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Fonterra doesn’t like to be caught redhanded

Posted by te2ataria on March 17, 2009

sent  by a reader

It’s Indonesian palm oil, this time!

Fonterra,New Zealand’s Dairy Goliath, must be dissolved—after the directors are prosecuted for their part in killing dozens of Chinese babies [the exact number still unknown] and sickening about one half of a million others

By now most everyone in the world knows Fonterra doesn’t play by the rules—and they don’t like to be caught red handed.

The following article was published today in nzherald [Photo and caption not included]

Fonterra seeks $17m lawsuit against newspaper

Tuesday Mar 17, 2009

Fonterra is seeking a billion rupee (about $17 million) gagging writ over a Sri Lankan newspaper allegation that its milk products have been adulterated with palm oil or other vegetable oil.

anleneAlthough Analene milk drink is somewhat safer than Sanlu products, it’s not suitable  for children under the age of 2 years. Just two servings of Analene provide 100% of your recommended [palm oil?] Photo: Fonterra/Analene. Image may be subject to copyright.

Fonterra Brands Lanka has sought a court order to stop daily newspaper Heladiwa Irida Sangrahaya and its editor Dharma Sri Kariyawasam from re-publishing the claim.

It is asking for a billion rupees as damages if the claim is again published.

A Colombo District Court judge Sampath Wijeratne is considering the New Zealand dairy giant’s case against newspaper owner, Sayuri Newspapers.

In New Zealand, a Fonterra spokesman told NZPA the company expected to be able to comment after seeking details from its overseas staff.

Fonterra’s lawyer, Romesh de Silva, told the court the company imported and distributed milkpowder for brands including Anchor, Red Cow and Raththi, Anmum, Anlene, and Anchor Shape.

On March 15, the newspaper printed an article and editorial alleging the milk products did not contain full cream, but instead added palm oil and vegetable oil.

Fonterra complained it was a false and baseless allegation, and that the newspaper was planning to launch a poster campaign and continue to publish similar articles.

Fonterra last year found itself a key player in the tainted-milk products scandal in China, after six babies died and many others became ill.

Milk made by Sanlu, 43 per cent owned by Fonterra, was found to be tainted with melamine, a toxic industrial compound that can give a false positive on protein tests. Copyright NZPA/nzherald.

The following article was published today in dailymirror.lk:

Order on defamatory campaign today

By Susitha R. Fernando

The Colombo District Court yesterday fixed for today the order to prevent a defamatory campaign being carried out against well known milk products importer Fonterra Brands.

Colombo District Judge, Sampath Wijeratne made the order following a civil application filed by Fonterra Brands Lanka (Private) Limited citing  Sayuri Newspapers (Pvt) Limited and the Heladiwa Irida Sangrahaya editor Dharma Sri Kariyawasam.

Supporting the application Romesh de Silva PC with Sugath Caldera and Eraj de Silva instructed by Sudath Perera Associates told court that the company was involved in importing and distributing milk power products including Anchor, Red Cow and Raththi and the defendant newspaper which claimed to be a national newspaper in its March 15, 2009 publication  had carried an article and an editorial with contents that defamed the company. The publication had alleged that all milk products imported and available in the market in Sri Lanka did not contain full cream but instead added palm oil and vegetable oil. The plaintiff complained that it was a false and baseless allegation with regard to its milk products and would cause an irreparable loss as they were used by children and expectant mothers.

The counsel further said the defendants were planning to launch a poster campaign and continue to publish similar articles in the said newspaper.

The company said it had obtained Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLS) certificate and the alleged article was wrongful and damaged the reputation of its enterprise.

Fonterra Brands Lanka (Private) Limited asked for an enjoining order preventing the defendants from printing and publishing any article that would be defamatory of the company and demanded Rs. 1000 million as damages.

Romesh de Silva PC with Sugath Caldera and Eraj de Silva instructed by Sudath Perera appeared for Fonterra Brands. Copyright the author, or news agency.

http://www.dailymirror.lk/DM_BLOG/Sections frmNewsDetailView.aspx?ARTID=43542

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Fonterra: Guilty of Murder!

Posted by te2ataria on February 1, 2009

The Chinese are still victimized by colonial New Zealand

Screw turns on Fonterra to come clean

By DEIDRE MUSSEN – Sunday Star Times | Sunday, 01 February 2009

Calls are mounting for Fonterra to release documents at the centre of the melamine baby milk scandal in China, with a New Zealand legal expert rubbishing the dairy giant’s claims it could not release the information for legal reasons.

