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Support for Peaceful Protest Action

Posted by te2ataria on February 20, 2011

Rugby World Cup


The Maori and European Moderators  of this Blog Declare Their Full Support for Peaceful Protest Action During the Rugby World Cup 2011.

Notable Quotes:

“We are going to use the international media to expose what is going on in this country,” Maori Council executive member Titewhai Harawira said.

“I think it is a grand opportunity for us to expose things. I am worried about my status as a Maori mother and grandmother, and about the future for my grandchildren and the children coming after them.

“I am worried about the nation New Zealand should be proud of too, and that we are a first-nation people who have been willing to share and be patient, but I’m afraid some of us are running out of patience.” Maori Council executive member Ngaire Te Hira said.

“Where else can they make a stand? There is no other way, is there? I guess those who want to make a stand, that is the only place to do it, because the government is just not listening.” Te Whanau-a-Apanui kuia Lillian Howe said.

[Assumption has been made that the whole tournament WON’T be cancelled due to earthquakes. K]

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34 Tourist Attacks in Nelson

Posted by te2ataria on January 26, 2011

Nelson Tourists Attacks Reach Epidemic Proportions

At least 34 tourists have been viciously attacked in Nelson since New Year

Another street attack on a Swiss-Italian tourist in Nelson left the victim with multiple injuries including two black eyes.

The victim, who was severely punched on the head, and wants to be known by his first name Claudio,  told the Nelson Mail today was his 26th birthday and that the bruises were “a great gift from New Zealand”.

Two muggers said to be Europeans, pinned down the victim and robbed him of about $180 in cash.

“Police admit the number of serious assaults in the area is extremely concerning. Public violence and disorder incidents in the city have increased 61 per cent since July.” NZPA said.

Nelson Mayor, Mr Miccio, has “described the beating and robbery of a Swiss-Italian tourist in Grove St in the Wood early on Sunday as “terrible”, given the city’s role in this year’s Rugby World Cup, which includes hosting the Italian rugby team.”

This attack is the latest in a series of violent and unprovoked “tourist beatings” that have been regularly occurring in Nelson [and elsewhere in the country.]

Claudio was lucky to escape the attack with his life.

Irish Visitors ARE Fair Game, Too!

Robbie O’Brien
Robbie O’Brien, 31, was attacked by a group of muggers in Westport, New Zealand in a separate incident. He suffered cuts to his face and needed hospital treatment.

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The Bad, the Ugly and the Most Unreasonable

Posted by te2ataria on March 12, 2010

Edited by TEAA and D.H.

Appropriate adjectives for the average kiwi businessperson

[NOTE: Perfidious, greedy, feckless, thieving, knave, immoral … are apt descriptions.]

In the old days, in most parts of the world, what the kiwi tourism bandits are doing would have been tantamount to highway robbery, punishable by hanging.

Today, they call it “Rugby World Cup prices,” and get the despicable hotel council chairwoman defending it by saying if the prices were too high, visitors would go elsewhere.

How about going elsewhere to Australia?

And that’s exactly what the the British tour operator Gullivers Sports Travel UK is considering: Flying the fans to Auckland games and then to Sydney to stay the night, in a reasonably priced accommodation, instead of paying the Hamilton hoteliers the cost of an arm and a leg.

It’s difficult to imagine how much the reedy b*stards are charging to make the Sydney fly back option, or even chartering a cruise ship alternative, which they are also considering, viable.

The average price of NZ$ 2,500 per double room per night in the average flea motel is confidential, of course. Furthermore, there is compulsory two-night stay (or pay)  throughout the event, except the last weekend, when it increases to three nights.

Australian tour operators have also complained about the extortionate hotels costs during the tournament. “Some have said that fans from across the Tasman would prefer fly to New Zealand, watch the games and fly out again rather than pay the rates being asked by hoteliers.” A report said.

“We are confident that the free market will provide solutions so that hotels that are overcharging will have to reduce their prices or face the prospect of empty beds during RWC 2011.” Rugby World Cup chief executive Martin Snedden said.

Holy busted balls, Martin Snedden, if this is not taking a captive audience to the cleaners and pumping their butts with Anchor butter …

The managing director of the Australian We Love Rugby tour company, Warren Livingstone, has complained that some hotels have hiked their rates by up to 1000 percent [tenfold] for the event, warning that fans would stay away rather than pay such extortionate prices.

“Australians love New Zealand and we love coming there for the rugby, as we do every year by the thousands for the Bledisloe Cup. But it won’t be at any cost,” Mr Livingstone said.

“We have over 4000 fans pre-registered for 2011 but Australians won’t just pay ridiculous prices, we’ll look at other rugby events to travel to like the end of season spring tour to Europe.”

Hoteliers Justification for the Ripoff?

If foreign fans are stupid enough to travel up to 24 hours to watch grownup men scratching, biting and robbing their genitals against each other…

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