect its interests against a reawakening of Maori pride.

This unquestioning “slave” class personified by Asians, especially the Indian and Chinese migrant communities, not only shifts the focus of attention from the tensions between Maori and Pakeha [European land thieves] to Maori against Asians, it also strengthens the Pakeha’s “divide-n-rule” status considerably.

How many white NZ women are murdered assassination style after having their handbags snatched?

The recent cold blooded murders of Mr Navtej Singh, 30, the Indian shopkeeper, Mrs Yin Ping Yang, the 80-year-old Chinese grandmother and Mrs Joanne Wang, the Chinese mother and businesswomen, were not ordinary robberies that went “wrong.” Each murder had the hallmarks of a professional hit, calculated assassinations arranged by the New Zealand ruling class to raise the levels of tension between the Maori and the Asian communities.

As shown by the reaction of the Asian communities, the Pakeha plan has thus far succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

NZ Black Sheep
Paras and members of SAS load weapons and equipment into vehicles at Ruatoki North as the Tuhoe tribe’s traditional lands become the focus of an unprecedented paramilitary police operation, alleging the forests also hide military-style training camps. (Source: Stuff NZ). Image may be subject to copyright. See NewZeelend Fair Use Notice!

A Rigged Zero Sum Game

As the Pakeha “masterclass” watches from the balcony, the “lazy,” “demanding,” “troublesome” and “unruly” indigenous population, Maori, and the the “hardworking,” “obedient” and easily manageable “invasive population,” the Asian migrants, are set on  each other and forced to fight it to the death gladiator style. This is a rigged zero sum game—the winner is already decided!

What To Do

Coming soon …

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Extreme Poverty in New Zealand

Posted by feww on April 14, 2008

New Zealanders are pathological liars.

And the worst of them work for the “government.” Take poverty for example.

“Poverty Measurement Project (1995), conducted by reputable academics and researchers, found that 32.6 percent of children [and by extension their families] in New Zealand live below a poverty threshold of 60 percent of the median disposable income.”

“The incidence of poverty is more than two and a half times greater among Maori,’ however, ‘than it is among Pakeha [European] families.” [www.crin.org/docs/resources/treaties/crc.14/NZ_Long_NGO_Report.pdf]

Their ministers have spun the facts so hard lately their heads are going woozy and they are talking trash through their back passage.

A senior cabinet minister [doubling also as Associate Minister of Education] suggested last week the reason some children go to school hungry is that they want to stay “trim.”

The Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia in a rebuttal said, “almost 20,000 children a week needed feeding at school because of empty cupboards at home,” adding that the NZ Ministry of Education is not responding to the “disadvantage people were experiencing because of escalating child poverty and hunger.”

The New Zealand “government” argues that child poverty has reduced dramatically. They have even paid their “experts” to fabricate reports to that effect. To perpetuate the lie, they use heavily doctored data, weasel words and all other weapons that a colonial government keeps in its arsenal of mass deception.

Julie Helson, director of the KidsCan charity, said she was “absolutely floored” by Mr Horomia’s comments. “We feed 7000 kids a week and some are starving. It’s not because they want to be thin, it’s because they don’t have access to food.”

She said 12,000 were on the KidsCan waiting list, showing that families were increasingly struggling to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, a professor in paediatrics said the 20,000 New Zealand children living in poverty were not worried about their waist size.

Screwing the Poor

The New Zealand rich have and are rubbing the poor blind. The extent of poverty in New Zealand is so appalling a foreign charity organization had to intervene. The London-based Humanity First International [they normally deliver aid to victims of earthquakes, floods, storms and tsunamis in third-world countries] delivered supplies to some of the very poor, where whole families live in small single rooms, with blocked-up shared toilets and rat-infested kitchens. (Source)

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