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NZ Police Bullshit Stories: Lying by Omission

Posted by te2ataria on April 22, 2019

Multiple police cars, van and house wrecked during unnecessary chase

In the latest [reported] incident, multiple police cars, a house and a van were wrecked, but cops implied only one police car was involved in the ill-fated, unnecessary pursuit.

‘Man flees from Police following family harm mater [sic]’

[Police spelling lesson #209,452 – there are two “t”s in “matter”]

Monday, 22 April 2019 – 12:29pm – Southern

“Statement attributable to Inspector Mike Bowman, Acting Area Commander Southland [he’ll never know the benefits of good schooling!]

“Police were called to a family harm matter in Invercargill shortly after 10am. After threatening people at an address a man has then fled in a vehicle.

“While responding to the incident Police located the vehicle near Grasmere and attempted to stop it by laying road spikes. The fleeing driver has avoided the road spokes and continued driving towards Invercargill. Police patrols continued to follow the fleeing driver towards the Windsor area.

“The fleeing driver has then collided with a Police car and as a result of this crash the Police vehicle has hit a house causing significant damage. No-one was seriously injured in the incident.”

[See police report]

Another Police Lie by Omission: Vehicles rearranged to fit fake narrative, missing the house, or more than one police car wrecked?

What’s wrong with this picture? Where’s the significantly damaged house in the rearranged scene?

[Best caption competition: Win a prize for the best caption for photo below!]

Where’s the damaged house? “The fleeing driver has then collided with a Police car and as a result of this crash the Police vehicle has hit a house causing significant damage. No-one was seriously injured in the incident.” Photo credit: Whatsoninvers.nz/ via NZHerald; caption from police report. Image may be subject to copyright.

A more recent photo posted HERE shows a second police vehicle which has crashed into a house.

Hundreds of police cars destroyed/damaged in crashes each year

Many of the vehicles are used by police as a deadly weapon to ram “fleeing” drivers out of the road causing fatalities.

‘[Many] More than 250 police vehicles were involved in crashes last year’

The figures released under the Official Information Act by the New Zealand Transport Agency reveal 254 police-registered vehicles were involved in crashes in 2018.”

[Note: To say that the figures were “released under the Official Information Act” makes it seem like the stats were not doctored!! Moderator DH.]

Don’t you just love the details??
There were eight crashes involving U-turning police vehicles in 2018 [“with three in Auckland, one in Canterbury, one in Otago, one in Waikato and two in Wellington”,] compared with three in 2017 [“one each in Manawatū, Canterbury and Southland”,] the report emphasized.

Unlike in 2018, there were no crashes involving U-turning police vehicles in the normal hot spots — Auckland, Canterbury, Otago, Waikato and Wellington — in all of 2017, the report failed to say.

The Police Off-icer of the Year Merit Award (2017)

The Police Off-icer of the Year Award for 2017 goes to the heroic “police officer, working alone” in Murupara, the Bay of Plenty [of deaths, who] was “driving two young children home when he stopped to arrest a man believed to have been involved in a recent armed robbery [in October 2017.]”

[The off-icer gets additional points for failing to realize that the presence of the suspect in his car posed a potential threat to the children.]

The unnamed off-icer placed the suspect “Maaki Emery, 18 at the time, in the front seat of the police car, with his hands handcuffed in front of his body.”

Later, he got out of the car to drop off the children leaving the keys in the ignition and the engine running. [More points added for intelligent reflexes.]

“Emery moved over to the driver’s seat, locked the doors and drove off.”

Another Reason Why NZ Poolice Cowboy Farce Should Never Be Disarmed

Our super intelligent off-icer shouted at Emery to stop car and then fired two shots at the police car with his Glock pistol, which he was routinely carrying, but [thankfully] missed. [Additional points for intelligent decision making, shooting at the car, clinched the prize!]

The suspect escaped easily and the police car was found abandoned that evening with the officer’s deadly M4 rifle and ammunition still in the car.

In NZ You Can Run, But Where Can You Hide [Anyway?]

Emery was found less than three weeks later and charged, the report said.

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