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Attempted murders by police leave two critically injured

Posted by te2ataria on December 17, 2019

Police fail to carry out two extra-judicial executions!

Police shoot to kill man, leave him critically injured instead

“Parents and children hid in cupboards as person shot by police in Hastings”
A man has been taken to Hawke’s Bay Hospital in a critical condition after being shot by police during an incident at school in Flaxmere.
“Parents and children were squeezed into cupboards while a person was shot by police on school grounds in Hastings.”
The man was located by police with what appeared to be a firearm and he was shot once.”
He was shot by police and later taken to Hawke’s Bay Hospital in a critical condition.

[Police invariably lie about their extra-judicial executions, falsely  claiming the subjects were armed with anything from a nail file to a Javelin anti-tank guided missile in order to justify the mercenary capital punishment. Editor]


“Fleeing driver” seriously injured in police chase-to-kill

Police assassins are instructed to force the ‘fleeing drivers’ off the road, at earliest possible opportunity [hence the phrase: “a short time later”] during their chase-to-kill routine.

They normally disable the target vehicle by shunting it from behind into a large tree, power pole, ditch, or onto the path of another vehicle.

The police BS statement follows:

Saturday, 14 December 2019 – 9:43am | Central
Fleeing driver incident near New Plymouth
“Please attribute to Inspector Brett Calkin, Central District Prevention Manager
“One person has been seriously injured following a fleeing driver incident in Omata, New Plymouth earlier today.
“At about 3.43am Police were called to a New Plymouth address after receiving information a person had been assaulted.
“The person reportedly responsible for the assault had left the address in a vehicle.”
“Police staff en route to the scene saw the vehicle and attempted to stop it.”
“The male driver failed to stop and tried to evade police.
“He was the sole occupant of the vehicle.
“A short time later the vehicle collided with a tree on South Road near the intersection of Beach Road.
“Speed and alcohol are suspected to be factors in the crash.
“The driver was transported to Taranaki Base Hospital in a serious condition.”


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NZ Police Bullshit Stories: Lying by Omission

Posted by te2ataria on April 22, 2019

Multiple police cars, van and house wrecked during unnecessary chase

In the latest [reported] incident, multiple police cars, a house and a van were wrecked, but cops implied only one police car was involved in the ill-fated, unnecessary pursuit.

‘Man flees from Police following family harm mater [sic]’

[Police spelling lesson #209,452 – there are two “t”s in “matter”]

Monday, 22 April 2019 – 12:29pm – Southern

“Statement attributable to Inspector Mike Bowman, Acting Area Commander Southland [he’ll never know the benefits of good schooling!]

“Police were called to a family harm matter in Invercargill shortly after 10am. After threatening people at an address a man has then fled in a vehicle.

“While responding to the incident Police located the vehicle near Grasmere and attempted to stop it by laying road spikes. The fleeing driver has avoided the road spokes and continued driving towards Invercargill. Police patrols continued to follow the fleeing driver towards the Windsor area.

“The fleeing driver has then collided with a Police car and as a result of this crash the Police vehicle has hit a house causing significant damage. No-one was seriously injured in the incident.”

[See police report]

Another Police Lie by Omission: Vehicles rearranged to fit fake narrative, missing the house, or more than one police car wrecked?

What’s wrong with this picture? Where’s the significantly damaged house in the rearranged scene?

[Best caption competition: Win a prize for the best caption for photo below!]

Where’s the damaged house? “The fleeing driver has then collided with a Police car and as a result of this crash the Police vehicle has hit a house causing significant damage. No-one was seriously injured in the incident.” Photo credit: Whatsoninvers.nz/ via NZHerald; caption from police report. Image may be subject to copyright.

A more recent photo posted HERE shows a second police vehicle which has crashed into a house.

Hundreds of police cars destroyed/damaged in crashes each year

Many of the vehicles are used by police as a deadly weapon to ram “fleeing” drivers out of the road causing fatalities.

‘[Many] More than 250 police vehicles were involved in crashes last year’

The figures released under the Official Information Act by the New Zealand Transport Agency reveal 254 police-registered vehicles were involved in crashes in 2018.”

[Note: To say that the figures were “released under the Official Information Act” makes it seem like the stats were not doctored!! Moderator DH.]

Don’t you just love the details??
There were eight crashes involving U-turning police vehicles in 2018 [“with three in Auckland, one in Canterbury, one in Otago, one in Waikato and two in Wellington”,] compared with three in 2017 [“one each in Manawatū, Canterbury and Southland”,] the report emphasized.

Unlike in 2018, there were no crashes involving U-turning police vehicles in the normal hot spots — Auckland, Canterbury, Otago, Waikato and Wellington — in all of 2017, the report failed to say.

The Police Off-icer of the Year Merit Award (2017)

The Police Off-icer of the Year Award for 2017 goes to the heroic “police officer, working alone” in Murupara, the Bay of Plenty [of deaths, who] was “driving two young children home when he stopped to arrest a man believed to have been involved in a recent armed robbery [in October 2017.]”

[The off-icer gets additional points for failing to realize that the presence of the suspect in his car posed a potential threat to the children.]

The unnamed off-icer placed the suspect “Maaki Emery, 18 at the time, in the front seat of the police car, with his hands handcuffed in front of his body.”

Later, he got out of the car to drop off the children leaving the keys in the ignition and the engine running. [More points added for intelligent reflexes.]

“Emery moved over to the driver’s seat, locked the doors and drove off.”

