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Another Saudi National Killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on October 29, 2009

Why Do Foreigners Sign their Kids Death Warrants by Sending them to New Zealand to Learn English?

It’s all but Double Dutch, Incoherent, Pigeon English with a Chronically Diseased Accent Spoken Here!

Police released details of the Saudi national killed on State Highway 2 near Waihi on Monday. He  was Saleh Adels Faidah, 21, an English language student in New Zealand. The other 7 students traveling with him in the rental ‘mini-van,’ almost certainly a defective and unroadworthy vehicle, sustained mild to moderate injuries.

The other seven people in the van were described as four French nationals, two Germans, and a Spaniard.

This incident comes almost exactly one year to the day when another Saudi student, 25-year-old Fahad Alsalmah, was shot and killed by New Zealand police.

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Mossad Agent Adds Insult to Saudi Injury

Posted by te2ataria on June 10, 2009

It’s amazing the sort of “cock and bull” story the pitiful Mossad agent has come up with to spread disinformation.

Strictly speaking, and despite the dumb story by Waikato Times reporter, the New Zealand coroner may not have lied through his teeth as it were [the norm with ALL NZ coroners is to lie through their yellow, rotting teeth] because waterboarding by the police may have killed Mr Fahad Ibrahimh Alsalmah first, before he could bleed to death through his bullet wounds.

Background:   Saudi Student Murdered by New Zealand Police

Saudi student drowned, coroner says

By AARON LEAMAN – Waikato Times  –  Last updated 13:44 09/06/2009

A wrongly translated word relating to the death of an international student in Hamilton led to false reports in Saudi Arabia that the man had been shot dead.

Fahad Ibrahimh Alsalmah, 25, drowned after he fell into the Waikato River while running from police in October last year.

At the time it was widely reported in Saudi media that Alsalmah had been “shot twice”. At the inquest into Alsalmah’s death, Coroner Gordon Matenga said a report to the Saudi Arabia embassy in Canberra, stating the deceased was wearing two pairs of shorts, had been misinterpreted.


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