[Even in their own country, China, women and children are unprotected against pakeha malevolence.]

A Chinese mother, whose baby died from drinking tainted milk, holds a sign reading “Give me back my baby” outside Shijiazhuang Intermediate People’s Court, Hebei province January 22, 2009. Families hit by China’s toxic milk scandal demanded revenge, compensation and plain answers on Thursday as they awaited the sentencing of company executives accused of wrongdoing. REUTERS/Jason Lee (CHINA).
Image may be subject to copyright.

Sanlu chairwoman Tian Wenhau last week said she allowed melamine to be added to its infant milk formula on the advice of its New Zealand shareholder. Fonterra has confirmed it gave her a document about Europe’s safe limits of melamine in food, but said it made it clear zero was the only acceptable melamine level.

Tian’s lawyer, Liu XinWei, told the Sunday Star-Times from China he was unable to release the Fonterra documents because they were with the Chinese courts, but confirmed they showed Europe’s highest permissible level of melamine in food was 30mg/kg.

He said Tian, who was sentenced to life in prison after she was found guilty on December 31 of producing and selling false or substandard products, told the court she allowed up to 15mg/kg of melamine in milk on the basis of Fonterra’s information after August 1 last year. That was the date Sanlu, in which Fonterra had a 43% stake, discovered melamine was the contaminant making Chinese babies die or become sick.

Fonterra learned of the contamination the following day, but Sanlu stopped producing milk only on September 12, despite Fonterra’s push for a recall of all its milk. According to Chinese media reports, the Fonterra document was given to Sanlu on August 13.

Wellington media lawyer Steven Price, a law lecturer at Victoria University, said he knew of no legal reasons preventing information about a case in China from being revealed in New Zealand and called for Fonterra to release the documents, doubting it would affect Tian’s appeal.

“Our sub judice laws do not stop Fonterra here from releasing documents because it might prejudice the case. It seems a bit self-serving by them.

“It’s conceivable that they might not want to release them. Had these documents contained a very clear document saying that zero tolerance was allowed, would they be so reluctant to release them?”

He said if Tian appealed her conviction, it would not be considered by a jury so publication of any documents would not affect her case.

Give back their babies Mr Andrew Ferrier, or do the honorable thing!

[At least] Six babies died and [many] more than 290,000 were seriously harmed by drinking the contaminated milk. Sanlu and 21 other dairy companies had offered 200,000 yuan ($57,000) for families whose children died, 30,000 yuan ($9000) for serious cases such as kidney stones and acute kidney failure, and 2000 yuan ($600) for less severe cases.

Chinese parents whose children died from drinking tainted milk, hold signs reading “Give me back my baby. Demand judicial fairness” outside Shijiazhuang Intermediate People’s Court, Hebei province January 22, 2009. Families hit by China’s toxic milk scandal demanded revenge, compensation and plain answers on Thursday as they awaited the sentencing of company executives accused of wrongdoing. REUTERS/Jason Lee (CHINA). Image may be subject to copyright.

According to China’s Oriental Morning Post newspaper, 11 victims plan to lodge legal action in Chinese courts to sue Sanlu and Fonterra over the melamine tragedy.

University of Canterbury political science senior lecturer Dr Anne-Marie Brady, a specialist in Chinese politics, questioned the dairy giant’s motives in giving Sanlu information about safe melamine guidelines in Europe when the company would have already known the melamine contamination was malicious because of extremely high levels detected.

“[Tian] is taking the blame for a large number of people,” she said.

Fonterra chief executive Andrew Ferrier told a press conference last week the document on European melamine levels had been given to Tian by a Fonterra director on Sanlu but the company made it clear to Sanlu that zero melamine was the only acceptable level. Fonterra would not answer further questions from the Star-Times.

According to its website, the European Food Safety Authority provisionally recommended in July 2007 that a tolerable daily limit of melamine from food for humans and domestic animals was 0.5mg/kg body weight per day, based on figures from the Scientific Committee of Food (SFA). A specific migration rate of melamine from plastic of 30mg/kg of food was agreed on by the SFA, assuming the maximum food eaten was 1kg for a 60kg person. Screw turns on Fonterra to come clean –  http://www.stuff.co.nz/4834852a11.html – Copyright author or respective news agency.

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Fonterra Directors Must Have Known!

Posted by te2ataria on September 20, 2008

Update Sept 22-08: Sanlu Was First Banned in 2004, then Reinstated

submitted by a reader

There’s one informed individual in New Zealand who doesn’t buy Fonterra’s excuse!

