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Key Breaks His Arm: Poetic Justice?

Posted by te2ataria on January 18, 2009

Sent by a reader

NZ PM, John  Key Has Broken His Arm in Two Places

Poetic Justice, Chinese Curse, or Political Expediency?

As economic growth is forecast to come to a standstill this year [in reality thing are a lot worse than the treasury publicly admits], and unemployment is seen surging to as much as a quarter of a million [12%] in the next year or so, John Key the newish PM  breaks his arm.

Key fell yesterday while walking down stairs at a Chinese New Year celebration in Auckland. A specialist said he had a double fracture. It’s not known whether he will need an operation.

The Law of Karma: If he lies about the plight of the Asians in New Zealand, or misrepresents the number of tourists that are raped there, his other arm and a leg might break, too!

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