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What about you motha, prime minister

Posted by te2ataria on July 17, 2011

Irony of the week: Greens say Prime Minister’s motha was an asylum seeker

Green MP Keith Locke told the Prime Minister that his motha was an asylum seeker, and he should think before attacking refugees.

“Earlier this week John Key said boat people weren’t welcome on our shores after Sri Lankan Tamils were found in Indonesian waters, possibly trying to make their way here,” according to a report.

Locke was understandably angry with the PM, saying that the 1951 Refugee convention dictates that NZ should accept all asylum seekers.

The Gatekeepers

“This was odd because John Key’s own mother was an asylum seeker who fled from Nazi Germany to Britain in 1939,” he told Parliament. “For Jewish refugees like her there was no queue to join, they simply took their chances and fled.”

The Brown-nosing MP

Labour MP Trevor Mallard, who has stuck his head up the PM’s backside so deep he doesn’t know when it’s sunny outside, interrupted Keith Locke, saying that MPs don’t usually refer to family members of politicians in debates.

NZ Death Clocks

Then again, the chances are the Sri Lankan Tamils would become extinct in fatally-racist New Zealand like tigers, given the color of their skin.

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Another Taxi Driver Attacked

Posted by te2ataria on April 24, 2009

“Racism suspected in attack” [Seriously?]


ASSAULT VICTIM: Glen Eden taxi driver Raymond Fifita who was attacked on Henderson Valley Rd on Monday night after stopping to pick up three passengers. Photo: STEPHEN FORBES. photo may be subject to copyright.

“Racism may have motivated a vicious unprovoked assault that left Auckland taxi driver Raymond Fifita with head injuries and bruised ribs.” A report said.

Police Defective Nick Salter said money was not taken, but there were racist overtones to the bashing. [He should be a candidate for a Pull-it-zer prize.]

“The victim has stated that racial comments were made during the attack,” Mr Salter says.

“But maybe they were scared away so robbery could still be one of the motivators.

“Obviously these guys are still at large and we want to catch them.”

Mr Fifita says he pick up three passengers at the main entrance to Henderson High School at 9.30pm, who asked him to “take them to Tui Glen.”

“Two of the guys were talking to me through the passenger window and another guy came around the back of the car. I thought he was getting into the cab.”

But the scumbag  picked up a rock and hit Mr Fifita in the head through the open driver-door window.

Fifita, 44, was dragged out of his cab and was punched and kicked to the ground by the three scumbags.

“He managed to break free and ran down Henderson Valley Rd where he attempted to flag down a passing car.” The report said.

“I was just trying to find someone to help me,” Mr Fifita says. “But no one stopped.

“I think they were probably scared by my injuries.

“There was blood everywhere, on my face, on my clothes, in the car.”

The father of four said: “Maybe they wanted money but I don’t know… The important thing now is to find them.”

The attackers were Pakeha scumbags, aged 25 to 30, wearing hooded sweatshirts.


What about the scumbags who bashed the Indian taxi driver last week?

The Auckland provincial rugby player, Simon Munro, has now been cleared of assaulting the taxi driver, Mr Sandhu.

Who cleared the scumbag, another kangaroo court?

No, his lawyer [who must have special powers] cleared him before going to court.

Don’t the scumbag pakeha puke look after their “elite?”


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White Apartheid New Zealand Must Be Dismantled!

Posted by te2ataria on December 29, 2008

White Drivers Only for Scumbag New Zealand Taxi Customers

Taxi customers asking for white drivers, says Nat MP

By REBECCA TODD – The Press | Monday, 29 December 2008

Christchurch taxi companies are fielding calls from customers requesting white drivers, a NZ MP says.

The MP says she has spoken to several taxi drivers and company owners since the brutal slaying of Afghan driver Abdulrahman Ikhtiari earlier this month.

“Several said they had people call who only wanted white drivers,” she said.

“You can say it’s a racist comment or say there’s a perception by the public that ethnic drivers don’t know the city as well so they end up driving longer to get to their destination.”

Wagner said the companies, who did not want to be identified, believed it was a racial issue and always told people they could not assign drivers according to their ethnicity.

She said she had heard horrendous stories of the abuse taxi drivers suffered, especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

“They are appalling stories; some have scars from the knives used on them.”

She said there needed to be better communication between drivers and the police.

Incidents often happened during the busiest times for police, so they could be difficult to follow up immediately.

“There are a large number of immigrants working in the taxi industry, bars and restaurants, dairies and service stations,” she said.

“They work at night, generally lowly paid and serving the community, and are getting abused, and it’s not good enough.”

Copyright the author or news agency.
Sourced from URL: http://www.stuff.co.nz/4804901a11.html 


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Brave New Zealanders Bash Octogenarian Chinese Woman to Death

Posted by te2ataria on June 15, 2008

See main entry, which has been blocked by Google search engines:

New Zealand Racist Storm Worse Than China Quake

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New Zealand Racist Storm Worse Than China Quake

Posted by te2ataria on June 15, 2008

submitted by a reader

Octogenarian Chinese Woman Bashed to Death

Was she mistaken for a Japanese? Would that be a plausible defense in the racist, corrupt New Zealand Courts?

Deceased: Yin Ping Yang, 80, was fatally attacked at her home. She was the second of three Asians murdered in Auckland, New Zealand, the Valley of Death, in one week.

Yin Ping Yang, an 80-year-old Chinese woman, who was viciously attacked by intruder(s) in her Auckland home Wednesday (June 11, 2008), died from internal injuries Saturday.


OFF LIMITS: The Manurewa house of Yin Ping Yang is cordoned off. Photo credit: SHANE WENZLICK/Manukau Courier


She may have escaped the fury of China quake, but the frail old grandma was no match for New Zealand’s racist storm!

Police detective inspector said the victim had received broken ribs, internal and serious head injuries in the attack and was in a critical condition when she was taken to Middlemore Hospital where she died Saturday. She was not believed to have been sexually violated, police said. [Isn’t that (a) amazing (!), and (b) a relief to her son and grand children?]

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