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NZ Police Brutality and Murder with Impunity…

Posted by te2ataria on June 9, 2020

Police armed response teams scrapped, says new Police Commissioner –report

The Blog’s highlighting of the NZ police brutality and acts of murder with impunity made a difference?






Dozens killed or seriously injured in NZ each year as a result of police armed response, deadly pursuits

The main trigger for scrapping the police assassination squads, the so-called “armed response teams”, would be the murder of George Floyd by the murderous US cops in Minneapolis. 

The new Police Commissioner Andrew Coster, who replaced the murderous thug Mike Bush in April, said on Tuesday Armed Response Teams (ARTs) would not be part of the New Zealand policing model in the future.

Tuesday, 9 June 2020 – 1:43pm | National News
Armed Response Teams will not continue
    “Police Commissioner Andrew Coster has today announced that Armed Response Teams (ARTs) will not be part of the New Zealand policing model in the future.
“The decision not to roll-out ARTs following the six-month trial (which finished in April) has been made based on preliminary findings from the trial evaluation, feedback received from the public, and consultation with community forum groups.”

Deadly Police Pursuits

Leave no witness behind! 
Pursuits initiated by NZ police are designed to kill the occupants of “fleeing” vehicles as a matter of policy!

Many people including innocent bystanders are killed during police pursuits. Senior police officers like Canterbury District Commander Superintendent John Price lie through their rotten teeth when they say:

“No one could have foreseen the result. The officers’ absolute desire and aim was to prevent harm on our roads and I absolutely support them.”

Three more teens murdered by police

Teenage brothers Glen and Craig Mcallister, aged 16 and 13, and their 13-year-old friend, Brooklyn Taylor, where violently killed after the stolen car they were in hit police spikes at speed, crashed and exploded in a “huge ball of fire” on Christchurch’s Blenheim Rd on Sunday night (January 12) a report said.

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Racial profiling in apartheid New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on June 8, 2018

S H A M E   O N   Y O U!

Foreword: What does a failed country look like? 

“We have a [kosher] white supremacist establishment that shames even Donald Trump [NY mafia,] spend billions on an incompetent and unnecessary military, and let a brutal police force [and private security/spy firms] run the country [and commit murder and other heinous crimes] with absolute impunity, but have no clean water [and go blind while waiting for eye care, or die within hours of being released from hospital, while a significant portion of the taxpayers’ money goes toward servicing money-laundering operations, instead of feeding the 325,000 hungry kids – and their families – who live below the poverty line… and we allow Chinese gangsters and the likes to inflate property prices, making home ownership impossible for many] in [apartheid] New Zealand [a zombie democracy, where facts, stats and figures don’t matter…]” — A Reader

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Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson accuses police of racial profiling, ‘systemic racism’

Marama Davidson, the co-leader of the Green Party says her 42-year-old brother is regularly racially profiled by the police and she herself had often been followed in shops.

She cited racial profiling as a reason to not arm the police.


News Zealand is “racist as fuck”

Hollywood director Taika Waititi has called New Zealand “racist as fuck” in a new interview.

Waititi, who has seen his star rise in Hollywood thanks to the box office success of Thor: Ragnarok, made the claim in an interview with musician Ruban Nielson for Dazed and Confused.

Police Commissioner Mike Push responds to NZ Herald story

Our response to Bush’s rant:
It’s high time you took your head out of your jaundiced butt, acknowledge the truth, and got a life, you lying heap of excrement!


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