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John Key Keen on Lockheed Deal

Posted by te2ataria on March 6, 2010

Sent by a reader, edited by TEAA and D.H.

John Key Knows Lockheed’s Track Record of Commission Payoff

PM John Key has sealed a deal with Lockheed Martin, the U.S. aircraft-maker worth more than $NZ144 million ($US100 million) to provide New Zealand army with warehousing facility, maintenance and repair services.

A New Zealand Army Vehicle. It’s not just your driving that ought to concern the shafted taxpayers. Source: NZ Army.

The deal may be extended both in duration, currently 10 years,  and the extent of cover, for example, to provide additional service for other military branches and NZ police, which means more money would go to Lockheed, one way or another.

The maintenance contract includes repair and overhaul of equipment as well as services “including soldier store acquisition, such as tents and weapons,” Lockheed Martin was reported as saying.

Question # 1. Why was a new deal with a new company necessary when the military already had service providers?

Answer to Q1. You can’t ask existing service providers for new sales commissions on old contracts. Besides, the combined worth of the exiting contracts was only a small fraction of the new deal.

Question # 2. Why did John Key insist on doing business with Lockheed?

Answer to Q2. Lockheed-Martin may not be the best service provider in the industry, but it has a proven track record of not only paying the agreed sales commissions to the heads of states, or their representative, but protecting those individuals, if/when the shit hits the fan, against prosecution. You can ask any senior members of the the world’s royal families, especially the Dutch, Saudi Arabia …

Question # 3. Is john Key the sole beneficiary of the “sales commissions” in the new government contract with Lockheed Martin?

Answer to Q3. Effectively, YES! Though a few crumbs would be thrown at half dozen other people, according to their seniority.

Question # 4. How much?

Answer to Q4.  As much as NZ$20 million to the PM (or his assignees, i.e, spouse, kids, etc) and another NZ$1.6 million to a few others.

Question # 5. Will the PM donate a fraction of his commission to the poor in New Zealand?

Answer to Q5. He didn’t become a multimillionaire by stealing money from the middle class and donating the proceeds to the poor in New Zealand.

The contract will allegedly cover the army’s fleet of 500 or so vehicles including “light armoured vehicles, Pinzgauer light operational vehicles, Unimogs, and transport, service and supply vehicles.”

“Our goal is to ensure we provide the best possible supply service in the most cost-effective way,” said Debra Palmer, vice president of enterprise logistics solutions at Lockheed Martin’s simulation, training and support business unit.

The contract will begin in June, 2010 “after a transition from the current service providers.” The report said.

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