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This is New Zealand: You have to prostitute for a roof over your head!

Posted by te2ataria on May 28, 2019

S H A M E   O N   Y O U!

Foreword: What does a failed country look like? 

“We have a [kosher] white supremacist establishment that shames even Donald Trump [NY mafia,] spend billions on an incompetent and unnecessary military, and let a brutal [and racist] police force [and private security/spy firms like Thompson and Clark] run the country [and commit murder, intimidation and other heinous crimes] with absolute impunity, but have no clean water [and go blind while waiting for eye care, or die within hours of being released from hospital, while a significant portion of the taxpayers’ money goes toward servicing money-laundering operations, instead of feeding the 325,000 hungry kids and their families, who live below the poverty line… and we allow Chinese gangsters and the likes to inflate property prices, making home ownership impossible for many, while others have to sell their bodies to pay the rent] in [apartheid] New Zealand [a zombie democracy, where truth, facts, stats and figures don’t matter… Kiwis are the 2nd most spied-on, bullied, and intimidated people, after the Brits.]” — A Reader

How $50 rent rise ‘pushed me into sex work’

[Weekly sickness benefit of] $312 – [New rent increase of $50 a week to] $295 = You have to sell your body to pay your rent!

A female tenant, who wished to remain anonymous, told reporters that she was generally struggling to pay for her living expenses but the rent increase pushed her into sex work.

“It wasn’t something I was thinking about [before the increase] … I was bawling my eyes out sitting at the computer thinking I really don’t want to do this but I had to, to pay my rent.”  Read more…

Sex for Accommodation

Sex for rent: adverts placing women at risk as dark side of housing crisis exposed
“Men around [sexually deviant] New Zealand are advertising accommodation at reduced rates – or for free – in exchange for sex acts.”

Sex for a place to sleep in Dunedin Posted on May 28, 2016
“Eleven of the 300 at-risk youth (aged between 16 and 20) who responded to the survey said they had engaged in prostitution for the ‘primary purpose of accommodation’.”

Sex-for-rent deals on rise for desperate tenants
“Desperate young women are entering ‘sex-for-rent’ deals with strangers to secure accommodation in an overheated housing market. A Weekend Herald investigation has found these arrangements often stem from teenagers and young women being propositioned for sex by landlords and hostel owners, or targeted in online advertisements where men offer to share one bedroom apartments in exchange for ‘some real fun.'”

Hot bedding, sex-for-rent and $170 bunks: The rental crisis in Auckland
“Sharing rooms, hot-bedding and sex-for-rent are some of the extremes some students are going through in Auckland to secure accommodation in an overheated housing market, the national students’ association says.”

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