The following are the facts about the deadly melamine-tainted baby formula manufactured by Sanlu-Fonterra joint venture operation in China quoted from Chinese, New Zealand contaminated milk powder kills two:

The Facts About the Latest Tragedy:

  • The powdered milk production is a joint venture between New Zealand Fonterra and China’s Sanlu group. Fonterra is not just a minority shareholder.
  • Sanlu received complaints about the sick infants as early as March 3, 2008. [See Update]
  • The FDA (and just about everyone else in the world with access to Internet) knew as early as April 2007 that food ingredients imported from China were tainted with melamine. How could Fonterra, the largest marketer of dairy products in the world, claim ignorance about melamine contamination of food products in China?
  • Fonterra claims they only found out about melamine content of their milk powder on August 2, 2008. Not withstanding the previous point, why did it take 40 days to have the product removed [and only partially] from the retail shelves? [See Update]
  • New Zealand has total contempt for Asians, especially the Vietnamese, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and Indians. New Zealand establishment considers the “yellow,” “brown,” and other “colored” races as non-human. During the Vietnam war, WMDs manufactured in New Zealand, including Agent Orange, and New Zealand soldiers were used to commit genocide against the North Vietnamese. In the past few weeks at least 4 Chinese women were killed in New Zealand, and the body of another dead Korean was discovered.
  • New Zealand’s senior SIS agent in China, “Y,” informed both the ethically-challenged New Zealand PM, Helen Clark, and its “multiple minister,” the morally-castrated Phil Goff, about the [latest] powder milk incident possibly by as early as march 5, 2008.
  • Fonterra, their directors [and New Zealand Government] have committed corporate manslaughter.

The above was posted at PRO on September 15, 2008.

It’s refreshing to find that one informed individual, a political scientist at the University of Canterbury has enough intelligence [and professional integrity, we hope,] NOT to buy Fonterra directors’ false account.

The following excerpts are from a report published by Stuff.co.nz

Fonterra “should have known”

By ADAM DUDDING – Sunday Star Times –  Sunday, 21 September 2008 http://www.stuff.co.nz/4700435a11.html

Fonterra and New Zealand embassy staff in China failed to notice the looming scandal over melamine-contaminated baby formula despite months of rumours on popular internet sites, and a TV news programme about babies falling ill after drinking milk products. [Amazing, isn’t it!]

Four children have died from drinking Sanlu products contaminated with the industrial chemical melamine, used by suppliers to disguise watered-down milk, and more than 6000 have been made sick. Last night a Fonterra spokesman reiterated CEO Andrew Ferrier’s statement that Fonterra China had no knowledge of any problems with Sanlu products until August 2.

Sanlu had been fielding complaints from worried parents as early as March, was approached by health authorities in June, and conducted its own tests for contaminants in July, but Ferrier said none of Fonterra’s three directors on the seven-person board of Sanlu was informed before August 2.

But Anne-Marie Brady, a specialist in Chinese politics at the University of Canterbury, said it was remarkable that a huge company such as Fonterra failed to learn of problems at Sanlu through other channels. Despite strict controls of official media by the Communist government, important stories still come to light via the internet and smaller outlets.

In July, Hunan TV, which screens on cable TV nationally, made a programme about an epidemic of kidney damage in infants. To avoid censorship it didn’t name Sanlu, but signalled the connection by using Sanlu brand packaging as a backdrop to the report. Twenty-two Chinese milk companies are now implicated in the scandal.

Even if Fonterra didn’t have staff who spoke Chinese, said Brady, there are organisations in China that could do the work. “You could say `we specialise in the dairy industry please comb the media and tell us what’s going on’.”

Brady also criticised the New Zealand embassy in Beijing for failing to spot an issue that is bound to have huge effects on New Zealand’s interests in China.

What is it about this the Chinese prosecutors have difficulty understanding?

The directors and key staff of any company committing corporate manslaughter should by prosecuted and punished to the maximum extent permitted by law!

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Fonterra: 43 percent Liable, 100 percent Moral Cowards!

Posted by te2ataria on September 20, 2008

Update Sept 22-08: Sanlu Was First Banned in 2004, then Reinstated

submitted by a reader

Fonterra directors have committed corporate manslaughter (homicide).

Are the moral cowards at Fonterra now hiding behind the Crown trying to avoid liability for corporate manslaughter by putting the blame on New Zealand Embassy whose moral cowards are protected by diplomatic immunity?