Another Reason Why NZ Poolice Cowboy Farce Should Never Be Disarmed

Our super intelligent off-icer shouted at Emery to stop car and then fired two shots at the police car with his Glock pistol, which he was routinely carrying, but [thankfully] missed. [Additional points for intelligent decision making, shooting at the car, clinched the prize!]

The suspect escaped easily and the police car was found abandoned that evening with the officer’s deadly M4 rifle and ammunition still in the car.

In NZ You Can Run, But Where Can You Hide [Anyway?]

Emery was found less than three weeks later and charged, the report said.

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Police shoot to kill man; victim said to be in serious condition

Posted by te2ataria on February 27, 2019

Attempted extrajudicial execution by Christchurch police leaves victim “seriously injured”

“Please attribute to Superintended John [“bloody fingers”] Price, Canterbury District Commander

“One man has been injured in a serious incident in Christchurch this evening.

“The man, a 33-year-old Woolston resident, had been wanted by Police in relation to an earlier incident on Anzac Drive early on Saturday morning, where shots were fired at two police cars in two separate events.”

“[He allegedly] failed to stop on Breezes Road, Shirley, about 7.20pm.”

“The vehicle was spiked and came to a stop on Eveleyn Couzins Avenue, Richmond.

“The man presented a firearm [Like they do in Hollywood movies,] believed to be a shotgun [or even a walking stick pointed at police shooters and waved in anger,] and fired at Police.

“Police returned fire [but missed his chest] and the offender was shot in the lower body.”

♠ ♠

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Police death squad execute man on Easter Saturday

Posted by te2ataria on March 31, 2018

Seriously ill? Suffering from cholesterol increase, uric acid increase, thyroid disease, testicular and kidney cancer, pregnancy induced hypertension, diabetes [and associated eye diseases,] birth weight decrease, or even worse? You may have been poisoned by NZ Defence Force. [See below!]

♠    ♠    ♠    ♠ 

Police invent  cock and bull story about victim carrying machete

Where’s the frigging machete?


A police assassin executed a 29-year-old man from East Auckland early this morning, alleging that he was coming at the officer with a machete.

Where’s the frigging machete? Is it the same one used by other dead victims of police shooting previously?

“The first officers got out of their patrol car and the driver from the other car came towards them with a machete. It is at this point that Police fired shots.”

The unknowns about police’s cock and bull:

  1. Did the victim really have a machete on him?
  2. Did he threaten the pigs?
  3. How many shots did the police assassin(s) fire?
  4. What was the distance from which the shots were fired?
  5. Why did the pigs shoot to kill the victim, instead of just immobilizing him?

♠    ♠    ♠    ♠ 

Easter Road Toll: At least 16 people killed on NZ roads since Friday –Informed sources

Only three fatalities reported by police!

Fatal crash near Rotorua  [Bay of Plenty of Deaths]
Saturday, 31 March 2018 – 11:40am
A motorcyclist was violently killed in a serious crash with a truck at the intersection of Edmund and Clayton Roads in Rotorua this morning.

Fatal crash at Tirohanga [Bay of Plenty of Deaths]
Friday, 30 March 2018 – 11:51am
One person was killed in a crash at Tirohanga in Bay of Plenty [of Deaths] this morning, police said.

Fatal crash north of Waiouru
Friday, 30 March 2018 – 9:51pm
A young child was killed in a violent crash on the Desert Rd (SH1) this afternoon.
“Police at the scene have now established that the crash involved two cars and two truck-trailer units.
It happened in the south-bound lane.
Three people were taken to Waikato Hospital by helicopter in a critical condition.
Another person with moderate injuries was taken by ambulance to Whanganui Hospital.”

| ♠ | ♠ | ♠ | ♠ |

If you’re seriously ill, you may have been poisoned by the government!

Toxic foam [most definitely] tainted drinking water

Is there a single branch/agency of government that doesn’t harm us?  The authorities have finally admitted toxic firefighting foam, which contains PFAS class of chemicals that are highly soluble in water and are linked to cancer and other illnesses, “may have made its way into drinking water near Whenuapai in Auckland,” a report said.

[Human Health Effects associated with PFAS in general population and DW contaminated sites include Cholesterol increase, Uric Acid increase, Thyroid disease, Testicular and Kidney cancer, Pregnancy induced hypertension, Diabetes, Birth weight decrease, and much, much more…]

Related links:

| ♠  | ♠  | ♠ | ♠ | ♠ | ♠ | ♠ | ♠ |

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Another home invasion rape reported in Queenstown

Posted by te2ataria on August 13, 2017

[WARNING: SEVERE Negative Karmic Events in Progress across NZ!]

Welcome to the MOST HEAVILY CENSORED blog in New Zealand [and across all other ZOMBIE lands!] We’re GUILTY, above all, of TELLING the TRUTH, EXPOSING police BRUTALITY and govt CORRUPTION!


New Zealand women risk being raped in own homes by intruders!

A sexual violation occurred at a residential address in the Fernhill area of Queenstown in the early hours of this morning, police said.

“We are appealing to anyone who witnessed suspicious activity in the vicinity of the Mackinnon Terrace, Fernhill Road intersection between 01.30am and 02.45am this morning.

“A male, whom the victim did not know, had entered her house while she was alone. It’s possible that he followed her as she walked along Fernhill Road between Sainsbury Road and Mackinnon Terrace.”

It is believed the intruder entered via the unsecured front door, before going into the victim’s bedroom and raping her.


 Police Chases, Shootouts… Armed Robberies, Muggings, Violent Assaults…

Police Shootout
Details of police report are subject to multiple changes.


