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Demand for donkey dongs and $1m homes in Rotorua increasing !!!

Posted by te2ataria on August 12, 2017

[WARNING: SEVERE Negative Karmic Events in Progress across NZ!]

Welcome to the MOST HEAVILY CENSORED blog in New Zealand [and across all other ZOMBIE lands!] We’re GUILTY, above all, of TELLING the TRUTH, EXPOSING police BRUTALITY and govt CORRUPTION!


Sent by a reader in Fart Town [aka, “Rotorua”]

If you’re really looking for a $1m home in Rotorua, then you must be into donkey dongs!

Professionals McDowell Real Estate claim  the demand of $1m properties had grown within the past two years, a report said.

Based on information they say they obtained from the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand, between January to the end of May, 12 residential properties or apartments had sold in Rotorua for more than $1m.

A 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom home on Spencer Rd, near Lake Tarawera priced at $1,450,000, is currently one of five properties priced over $1m. And there’s no tax for the powerful smell of fart in the area.

“It smells like someone farted in your face all the time,” said  Steve Adams the basketball player.

What other people say about the Fart Town:


Armed Robberies, Serious Assaults…

Based on information received from local sources, at least 4 dozen armed robberies have occurred in NZ since August 1.


Proudly Killed in New Zealand

Deadly truck crash in Onehunga, Auckland
A man on a unicycle was hit and killed by a truck this morning on Onehunga Mall. The man on the unicycle was killed instantly.


Corrupt Government

Did you know Peter Thiel screwed the NZ taxpayers out of tens of millions of dollars, while sodomizing corrupt NZ government ministers, and got a preferential citizenship, too?

“The Instant Kiwi” even forced the corrupt NZ government to have details of his immigration application redacted.

The Department of Internal Affairs allowed billionaire Peter Thiel to redact key information from his citizenship file, a decision later criticised by the Ombudsman who said the saga attracted ‘public disquiet.’”


Beware of Extreme Bad Karma!

At least 4,000 overseas visitors, international students, foreign workers, recent emigrants and refugees have lost their lives and more than 24,000 others seriously injured in New Zealand between Jan 2000 and Jan 2017. All silent Kiwis are complicit in the mass killing of foreigners.

Karma boomerangs in mysterious ways!

People living in Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Tasman Bay and Hawke’s Bay regions are either very brave, or extremely stupid. Then again, karma returns in mysterious ways!


NZ Earthquakes on Demand!??

If you believe Wellington deserves a major earthquake – centered right under the Beehive – because the government is so dishonest and corrupt, drop us a line!


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Death and mayhem continues unabated on NZ roads

Posted by te2ataria on January 10, 2017

At least one killed and five injured in Waikato alone

At least one person was killed and five others injured in two serious crashes in Thames this afternoon, police said. Two of the injured are in a critical condition and at least one other has received serious injuries.

The first crash occurred on State Highway 25 at approximately 1:25pm, and the second was on Kopu-Hikuai Road after a car left the road and went over a bank, according to police report. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/update-one-dies-following-crashes-thames

Other News in Drips…

Another body found on the street, this time in Auckland
The man found deceased near a Te Atatu bus stop early this morning has now been identified, police said in a report.

Initial indications is that there does not appear to be any suspicious circumstances, e.g., the deceased didn’t have multiple bullet holes on his head.]

Moderator’s Note: The blog moderators are also aware of a new device used exclusively by NZ police. The “infratometer” is inserted into the corpse’s nether region to assess the cause of death: one expulsion of flatus for natural causes, two for foul play.

Yet another woman in a critical condition in swimming pool incident
A woman has been taken to North Shore Hospital in a critical condition after being found unresponsive in a swimming pool at an address in the Hauraki area, police said.

