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IF you’re leaving Auckland, Christchurch…, consider property value loss as gift of life cost!

Posted by te2ataria on April 4, 2019

W A R N I N G !

SEVERE Karmic Booms Striking Apartheid, Morally Repugnant NZ!
Major Disasters Looming!

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W A R N I N G !

Geophysical Assaults on New Zealand!

At least five NZ cities/regions, including Canterbury, face existential threats in the near future!” —Independent experts

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“Twice as many Aucklanders losing money on their homes”

Auckland and Christchurch homeowners are selling their properties for less than they paid for them, and the number has doubled over the past year, a report said.

“New data from Homes.co.nz, which is based on sales information lodged with the local council, shows that 7.2 per cent of sales in the first quarter of this year have resulted in a capital loss for Auckland property owners.”

The numbers compared to 3.1 per cent loss in the same period of 2018 and 1.5 per cent at the end of 2016.

The losses, when added to the real estate commission and other fees, can be as much as 30 per cent of the purchase value.

“In Christchurch, even more people are losing money – there, 12.1 per cent of sales in the first quarter of this year resulted in the owner losing money on the deal.”

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NZ Road Fatalities Stats 2019 (Q1)

THANKS TO MAJOR CENSORSHIP CAMPAIGNS CONDUCTED BY NZ GOVT., more than two-thirds of road fatalities go unreported, or unrecorded by authorities to protect the cutthroat NZ tourism and banking! [Search blog for additional information.]

Learning from the U.S. govt.:

NZ government (police and Ministry of Resurrection) under-report road fatalities and murders in the same way Puerto Rican officials (US Govt) misled the world following Hurricane Maria. Death toll from the deadly storm was reported as only 64, instead of the scientifically researched total of at least 2,975.

In deadly racist NZ, about two-thirds of road fatalities go unreported, or unrecorded! [See blog entries under Ministry of Resurrection.]

NZ Police and Ministry of Resurrection Watch

Proudly Killed in NZ: But How Many actually killed on NZ roads this year so far?

[UPDATED on April 5] Between March 24 and April 4, at least 54 people were killed and more than three dozen others critically/seriously injured on NZ roads in two regions that are being monitored by our insiders.

  • Actual road toll for 2019 so far: 307 [Based on the blog’s advanced statistical models and backed by other resources – margin of error: ±3 per cent.]
  • No. of fatalities reported by police: ONLY 239 [Includes unofficial data for two regions provided by police insiders.]
  • Official No. of crash victim: 118 as of end April 4, 2019  [Only 106 listed by MoT]
  • No of the dead statistically resurrected by Ministry of Transport: 239–106=133

Monitor the Ministry of Resurrection’s road fatality updates and calculate the number of resurrection’s daily at https://www.transport.govt.nz

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What’s the best thing that could happen to Auckland?

Posted by te2ataria on October 15, 2016

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Sent by a reader in NZ’s Homeless Capital

About 40 percent of houses sold in Auckland were bought by people who own multiple properties

Over the last 12 months, people with two or more homes have bought 9,470 additional houses, or 39.2 per cent of all houses sold in New Zealand’s homeless capital, Auckland, according to a report.

Greedy Investors Blame Capitalism for Homelessness in NZ

The greed to make more money from the unfortunate who live in rental properties, meanwhile, is pushing up rental prices, forcing hundreds of families out onto the streets.

Civil engineer Gary Lin, 33, owns 11 rental properties in Auckland. Photo / File
Civil engineer Gary Lin, 33, owns 11 rental properties in Auckland. Photo: NZ Herald

Gary Lin, a 33-year-old civil engineer owns 11 rental properties in Auckland. He is grateful to the government for the favourable tax treatment, the negative gearing, which allows landlords to claim a tax break on rental losses.

“I understand people might be bitter,” Lin said about his large property portfolio. “The thing is that we live in a capitalist world … and there’s nothing illegal about it.”

Clearly, Mr Lin and other greedy investors like him, who prey on the less fortunate, cannot comprehend that forcing families out onto the street is highly immoral and socially unsustainable, despite the vacuum in the legal system permitting this level of exploitation, which has also resulted in a worsening corruption within the government.

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