Man in ICU following violent assault in Palmerston North

“Family members of a 20-year-old Feilding man are by his bedside in Wellington Hospital ICU after he sustained a serious head injury on Main Street, Palmerston North last night (Saturday 12 August). He is currently in a drug-induced coma.  https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/95726344


Man critically injured in South Auckland after being attacked by a gang

A man is in a critical condition at Middlemore Hospital after being attacked by a gang in a bar in Manurewa.  http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/337034/man-critically-injured-in-south-auckland-bar-fight


Robbers run down Indian dairy owner in Hamilton

“Robbers fleeing in a getaway car ran down a dairy owner in Hamilton, breaking his leg. The Aberdeen Superette was robbed by two men armed with screwdrivers early on Sunday afternoon, the second violent robbery in less than two months. Witnesses say Ram Sharma, who was attacked with a tomahawk in a June robbery, was run over after attempting to stop the robbers.”   https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/95731264/Robbers-run-down-dairy-owner-in-Hamilton


Another McDonald’s Robbery

North Shore McDonald’s robbed, staff member assaulted

Five male offenders reportedly entered through a side door and took money last week,” police said. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11903411


Missing in New Zealand or retard police prank???

Auckland woman  missing for 17 days
38-year-old Eleanor Jane Wright had been reported missing by her family. Eleanor was last seen by a friend who dropped her off on Campbell Road in Epsom, Auckland on 27 July, 2017. But  within minutes of posting her photo here, she was found “safe”!!!



Proudly Killed in New Zealand

One dead another critically injured in Fatal crash on Auckland’s north shore
At least One person was killed and another critically injured in a single vehicle crash on State Highway One, near the Greville Road on-ramp this morning.
“Police were called at 2:00am after the vehicle left the road and crashed into a lamp post.”


Fatal crash on the West Coast

Father, two children hit by car while using pedestrian crossing
A father and his two children were taken to hospital with broken bones after being hit by a car while on a pedestrian crossing in Taranaki.

Police Road Fatality Reports [Extreme Censorship is in Effect for Tourism and Commercial Reasons]

  • Sunday, August 13. Only three road fatality reports allowed by police, today, as of posting, despite at least 18 serious crashes that have been reported locally.
    • Several people were critically injured. But their fates will never be known because the true road toll is a closely guarded state secret.
  • Sunday, August 6. Only three road fatality reports allowed by police, today, as of posting, despite about two dozen serious crashes that have been reported locally.
    • One of the three fatalities was carried over from Saturday.
  • Sunday, July 30. Only FIVE road fatality report allowed by police, today, as of posting, despite at least two dozen serious crashes that have been reported locally.
  • Saturday, June 17: Only EIGHT road fatality reports were allowed by police, as of posting, despite at least 22 serious crashes reported locally.
    • At least three French tourists were killed.
    • The eight fatalities listed on Saturday log include one that occurred late Friday night.

Welcome to the World’s Deadliest Tourist Destination – Truth about NZ Deadly Roads, as We Know it:


NZ Farcical Immigration: Corruption, Fraud…

Worried ‘if word gets out’ – immigration official
“A ministry official was worried about the public perception “if word gets out” that people under a deportation order can sponsor others for immigration, documents reveal.”  http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/336764/worried-if-word-gets-out-immigration-official

Indian student market destroys trust in private institutions – Independent Tertiary Education NZ

Officials’ tertiary fraud fears revealed

Indian students paying up to $40,000 for jobs

Corrupt Government

Did you know Peter Thiel screwed the NZ taxpayers out of tens of millions of dollars, while sodomizing corrupt NZ government ministers, and got a preferential citizenship, too?

“The Instant Kiwi” even forced the corrupt NZ government to have details of his immigration application redacted.

The Department of Internal Affairs allowed billionaire Peter Thiel to redact key information from his citizenship file, a decision later criticised by the Ombudsman who said the saga attracted ‘public disquiet.’”


Beware of Extreme Bad Karma!

At least 4,000 overseas visitors, international students, foreign workers, recent emigrants and refugees have lost their lives and more than 24,000 others seriously injured in New Zealand between Jan 2000 and Jan 2017. All those Kiwis who remain silent are complicit in the mass killing of foreigners.

Karma boomerangs in mysterious ways!

People living in Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Tasman Bay and Hawke’s Bay regions are either very brave, or extremely stupid. Then again, karma returns in mysterious ways!


NZ Earthquakes on Demand!??

If you believe Wellington deserves a major earthquake – centered right under the Beehive – because the government is too dishonest and corrupt, drop us a line!


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Pigs shoot unarmed man in Nelson

Posted by te2ataria on July 7, 2017

Welcome to the MOST HEAVILY CENSORED blog in New Zealand [and across all other ZOMBIE regimes!] We’re GUILTY, above all, of TELLING the TRUTH and EXPOSING the police BRUTALITY and govt CORRUPTION!


Sent by an angry reader in Sewage City [aka, “Wellington”]

The following excerpts are from a police report filled with factual and grammatical errors:

Man shot by Police in Nelson
Friday, 7 July 2017 – 7:08am

This statement can be attributed to Tasman District Commander Superintendent Mike Johnson.

A 34-year-old man is in a stable condition after receiving a gunshot wound from Police following an incident overnight in Nelson.

Police on mobile patrol signalled to a vehicle to stop at approximately 1.15am this morning after noticing it driving slowly and erratically.

