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10 Reasons why Donald Drumpf should move to NZ after impeachment

Posted by te2ataria on January 14, 2017

Sent by an American reader

What should the Pussy-grabber in Chief do after he is impeached and forced to resign?

Move to New Zealand, of course! Drumpf would feel at home in NZ because:

  1. He’s a rapist, pedophile and sexual predator.
  2. He’s incestuous.
  3. He’s racist.
  4. He’s a conman and fraudster.
  5. He’s a pathological liar.
  6. He’s a slumlord.
  7. He’s a psychopath.
  8. He’s a violent narcissist.
  9. He’s a misogynist because of his family’s deep roots in sex trade (“prostitution and pimping” starting with his grandfather, and his own involvement in child-sex trafficking).
  10. “[Drumpf] appeals to an ancient fear of contagion, which analogizes out-groups to parasites and poisons.”

Sociopath vs. Psychopath: What’s the Difference?

A psychopath doesn’t have a conscience. If he lies to you so he can steal your money, he won’t feel any moral qualms, though he may pretend to. He may observe others and then act the way they do so he’s not “found out,” Tompkins says.

A sociopath typically has a conscience, but it’s weak. He may know that taking your money is wrong, and he might feel some guilt or remorse, but that won’t stop his behavior.

Both lack empathy, the ability to stand in someone else’s shoes and understand how they feel. But a psychopath has less regard for others, says Aaron Kipnis, PhD, author of The Midas Complex. Someone with this personality type sees others as objects he can use for his own benefit.  [WebMD]

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Kiwi of the Week: David Stanley Tranter

Posted by te2ataria on March 31, 2010

Rapist, Paedophile Scumbag!

David Stanley Tranter, New Zealand paedophile  was  deported from the Philippines

David Stanley Tranter, 59, a New Zealand rapist and paedophile on the lam, was finally deported from Santos City, Philippines, to Auckland last week, Manila Bulletin wrote.

Tranter was wanted in New Zealand for sexual assaulting minors, aggravated robbery and dishonesty charges, the newspaper reported. The Philippines Bureau of Immigration said Tranter “clearly poses a threat to our national security, public safety and domestic tranquility”.

“This, to our mind, is very alarming as these cases involved moral turpitude,” the bureau said.

Tranter, who had been arrested by immigrations officials on June 5, 2009, was held in a police jail as an illegal alien for failing to present his passport.

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US Choice of Ambassador for Poxyland: “Appropriate”

Posted by te2ataria on October 8, 2009

sent by a reader

Gay lawyer to be confirmed next US ambassador to NZ

A pedophile or someone with “animal experience” would have felt even more at home among the elite circles here!

The US Senate is set to confirm Mr David Huebner, an openly gay lawyer, as the next ambassador to New Zealand.

The appointment, which is  Obama administration’s first appointment of an openly gay ambassador, has reportedly generated publicity in the United States.

A lawyer based in Shanghai,  Mr Huebner is currently acting as general counsel for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

Although the US embassy in Wellington has not confirmed the appointment, the Associated Press reported  the appointment saying it was expected to be announced later today.

Mr Huebner will replace former restauranteur Bill McCormick, who returned to Washington in January. Since then, the post has been filled by Charge d’Affaires – David Keegan until August and currently Robert Clarke. Advertising Media said.

Mr Huebner is expected to fill the role of the USA ambassador for Samoa, too.

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New Zealand: The Ideal Sanctuary for pedophiles

Posted by feww on April 22, 2008

New Zealand is a safe haven for sex offenders

A New Zealand pedophile held birthday parties for toddlers while on bail for numerous sex charges.

Richard Miller, 45, appeared in Napier District Court on Tuesday for breaching his bail conditions, Hawke’s Bay Today reported.

Miller has been charged with 12 sex crimes, including the rape and abduction of a six-year-old girl, indecent assault and unlawful sexual connection with children aged between six and 16. Source

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‘Perfect neighbor’ a pedophile

Sunday Star Times | Sunday, 18 May 2008

“A mother is outraged that she wasn’t warned about her “perfect neighbor”  – a convicted pedophile who, for three years, was sexually abusing her two young daughters. (Source)

In a country ruled by Caligula and her [his?] morally deviant cabinet from hell,  what’s the big surprise?

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