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Welcome to the Raw Sewage Club

Posted by te2ataria on October 29, 2009

The Naked Truth?

New Zealand Towns are Sinking in Raw Sewage

There’s only so much untreated sewage you can dump at the sea, before it rises up filling your boots, as it were.

A knee-deep sewage spill in Palmerston North has ruined two cars and left a city family wondering why nobody was warned to stay away from the river that flowed down their street.

Judith Deane-Freeman, who lives at Escort Grove, said the spill was so high it filled her gumboots and leaked through her two Toyota cars parked on the roadside.

Raw  sewage flowed onto the streets of Wellington on Feb 20, 2009, giving the capital city its look, odor and unmistakable character! Photo: Leon Balldock. Image may be subject to copyright.

“I waded out to retrieve my cars. The water was lapping into them,” she said.

Ms Deane-Freeman was surprised when her cars were towed away and written off by her insurance company on Tuesday, just hours after the spill, which was caused by a Palmerston North wastewater treatment plant malfunction.

The untreated sewage had burst out of a manhole filling Escort Grove in  a radius 80 meters.

Ms Deane-Freeman hopes Palmerston North City Council will pay the insurance excess on her vehicles.

Rest of this inspiring story is at Cars ruined as sewage floods street

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NZ Visitor Health Alert No. 25 – Raw Sewage Contamination

Posted by te2ataria on February 3, 2009

NZ Visitor Health Alert # 25
Raw Sewage Contamination

Large amounts of raw sewage was discharged into Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour after a power cut.

Vistors are advised not to consume food and water that may have originated from the area. Visitors are also advised people to keep away from any sewerage overflows, and to avoid swimming near to St Helliers Bay and Okahu Bay until further notice.

Do NOT collect any shellfish from harbors, bays and beaches in the Auckland area.

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