The vehicle pulled over in Vanguard Street, Nelson, and the driver ran off. A dog unit was called and tracked the driver to an address in Waimea Road, Nelson.  […]

The man has approached Police as they entered the property and challenged Police. He was carrying what Police believed to be a firearm at the time. The Police dog was deployed and Police fired a shot as the man continued threatening Police. The man received a gunshot wound to the elbow. [Lucky for the victim the police hitman was  an incompetent retard.]

Charges are yet to be filed. No firearm has been recovered at this stage, the scene has been secured and full scene examination will be conducted in due course.

One of the Police officers involved was treated for a dog bite at hospital. [Oops!!]  http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/man-shot-police-nelson


GP shortage crisis, medical malpractice, professional misconduct, incurable diseases…

If you happen to drive by Patea, Taranaki…
Taranaki town of Patea is left without a doctor. The replacement doctors, a couple from England, won’t arrive until October and they’re only on a three month contract.

Hundred to one, they won’t renew their contract, if they’re smart!


Police Road Fatality Reports [Extreme Censorship is in Effect for Commercial Reasons]

  • Friday, July 7th: NO road fatality report allowed by police, today, as of posting, despite at least 14 serious crashes reported locally.
  • Thursday, July 6th: ONLY two road fatality reports allowed by police, today, as of posting, despite at least nine serious crashes reported locally.
  • Wednesday, July 5th: ONLY one road fatality report allowed by police, today, as of posting, despite at least seven serious crashes reported locally.
  • Tuesday, July 4th: ONLY one road fatality report allowed by police, today, as of posting, despite at least a dozen serious crashes reported locally.
  • Monday, July 3th: ONLY four road fatality reports allowed by police, today, as of posting, despite at least 13 serious crashes reported locally.
  • Sunday, July 2nd: ONLY three road fatality reports allowed by police, today, as of posting, despite at least nine serious crashes reported locally.
      • Fatal crash in Papatoetoe, Auckland.
      • Fatal crash in Northland.
      • Fatal crash in Hutt Valley.
  • Saturday, June 17: Only EIGHT road fatality reports were allowed by police, as of posting, despite at least 22 serious crashes reported locally.
    • At least three French tourists were killed.
    • The eight fatalities listed on Saturday log include one that occurred late Friday night.

Welcome to the World’s Deadliest Tourist Destination: Truth about NZ Deadly Roads, as We Know it –


NZ Earthquakes: Coming to a Place Near You…

Watch this space!


Beware of Bad Karma!

At least 4,000 overseas visitors, international students, foreign workers, recent emigrants and refugees have lost their lives and more than 24,000 others seriously injured in New Zealand between Jan 2000 and Jan 2017. All silent Kiwis are complicit in the mass killing of foreigners.

Karma returns in mysterious ways

People living in Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Tasman Bay and Hawke’s Bay regions are either very brave, or extremely stupid. Then again, karma returns in mysterious ways!


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Two more climbers killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on April 26, 2017

V. Heavily Censored Police Road Fatality Reports:


Fiordland claims two more climbers

Two climbers from an alpine climbing group who were killed in Fiordland have been named as Conor Smith and Sarwan Chand [nationality undisclosed,] said reports.

A helicopter found their bodies on Monday, after they were reported missing. They were found roped together below Marian Peak in the Darran Mountains.

Police Clowns: Extreme Malevolence, Institutional Corruption, Phenomenal Incompetence, Sexual Harassment, DUI with Impunity

No conviction for police scumbag who hit pedestrian with his car in Wellington
A police scumbag escaped conviction after hitting a woman crossing the street with his police car. Constable Daniel Farrell was discharged without conviction in the Wellington District Court over the incident that happened in the suburb of Newtown in February 2016.

“In discharging him, [the frigging, disgraceful, fuck-the-victim] Judge Peter Hobbs said a conviction would be out of proportion with the seriousness of Farrell’s offending, and might hinder his prospects in the police force.”  http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/91926171/No-conviction-for-police-officer-who-hit-pedestrian-with-his-car-in-Wellington

Other Police News…

Invercargill policeman Ben McLean accused of killing wife, injuring man
An Invercargill policeman allegedly shot his wife and a man she was with in an Anzac Day rampage.”

“Ben McLean, 47, was married to Verity McLean (nee Barber), who police found dead after Tuesday night’s shooting. The couple have three children under age 20.” 

Australian police officer who had his head examined in NZ…
“Dunedin Police Rugby Club president Inspector Matt Scoles said the Australian Federal Police officer played in the Australian Police XV against the South Island Police XV at Forsyth Barr Stadium on Saturday,” said a report.

The officer, 33, from Canberra, who attended a social event after the game, was found in the “early hours” of Sunday morning. He had apparently fallen about 4m from a wall into a car park ramp and sustained a serious head injury.”http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11844577

Other News in Drips…

Name release: Lake Ohau, Waitaki fatal crash
Police can now release the name of man who died as a result of a crash near Lake Ohau, Waitaki yesterday morning, Tuesday 25 April, 2017. He was 34-year-old Rowan Alexander Yeager of Ohau.

Murder mystery, negligent homicide, suicide, unexplained death…  no. of bodies found [and reported] in NZ today: One

Thames Police retrieve body near Te Pura Forks
Hunters reported finding a body near Te Puru Forks, Thames yesterday afternoon.
“The body is being retrieved before a post-mortem is completed tomorrow to confirm the cause of death.” [!]

The body could be that of Ann Louise Bunning, 57, was last seen at the Te Puru Holiday Park, Coromandel, on January 30.

What kind of SICK person/people would do this?