Could it be that the Chinese authorities are so stupid they might buy into this “he said, she said” farce?

If the Chinese government were free of gangsters and racketeers (wishful thinking),  they would charge the  Sanlu-Fonterra joint venture board with corporate manslaughter, allow class action against the joint venture and its directors in China and New Zealand,  and  disqualify all persons and companies involved in the deadly corporate negligence case, especially the Fonterra directors, from doing business ever again in their country.

The Facts:

  1. The Sanlu-Fonterra Board knew about the poisoned baby formula as early as first week in March, 2008.
  2. The resident SIS/Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade agents in China, New Zealand Embassy in Beijing, MFAT HQ in Wellington, Trade Minister Phil Goff and PM Helen Clark knew about the incident within days of Sanlu-Fonterra receiving their first complaints, possibly by as early as March 5, 2008.

Here’s a new version of their cock and bull story:

NZ Embassy waited for more Sanlu info

Saturday, 20 September 2008 – http://www.stuff.co.nz/4700010a11.html

New Zealand’s embassy in Beijing was first told by Fonterra in mid-August about reports of contaminated milk making babies sick, but lacked the information to make an official report, the foreign affairs ministry said today.

Green Party politicians say Fonterra should not have sat for six weeks on the knowledge that its Chinese joint venture, Sanlu, had sold milk powder that poisoned babies, killing four children and making thousands sick.

On August 14, Fonterra China gave an informal indication to a New Zealand embassy official about reports of a small number of sick children, and that 43-per cent Fonterra owned Sanlu appeared to have been receiving milk contaminated with melamine.

Five days later, Fonterra China sought advice from the embassy about how the Chinese government would respond to notification of a local health issue, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) said today.

The embassy advised that the Chinese central government would normally be informed by local authorities.

On August 22, Fonterra advised the embassy that Sanlu had a problem with contaminated product, and that Fonterra had urged local authorities for a full product recall.

Over the next week, the embassy and Fonterra continued discussions about how the problem was being handled, with Fonterra providing confidential information including talks with Sanlu and local authorities.

“Notwithstanding some information gaps, the ambassador decided to inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Wellington of the situation as he understood it,” the ministry said.

The ambassador told the ministry that Fonterra appeared to have a sensitive problem, and the embassy would report formally when it was confident about the information it was receiving.

The embassy sent a report to the ministry which was received on September 1 and Trade Minister Phil Goff met MFAT officials the next day and sought further information and a briefing paper for ministers as soon as possible.

A formal report was finalised on September 5 and provided to key ministers that weekend, with Prime Minister Helen Clark directing officials to attend a special meeting of ministers on September 8.

“At the direction of ministers, instructions were given to the embassy in Beijing to contact relevant central government agencies in China to convey the views and concerns of the New Zealand Government.”

On September 9, the ambassador and other embassy staff called relevant agencies in China.

There had been daily updates and exchanges between the embassy and officials in Wellington since then, and New Zealand remained in close contact with the Chinese government, MFAT said.

“New Zealand has made a general offer of assistance if Chinese authorities needed anything from us – they have not requested anything at this point.”

The Chinese government has faced panicked parents and public dismay since officials and the Sanlu Group, the nation’s biggest maker of infant milk powder, last week revealed babies were sick with kidney stones and complications from drinking toxic powder.

Fonterra has said its directors were first told of the poisoned infant formula on August 2, and were unable to persuade Sanlu and local officials to make a public recall. It did not speak out publicly because it thought working within the Chinese system was the best way to get the poisoned product off the market.

A nationwide check has found melamine contamination in dairy products ran wider than the tainted milk powder that has sparked a widening scandal, with nearly 10 per cent of samples from China’s three top dairy companies found to be tainted.

Copyright the author or respective news agency.

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Victims of Sanlu-Fonterra Business Venture Top 6,200

Posted by te2ataria on September 18, 2008

Update Sept 22-08: Sanlu Was First Banned in 2004, then Reinstated

“At least 6,200 infants across the country are known to have developed kidney stones after consuming Sanlu’s melamine-tainted baby formula, and three have died, China’s Xinhua news agency reported.

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Contaminated milk powder co-produced by New Zealand’s Fonterra severely affects 432 babies, one dead

Posted by te2ataria on September 13, 2008

See Original Entry: Global Food Alert: Deadly Baby Milk From China, New Zealand

Belated Recall: New Zealand dairy co. Fonterra, part-owner of Sanlu, ordered about 700 tonnes of milk powder contaminated with melamine after 432 infants were affected, one dead

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