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Sky-high allergy rates: “You’re in [New Zealand,] what do you expect?”

Posted by te2ataria on October 5, 2019

THIS IS NEW ZEALAND: Plagued by airborne allergens

Our mouldy, poorly ventilated, rat-infested “houses contain some of the highest levels of dust mites in the world.”

“New Zealand is the capital of the world when it comes to dust mites,” said Mark Dixon, Chief Executive of Allergy NZ.

“They love it when it’s between 18 – 24 degrees, with 60% humidity or higher. We deliver beautifully for them.”

“If you’ve got the symptoms of an airborne allergy, it’s quite likely to be dust mites,” he said.

“Our damp, poorly ventilated houses contain some of the highest levels of dust mites in the world,” said a report.

‘Brits struggling with allergies, hay fever after moving to New Zealand’

British migrant Beth Edmiston, who never experienced hay fever in the United Kingdom or Australia, said she had almost constant stuffy noses, sore red eyes and itching in NZ. 

During a trip to the pharmacy, she  was asked: “You’re in Auckland, what do you expect?”

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Drug-fuelled ‘insanity’ at Listen In concert at Auckland’s Mt Smart Stadium leaves three people critical

Five people who attended the “Listen In” event at Mt Smart were injured, three were rushed to Auckland Hospital in a critical condition after taking drugs., a report said.

A concertgoer said:

“It was actually quite insane. Towards the end of the night you could really see the impact of whatever they had taken.

“I remember looking down and there was literally a girl being wheeled out of the concert unconscious. Her head was like back, her mouth was open, body was limp.

“Then I saw a chick being walked out of the mosh pit and she was fully chewing her lips. She was on something. She was chewing her lips like bloody nobody’s business.”

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Time to Abandon ChCh: It can only get worse, much worse!

Cracks hidden in the concrete foundations of ‘thousands’ of Christchurch homes

“Auckland concrete expert Bevan Craig reckons there could be still tens of thousands of houses in Greater Christchurch at risk of having unacknowledged earthquake damage to their foundations.”

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