NZ taxpayers paid $80k for Trump booze party
WTF:  We, the NZ taxpayers reportedly paid more than $80,000 to throw a party in Washington to celebrate the US conman Donald Trump’s fake inauguration.

How the Hell Do You Intend to House the New Migrants?
according to the government’s latest data, a total of 129,500 “migrant arrivals” were recorded in New Zealand in the last 12 months, translating into a net inflow of 71,900 additional people [requiring an estimated 30,000 additional residences, assuming the homeless would stay in tents and garages for now!]

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Police assassins score another kill

Posted by te2ataria on February 26, 2017

NO vehicle-related fatality report allowed so far today!


Sent by a reader

Life is too cheap in NZ: Scumbags shoot man in cold blood, then concoct fake story

NZ Police: Malevolence, Phenomenal Incompetence, Institutional Corruption

Domestic incident at Mana, north of Wellington, ends in police psychos shooting a man to death.



“The Acting District Commander for Wellington [and head assassin?] Superintendent Steve Kehoe, [lying through his crooked teeth] said at approximately 12.30am the man approached a police car, armed with a machete.”

Mr Kehoe said early indications were that the officer, who was alone, responded by firing one shot, which hit the 44-year-old man in the shoulder [heart?]

He was given immediate first aid before ambulance staff arrived, but died on the way to hospital.

Speaking to media this afternoon, Mr Kehoe couldn’t say what warnings the officer gave before firing, saying investigations into the incident were in their early stages.

“When asked why a Taser was not used, Kehoe said that question would form part of multiple inquiries, including one by the Independent Police Conduct Authority.”

In one report, the pig who killed the 44-year-old seems to be alone, and in another report, yet, the shooting was witnessed by another pig.

The Chief Assassin said he was satisfied the officer acted in accordance with police policy. [What’s the frigging policy? I shoot, you die, I lie and get a medal?]

Let’s face it, the murder was a planned assassination, whichever way you look at it!

More than a dozen people have been killed by NZ pigs [police] in recent years. Many of the victims have been shot and several chased to their deaths in police pursuits.

Other News in Drips…

Another Stabbing in Nelson
A 36-year-old man has undergone surgery at Nelson Hospital after being stabbed in the stomach with a knife.

ZERO Logic seen in Singapore fighter pilot base in NZ, but the helicopter pilots are welcome!
Singapore Air Force has 24 fighter jets (F-15SG Strike Eagle variants, manufactured buy Trump’s favorite company, Boeing), more than half of which are normally grounded due to technical issues, experts said. Their pilots are already training in Australia, France and the U.S. due to severe airspace constraints. So why would they need to go to New Zealand?

Singapore also has an army and a navy. Over 25 percent of government spending goes to “defence”! And now, NZ wants a cut, too, in return for favorable immigration terms!!

Picture this, for a logical nightmare…

On the one hand they have joined a military alliance with their neighbor [US spelling due to the PC spellcheck] Malaysia, and on the other hand they are arming themselves to the teeth [non-strategic, non-functional weapons, one might add] against the very same neighbor. [Spooks at RadioNZ, take note.]

Car hits house after fleeing police in Hamilton
The male driver of a Subaru Legacy, who was fleeing police after doing a U-turn outside an alcohol checkpoint, smashed into Robyn Wyber’s home.

“It was the fourth time in 18 months she has been rattled by a car crash at her Hamilton home.” http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/89812614/Car-hits-house-after-U-turn-from-checkpoint-in-Hamilton

Military criminals get away with rape…
In the past two decades, 144 personnel have been court martialed in New Zealand, “but only 22 had charges that could be transferred to a civilian court, according to a report.”
“And while the majority of them were eventually found guilty, hardly any saw the inside of a prison cell, and none of their crimes ended up on their civilian criminal records.”


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439 Kiwis [and hundreds of foreigners] are missing in NZ –police

Posted by te2ataria on February 6, 2017

NO road fatality report allowed so far today!


TOO MANY people are missing, but what happened to the missing foreigners stats?

439 Kiwis are recorded as missing as of September 2015, according to figures released under the Official Information Act.

Details of many hundreds of foreigners who are missing in New Zealand have NOT been released.

Missing by Region: Auckland city (20), Bay of Plenty (41), Canterbury  (80), Central (25),  Counties/Manukau (41), Eastern (22), Northland (23), Southern (55), Tasman (28), Waikato (30), Waitemata (35), Wellington (39).  http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/88924700/More-than-400-New-Zealanders-recorded-as-missing-by-police

Other News in Drips…

“Piss Justice” suppresses details of police shooting at defendant’s first court appearance!!!
A Justice of the Peace in the Christchurch District Court has granted wide-ranging suppression order after a man was shot by police at the intersection of St Marks and St Lukes streets in Woolston, Christchurch, on Saturday. http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/89124186/details-of-police-shooting-suppressed-by-jp-at-defendants-first-court-appearance

Murdered, Killed, Drowned…

Man dies during off-road trail ride in Manawatu
A 25-year-old man was killed while taking part in an organised off-road trail ride in Manawatu.

Woman killed by drowning after being swept out to sea, north of Karamea
A woman has died after being swept out to sea while walking on the beach near the mouth of the Kohaihai River, approximately 15kms north of Karamea.

Another death by drowning in Waikato River [Bay of Plenty of Deaths]
One person, possibly a foreigner,  was killed after they were swept down the Waikato River near Aratiatia Dam/Aratiatia Rapids, north of Taupo shortly after midday today.

CORRECTION: Drowning in Eastbourne, Lower Hutt
The man who died on Sunday afternoon, following an incident in Eastbourne, Lower Hut, was 30-years-old. His age was incorrectly reported earlier.