Two in serious condition after Bay of Plenty [of Deaths] crash

Sleeping family awoke to armed intruders invading their home
The male occupant was taken outside, assaulted and was left lying injured on the lawn, police said.
“The victim received fractures to his neck, along with a cut to his head and was taken to Southland Hospital.” http://www.stuff.co.nz/southland-times/news/88291991/southland-man-allegedly-assaulted-by-group-of-armed-men

Serious assault in Otangarei, Northland
Police have arrested and charged a 22-year-old man after a 42-year-old man was allegedly hit in the head with a piece of wood at the victim’s home in Williams Jones Drive, Otangarei on Sunday. The victim remains in Auckland Hospital in a critical condition. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/update-police-investigation-serious-assault-otangarei-northland


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U.S. Basketballer Viciously Attacked in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on April 13, 2010

sent by a reader

Kiwis Love For Americans Invariably Ends in Attempted Murder

US Basketballer Tyler Amaya was racially abused and viciously beaten up by a bunch of locals in Dunedin, New Zealand, on Sunday.

The American basketballer plays for the Otago Nuggets suffered serious concussion,  as well as a black eye and a nasty gash to the back of his head.

Tyler Amaya. Image may be subject to copyright.

“Coach Alf Arlidge said US import Tyler Amaya was socialising with team members in Dunedin when one of them was subjected to racial taunts by a group of youths. He said Amaya was then king-hit from behind and suffered serious concussion, as well as a black eye and a cut to the back of his head.” Media reported.

Arlidge conformed that the attack, which took place on George Street near the Octagon, was completely unprovoked.

“It makes you wonder what the heck’s going on, unfortunately, on the streets of Dunedin when we tell everyone it’s a safe place to come and live,” Arlidge said.

“I’m really disappointed. These guys are guests in our country and city and they shouldn’t have to go through this.”

Amaya has since filed a complaint with police, but he would be naive to believe that the racist New Zealand police are any better than the thugs who attacked him.

“Arlidge said Amaya only has a 50 per cent chance of playing in Saturday’s derby against the Southland Sharks in Dunedin.” The report added.

“Obviously it’s disrupted our practice this week. He probably won’t practice again tonight. The doctor’s going to have another look at him on Wednesday, see how it is with his concussion… obviously he’s got stitches in the back of his head.”

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Headlines from poxyland [New Zealand]

Posted by te2ataria on June 23, 2009

sent by a reader in Invercargill [edited by TEAA]

More shameful headlines from poxyland

Rape, Sodomy, Serious Assault, Home Invasion, Robbery, Mugging

  • A 22-year-old Waihi mother is suffering panic attacks and refuses to venture into public alone after she was brutally raped on the roadside while attempting to hitchhike from Waihi to Tauranga.  The rapist pushed her over, banged her head against the ground, raped her and spat on her before leaving her on the roadside.

Educational Sex with a Minor/ Pedophilia/ Child Rape/ Child Abuse

  • Dr Ronald Bruce Vautier, 59, of Panmure, Auckland, was sentenced to two years in prison for “three counts of indecent assault on girls under the age of 12” while living on a Coromandel Christian commune. He said his “exploratory” acts gave him a “positive buzz and helped relieved the boredom…”

Dr Ronald Bruce Vautier the pedophile
Dr Ronald Bruce Vautier. Ne became a doctor probably because he loved touching kids.

About one half all girls and a third of all boys in New Zealand are raped [or sexually molested] before the age of 16.

Why are so many children raped and sexually abused in New Zealand?

Rape is a torture routine, a weapon of mind control and subjugation used by the establishment to repress ordinary people in this country.

Disease Spread

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New Zealand Police Violence Also Self-Consuming

Posted by te2ataria on May 16, 2009

Sewage city’s top cop Pieri Munro investigated after assaulting his teenage son

Murder, gangrape, serious assault, corruption … could we be talking about the New Zealand Police Farce?

Wellington’s top cop “district commander Superintendent” Pieri Munro is on paid leave while his pals “investigate” him for assaulting his teenage son.

“A Police National Headquarters spokeswoman confirmed a ‘senior ranking member of police’, who she would not identify, was being investigated by senior detectives brought in from Auckland.” Dominion Post said.

“[We are] unable to identify the name of the officer as that would lead to the identification of the complainant,” she said.

“We are for the same reason unable to comment on the nature and circumstances of the allegation. The officer has not been stood down.”

“Mr Munro is one of two senior Wellington-based police officers currently under investigation a second officer is facing questions after he allegedly berated a motorist over his driving, even though the officer was in the wrong.” DP said. Full story…

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