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New Zealand Weekend Buttlines

Posted by te2ataria on January 30, 2010

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Students Association concerned for “Unigirl”

The story is purported to be about a teenage university student who is selling her virginity to make ends meet while studying at a university.

“The 19-year-old refers to herself as ‘Unigirl’ and is using a website to find the highest bidder.”

“Union of Students’ Associations co-president David Do says it has been hard for students to get jobs this summer, so many are facing a more difficult financial situation this year. He says the woman may not have student allowance and could be borrowing to live, so given the huge financial burdens students face it is not such a surprising course of action.”

While what David Do [no puns, that’s the guy’s name] is saying is perfectly right, it remains to be discovered how you could find a 12-yer-old virgin girl in New Zealand, let alone a university-age student.
Newstalk ZB

MAF Douses Auckland with More Pesticides

Foreign beetles? NO problem! We have the answer bring on the pesticide tanks and sprayers.
At least 50 hadda beetles have been found in Dove-Myer Robinson Park, the Auckland Domain and along Tamaki Drive, MAF said.

“They are widely distributed in most other counties, across the Pacific and Asia. It is quite likely they’ve come in as a hitchhiker across the port on a container, probably, or in a container.”  The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s biosecurity response manager David Yard said, adding that the beetle can destroy potato and tomato crops.
“Mr Yard says after MAF has finished spraying the known colonies with insecticide it will carry out a survey to find out how far the beetles have spread.” A report said.

Minister remanded on sodomy charge

Auckland Methodist minister Kenneth Smith is due to appear in court on February 9 charged with sodomy of  a 17-year-old boy at a motel.

“The case had been transferred from the Rotorua District Court to Christchurch a fortnight ago because Smith, a former minister at Waitakere and Auckland Synod superintendent, has moved to Christchurch.”
Source: NZPA

Woman killed in south Auckland fire named

The victim was 44-year-old Amiria Dawn Renata, also known as Amiria Dawn McClintock, whose body was found at a “fiercely burning house” in Birdwood Ave, south Auckland.

“Fire safety officers had investigated the possibility of it being suspicious” but were later told to drop the case by the police because the woman was a “darkie,” and they couldn’t be bothered getting involved.

“Detective Senior Sergeant Gary Lendrum of Counties Manukau Police said on Sunday that it did not appear to have been deliberately lit.”

“We’re pretty confident it’s not suspicious as a result of the Fire Service investigation yesterday,” he said.

Large-nosed, soot-covered man robs post shop

Hawke’s Bay police are looking for a ”large-nosed” robber who held up the Waipukurau Post Shop and pocketed “a substantial amount of cash.” So far they have been outwitted by the “Asrawillie-looking” guy.
The Dominion Post

Disaster spreads in Otago

Pasture-damaging clover root weevils have spread further in Otago after first being found in the province a year ago.

AgResearch said today that it had discovered clover root weevils (CRW) on the Taieri Plain and its scientists were sampling local farms to see how well established the pest was in the area, before deciding how to address the infestation.

The CRW reduces the contribution clover makes to soil fertility by helping “fix” nitrogen from the atmosphere in soil to help pastures grow. The nitrogen-fixing role of clover is also under threat from the loss of “feral” honeybees to pollinate clover for free, as varroa mites kill off bees outside managed hives.

The CRW was first discovered in 1996 in Waikato and Auckland, and by 2004 it had spread throughout the North Island. In 2006, AgResearch found a large population established in dairy pasture at Richmond, near Nelson, and a year ago it was detected at Clinton in south Otago. More …

Second child attacked by dog

A three-year-old Wairoa girl received 20 stitches to her face after she was mauled by a pit bull dog,  Dominion post reported the police as saying.

It was the second pit bull attack on a young girl over the weekend. The attack came shortly after a similar incident near Whakatane when a 5-year-old girl was savaged by two bulldog-pitbull cross dogs.

“The girl was taken first to Wairoa Hospital on Sunday afternoon, then was transferred to Hawke’s Bay Hospital. It was initially feared she may lose an eye as a result of the attack.”
Source: The Dominion Post

Swedish tourist Still missing after hospital visit

Police are still looking for a Swedish tourist who went missing from Rotorua Hospital 6 days ago.