Man who who was killed while tramping on the West Coast named
A man who died while tramping on the Jackson Bay area of South Westland on Friday has been named as David Jackson. His body was recovered near a bluff on the coastal area between Smoothwater Bay and Stafford Bay on Saturday.

New Zealand Earthquakes…

Severe 5.1 magnitude earthquake hits 120km west of Te Anau


Public ID 2017p095675
Intensity severe
Universal Time February 5 2017, 9:35:56
NZ Daylight Time Sun, Feb 5 2017, 10:35:56 pm
Depth 5 km
Magnitude 5.1
Location 120 km west of Te Anau
Latitude, Longitude -45.41, 166.16

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Man shot in the face by police because he held a gun in his mouth?

Posted by te2ataria on February 5, 2017

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Breaking Wind: Media banned from “N. Korea” event

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Man shot in the face by police “extremely lucky” to be alive –police

A man who allegedly brandished a firearm at police was “extremely lucky” to be alive after being shot in the face, police say. [Translation: Police followed their shot-to-kill policy, but missed.]

Police [thankfully incompetent] marksmen fired at least 6 shots, but missed five times, said Acting Canterbury Police District Commander. The sixth bullet missed the upper part of the head and hit the 24-year-old Christchurch victim in the cheek.

Police haven’t revealed why they shot the man in the face. Was he holding the [alleged] firearm in his mouth?

Other News in Drips…

Only a few road fatality reports allowed so far this weekend

Fatal crash at SH29 near Karapiro
Police has named the two men who were killed in a two-car crash at the intersection of State Highways 1 and 29, at around 9.50am on Friday 3 February 2017. They were Wiremu Gin, 38, from Kaikohe, and 20-year-old Timothy Roy Amoi, from Hamilton.

A third person who was seriously injured in the collision was taken to Waikato Hospital.

Fatal crash in Te Aute, Havelock North
Hawkes Bay Police have named the driver who was killed in a crash on Te Aute Road near Havelock North, Hawkes Bay at apporoximately 7pm Friday 3 February, 2017. She was 25-year-old Jennifer Eriha of Flaxmere, Hastings.

Drowning in Eastbourne, Lower Hutt
Emergency services have attended a drowning in Eastbourne, Lower Hutt, Wellington after being called to a nearby beach at 3:50pm this afternoon, Sunday 5 February, 2017. A man has been transported to hospital via helicopter in a critical condition (!!!)

Diver dies north of Tolaga Bay
Sunday, 5 February 2017 – A diver was killed in Anaura Bay this morning.
He had surfaced from a dive and after getting out of the water he collapsed and died.

Queen’s grocer pulls New Zealand manuka honey from shelves
The Queen’s official grocer, Fortnum & Mason, has finally pulled New Zealand-made manuka honey from its shelves after testing found lower than expected (ZERO?)levels of a key active ingredient leptosperin. http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/89047444/Queens-grocer-pulls-New-Zealand-manuka-honey-from-shelves

21-month-old boy dies in Makarau, north of Auckland
A 21-month-old boy was killed by drowning at a property in Makarau, northwest of Auckland.

Just what the doctor ordered:  A “raunchy novel” for teenagers!
Shame on you, Emma Neal, for further poisoning the minds of our impressionable kids!

New Zealand on Fire

Canterbury fire damages at least one railway bridge
A bridge on the Christchurch-Greymouth line between Cass and Springfield has been extensively damaged by a 300-hectare scrub and alpine vegetation fire that’s still burning, says KiwiRail.

Northland fire cuts power to thousands
A large scrub fire in Northland is threatening homes and the main lines supplying electricity to the region, a Transpower spokesperson said.

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Police shoot yet another man

Posted by te2ataria on July 14, 2016

sent by a reader

Man shot in chest by police in serious condition

Police in Rotorua have shot a man in the chest and seriously injured him, according to MSM reports.

Bay of Plenty District Commander Superintendent McGregor said the man was in a critical condition, said a report.

However, eyewitnesses say the man was probably dead when the ambulance arrived.

The attempted execution was the third police shooting in under five weeks.

Since 1941, dozens of men and at least one woman have been executed by police. The following is an incomplete list of the victims:

  • Nicholas Marshall, 36, was executed by armed police during a search of a light commercial property in Frankton, on Tuesday night [12 July 2016.]
  • Ford Hurunui, 27, was shot and critically injured by police at Motueka on August 20, 2015.
  • Lachan Kelly-Tumarae, 19, was executed by a police assassin in 2011. The assassin fired 14 shots hitting victim four times and fatally wounding him.
  • Paraplegic  Shayne Richard Sime, 42, was executed by armed police in Burnside June 29, 2009.
  • Jan Molenaar was executed by armed police and/or NZ SAS at his home on May 9 , 2009. As was totally expected, the Independent Police Conduct Authority decided not investigate police actions that led to the armed siege of Molenaar’s home in Napier because, you guessed it, “he shot himself [sic]”. Molenaar had been unhappy with police because they had a racist attitude towards his Maori partner, a local teenager told reporters.
  • Halatau Naitoko, 17, shot “accidentally” by criminally negligent armed police during a pursuit on the Northwestern Motorway in Auckland January 23, 2009.
  • British woman Lee Jane Mettam, 37, was executed by a member of the AOS on October 23, 2008 after she allegedly held up staff in a Vodafone shop in Reyburn Street in Whangarei with an airgun.
  •  Stephen Jon Bellingham, 37,  was executed by armed police in Stanmore Road, Avonside September 26, 2007.
  • Jason Williams, 32, was shot by police in Avonside Dr after a car chase November 21, 2001.
  • Haidar Ebbadi Mahdi, 37, was executed by armed police  who shot him in the head as he allegedly stabbed his wife being held in a headlock in a South Auckland house on Saturday August 14, 2004.
  • Steven Wallace, 23, of Waitara, was executed by police after an alleged window smashing spree in the town April 30, 2000.
  • Edwin Leo, 31, was exeuted by police assassins near Helensville, Northland, following a car chase July 1, 1999.
  • James Raharuhi executed by a single police bullet at a service station in Greenlane, Auckland September 21, 1996.
  • Terence Thompson was executed by police assassins in a Havelock North Orchard. Thompson was  suspect in the slaying of Constable Glenn McKibbin (June 24, 1996).
  • Barry Radcliffe was executed after allegedly taking a rifle from a sporting goods store in Whangarei November 20, 1995.
  • Eric Gellatly was executed by police  in Invercargill, after he allegedly took over a sports shop in the central city and began firing indiscriminately on  September 28, 1995.
  • Larry Hammond was executed by police thugs who shot him at least three times in the Morrinsville police station on July 29, 1993.
  • Members of the anti-terrorist squad shot David Malcolm Gray after he killed 13 people at Aramoana, Otago November 14, 1990.
  • Paul Melvin Stowers was executed by a police detective who shot him in the forehead claiming the victim had threatened him with a shotgun in Newmarket, Auckland on October 27, 1990.
  • Benjamin Wharerau was executed by police after he allegedly took a hostage in a robbery of a Dargaville bank on March 14, 1986.
  • Kevin David Fox was executed by police after he allegedly killed his wife in a car in Gore on June 6, 1985.
  • Paul Chase shot by the armed offenders assassination squad in a raid on a Petone, Wellington flat on December 24, 1982.
  • John Edward Morgan was executed near Wainuiomata, Wellington, after he allegedly threw an axe at police on December 24, 1982.
  • Nicholas Panayi was executed by the armed offenders assassination squad outside his Henderson, Auckland, home after a domestic dispute on May 20, 1979.
  • The armed offenders assassination squad executed Daniel Houpapa after allegedly fired at an officer in Taumarunui on October 4, 1976.
  • Edward Ross shot by the armed offenders assassination squad as he stabbed his daughter after escaping from a Christchurch psychiatric hospital in 1975.
  • April 16, 1970. Bruce John Glensor, holding two hostages in a Wellington house shot by the armed offenders squad when he allegedly threatened to shoot a policeman on December 14, 1949.
  • Waata Haremia Momo swas executed in Weedon, Canterbury, after allegedly exchanging shots with police, December 14, 1949.
  • West Coast farmer Eric Stanley Graham was executed after shooting three policemen and three civilians, October 20, 1941.



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Police execute second man in Waikato region

Posted by te2ataria on July 13, 2016

FOREWORD: New Zealand “is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”. 

Sent by a reader

Police are executing too many people!

Nicholas Marshall, 36, was executed by armed police during a search of a light commercial property in Frankton, on Tuesday night.

The assassins have alleged that he was armed and on Wednesday morning a pump-action shotgun and a live cartridge were conveniently found at the exact spot (REALLY?) where he had been standing [surprise, surprise!]

Marshall’s father, Nelson Marshall, had earlier confirmed it was his son who was killed.

“The police smashed my son’s door down and shot him dead tonight.”

Marshall said his son was unarmed when he was shot.

Marshall’s girlfriend, Kendall Eadie, who was present at the time of the shooting, insisted he wasn’t armed.

She said the pair had just been about to have dinner when police stormed into the residence and immediately fired three shots at Marshall.

“The police executed a warrant on my place and murdered my boyfriend,” she said.

“They busted in our front doors, then they announced themselves. They forced entry and fired shots. That was that.

“They didn’t ask my boyfriend to put his hands up, they shot at him three or four times.”

Tuesday night’s assassination was the second murder by police in the Waikato region in just 32 days. Mike Taylor was shot and killed by police at his Karangahake Gorge property near Paeroa on June 11.

His family said Taylor was shot in the back as he walked away from police, but police denied they murdered him.

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Another Nepalese man killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on May 8, 2015

Paengaroa fatal crash victim named

The passenger of a Toyota car critically injured in a two car collision near Paengaroa last Monday has died at Waikato Hospital.

The victim was Raj Kumar Mahat, a 33 year old Nepalese man who lived in Rotorua.

Mr Mahat was the third Nepalese person to be killed in New Zealand this year.

New Plymouth crash victims named

At about 4pm Saturday (25 April, 2015) a vehicle collided with a pedestrian killing both the driver and the pedestrian, police said.

The driver of the vehicle was 22-year-old Alekh ACHARYA, a Nepalese national and the pedestrian was Ronald Victor MILLMAN, aged 67, of New Plymouth.  http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/new-plymouth-crash-victims-named

Tauranga fatal crash victims named

Police have named the Te Puke man who was killed in a head-on car crash at Paengaroa, south of Tauranga, as Ian Foote.

The 47-year-old was travelling south in a Honda when his car and a northbound Volvo collided on State Highway 33, near Partridge Lane about 10am on Monday.

Te Puke fatal crash victims named

Police have named two men who were killed in a road crash in Paengaroa, near Te Puke, on Sunday, 28 December, 2014. The were  Bismon Xavier, aged 30, and Minoj Haridas, aged 31, were both from Kerala in India but had been living in Rotorua at the time of the crash.