Nearly a week after Annamaria Edgren went missing from Rotorua Hospital, there’s still no trace of her. “The 77-year-old is described as being 172 centimetres in height, of medium build and with longish red hair. Ms Edgren was last seen wearing a dark top and baggy cotton pants, and was carrying a grey wheelie bag with her.”
Newstalk ZB

More police cars crashed than ever before

“About 100 police cars have been written off in the past five years at a cost of more than $3 million.”

As soon as you read the first sentence, you know the stats have been doctored because the actual figures are much higher … But the story make a good read.

Credit: MAARTEN HOLL/The Dominion Post.  Th new police car came to an early end as the driver wrapped it around a streetlight in central Wellington last August.

Man ‘executed’ by NZ police for growing cannabis

The family of a Golden Bay man who died in Christchurch Men’s Prison say a coroner’s report into his death is a whitewash and they would like an apology for what happened.

Stephen Cleary, 49, died on June 11, 2007, from a pulmonary embolism arising from deep-vein thrombosis in his right calf.

He was beginning a one-year sentence for growing cannabis. After being sentenced on June 1, 2007, Mr Cleary spent five days in unusually restrictive conditions in the Nelson police cells and was transferred to Christchurch in a prison van on June 6, 2007. …

A spokeswoman for the family said today the report was a “whitewash” and did not provide them the answers they were looking for.

“The coroner’s report … it was really watered down … really basic, and didn’t give any of the facts that the family were concerned about.”  More. . .

The incident is the second case of of a cannabis grower murdered by the police. See  Jan Molenaar Was an Ordinary Man

Thank goodness there’s no “channel tunnel” underneath the Tasman Sea!

Wellington trains end up in wrong station.  An “operational error” sent train passengers bound for Paraparaumu to halfway toward Lower Hutt.  [If you’re not a kiwi, don’t bother looking up a map. It was a stupid mistake.]  “Obviously we’ll look into how it happened because it’s not meant to.” Kiwi Rail said. ROFL.

Source: Stuff.co.nz

Two Police Officers won’t be charged over misuse of police data

Why should they be? They should be awarded for remaining true to their colour.

Police national headquarters say only 33 police staff have been caught making unauthorised use of the National Intelligence Application information in the two-year period between August 2007 and August 2009, and of those only nine had later resigned.


Nelson man missing after night out

Mr Lipp-Neighbours who is described as a 1.85 metre tall Caucasian with light brown hair, has gone missing for 5 days without a trace.

Woman injured with a stingray tail she claims was left on chair

A woman who claims she “sat” on stingray tail accidentally was airlifted to Hawke’s Bay Hospital after the barb went into her “leg.”

A spokeswoman for the Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter said the woman, in her 40s, had sat on the stingray’s tail after it had been cut off and left on a chair.

A hospital spokeswoman said the patient was in a stable condition in the emergency department an hour after she arrived and she may be admitted for the night.  http://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/-/mp/6740321/woman-injured-sitting-on-stingray-tail-left-on-chair/

Name Suppression for Boy Sex Primary School Teacher

An Auckland primary school teacher was granted name suppression after he was  charged with paying boys for sex.

He appeared at North Shore District Court yesterday, the New Zealand Herald reported.

“The man is alleged to have formed separate relationships with the boys over fours years from September 2005, during which time they were between 12 and 16.”

One dead after car, tanker collide

The victim is thought to be a tourist.

Firearms Seized after Dogs’ Holocaust

Police have seized firearms used by Russell Mendoza and another man who allegedly used them to shoot 23 pups and 10 adult dogs after the dogs mauling death of Mr Mendoza’s fox terrier.

The slain dogs belonged to Mr Hargreaves who described them as members of  “his family.”

Three muggings: 2 young males thought to be tourists sustain head injuries, a third stabbed

In the first mugging, a young man was left with serious head injuries after being beaten and robbed near Kennedy Park, between Riverbend and Russel Roads, in Napier yesterday in broad daylight by a group of between 3 to 7 attackers. The victim was placed in induced coma at Hawke’s Bay Regional Hospital.

In the second incident, in nearby Massey Crescent,  unrelated to the first mugging, a 20-year-old male was robbed and injured by another man.

The third incident was a reported stabbing on Roberts Terrace after which the victim was taken also to Hawke’s Bay Hospital.

Police resources stretched by fourth Napier attack

“A fourth attack in Napier this weekend has left a 35-year-old man in Hawke’s Bay Regional Hospital with facial injuries.”


UPDATED 31 January 2010

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