The police investigation into the crash at the intersection of State Highway 2 and Wilson Road is continuing.

Other road kills, police murders …

Deceased Whanganui driver named  Friday, 8 May 2015

The man who died when his car crashed as he attempted to flee Whanganui Police has been named. He was Callum John Meyer, aged 25, of Whanganui.

State Highway 2, Waioeka Rd, Opotiki – Serious Motor Cycle Crash

Bay of Plenty of Deaths. Thursday, 7 May 2015. A motorcyclist lost control of his motor bike and rode into a culvet. No other vehicles are involved. The rider has Status 1 life threatening injuries and has been airlifted to hospital. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/updates/37180

Child run over in driveway

Woman killed in quad bike crash
A woman in her early 50s has died after an accident involving a quad bike on a farm in the Westport area. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/woman-killed-quad-bike-crash

Another child critical after being hit by a car

A young boy is in critical condition in Auckland’s Starship Hospital after being hit by a car on Mt Eden Rd at about 11.30am on Tuesday, 5 May 2015 .

The child ran onto the road, closely followed by a female relative and both were hit by a passing vehicle. The woman is in Auckland Hospital and is being treated for broken bones and grazing.

Fatal crash on State Highway 4, Taumarunui Friday, 8 May 2015

At around 8.50am this morning Police were advised of a vehicle crash on State Highway 4, near Taumarunui. A car with two people had left the road and crashed into a tree.

Emergency services attended but sadly the 19 year-old male driver died at the scene. A 22 year-old male passenger was taken by ambulance to Taumarunui Hospital and has since been airlifted by Westpac Rescue Helicopter to Waikato Hospital in a critical condition.

Dead hunter from Lake Sumner area of Canterbury named

Canterbury Police can confirm the identity of the hunter whose body was recovered by Police from the Lake Sumner area of Canterbury on Tuesday (5 May 2015). He was 35 year old local man Christopher James Bardsley.

The Heroic NZ Police (also known as the murderous *astards) Just Can’t Stop until someone is dead!  Thursday, 7 May 2015

Another fatal police chase: one person dead, cyclist seriously injured, car destroyed in fire

To be attributed to Inspector Mark Harrison, Central District Police

At around 9.14am this morning Whanganui Police attempted to stop a vehicle in Great North Road, Whanganui.

The driver failed to stop and a pursuit was initiated. Seconds later the fleeing driver hit a cyclist. The driver continued to flee however the pursuit was immediately abandoned and officers stayed with the injured cyclist as other Police patrols went into search mode to see if the vehicle could be located.

The cyclist was taken by ambulance to hospital in a status 3 condition, the cyclist is conscious and has injuries that are described as non life-threatening.

A short time later the vehicle was seen again and again the driver failed to stop for Police. Officers deployed road spikes on Rapanui Road in an attempt to stop the car, however the car attempted to drive around the spikes and in doing so it smashed into a culvert.

The vehicle accelerated away from the culvert and continued to drive for a distance of around two kilometres, where a second set of road spikes had been deployed. In a further attempt to avoid the spikes the vehicle has driven into a large truck which was stationary on Tayforth Road. The car caught fire, and the driver died at the scene. The driver of the truck is shaken but is not injured.

…  ENDS Beth Bates/NZ Police

Another man killed while in police custody

A Police investigation is underway after a man was found dead in the Papakura District Court cells this afternoon. He was alone in the cell at the time.

The man, aged 36, was in custody on active charges of kidnapping, injuring with intent to injure and male assaults female. He was arrested by Police early in the morning of 4 May 2015 for breaching bail conditions which related to his active charges.

Police fatally shoot man in Thames – Another police cover-up!?

Police were initially called to an address in Kopu in response to a call for assistance about midday yesterday. While at Kopu, later that afternoon, Police were informed that Mr Te Moananui was at another address in Thames. The Armed Offenders Squad redeployed to that address, and as they approached, found Mr Te Moananui. He was called upon to surrender, however he presented a firearm at Police, at which point he was shot.

The dead man is Vaughan William John Te Moananui, 33, of Thames.

Man killed after being knocked off his kayak at Muriwai Beach


Body in burnt out car in Nelson

Police have recovered the crashed vehicle and the body from down a bank on the Whangamoa Saddle, Near Nelson. A post mortem examination .will hopefully confirm the identity of the deceased, however DNA analysis may be required and that may take some time to process.

Police appeal for witnesses following sheep theft in Burnham Friday, 8 May 2015 – Canterbury

Canterbury Police urge the rural community to be vigilant after 170 sheep were reported stolen from a farm near Burnham overnight on Tuesday (5 May 2015).

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Man riddled with bullets fired by police serial killers

Posted by te2ataria on July 19, 2010

Police serial killers shot their victim ‘several times’

The thugs are unsure how many times they fired on their 38-year-old prey 

Auckland police have not yet decided exactly what they should say about how many times they  shot  the man who they claim was carrying an air rifle.

A senior police thug said eight cops were involved in the incident, with two firing at will on their victim, after they failed to taser him.

“Police Association president Greg O’Connor said the incident showed the importance of having firearms available to frontline officers,” NZ’s official news agency NZPA said.

New Zealand police farce, probably the world’s most corrupt bunch of thugs, are mandated by their brotherhood to act as judge, jury and the executioner. Once they decide an individual is “fair game,” their shoot-to-kill or chase-to-kill directives kick in. They are murdering ordinary people with absolute impunity on regular basis.

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