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At least 3 dead, many injured, in helicopter, truck, car, cycle crashes

Posted by te2ataria on March 28, 2017

  • ONLY two vehicle-related fatalities allowed in police report today, as of posting.


At least two killed in horrific Canterbury crash this morning

Two people were killed in the crash at Mouse Point in Culverden, North Canterbury earlier today. The road was closed after the fatal crash involving a truck and a car, police said.

“The car was so badly smashed police could not initially confirm how many people were in the vehicle,” said a report.

Fatal Helicopter Crash

Fatal helicopter crash in Tasman, near Reefton
The helicopter crash occurred in Tasman, near Reefton from last night involving yet another Robinson R-22 helicopter. “Police believe the person killed in the crash was the helicopter pilot. Formal identification is still to be completed and notifications to next of kin are still being made.”

Other News in Drips…

American cyclist suffers serious head injuries in crash on Coastal Walkway
“It is believed the other cyclist involved in the collision was an American athlete in town for this weekend’s ITU Sprint Triathlon on Sunday.”

Fatal crash in Marlborough – Name release
The man killed in a crash on State Highway 6 near Kaituna-Tuamarina Road, Marlborugh on Friday 24 March has been named as 24-year-old Dylan Sutton, who lived in Nelson.

Missing Women of New Zealand

Cherie Vousden, 42, vanished in 2012
As the search continues for NZ’s latest missing woman, Kim Bambus, MSM have just “remembered” that Cherie Vousden, a 42-year-old North Shore mother, vanished without a trace from The Mercer Loop track area Phia, in 2012.

Other known victims include SEE LIST

Health Warnings: Respiratory Illness Rate Rising – Do you honestly think your kids are safe in New Zealand?

The Impact of Respiratory Disease in New Zealand: 2016 Update

About one in six New Zealanders live with a respiratory illness, and the rate is rising, with latest estimates showing the cost to the country has hit more than $6 billion a year.”

The Impact of Respiratory Disease in New Zealand: 2016 Update, commissioned by the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation, found that respiratory disease accounted for one in 10 overnight hospitalisations and highlighted the high degree of socio-economic and ethnic inequality as “by far the most relentless and disturbing pattern”.

The report found respiratory hospitalisations had been increasing by 16.4 admissions a year since 2000 but at a sharper rate since 2008.

It also estimated the economic burden to the country was at least $6.16b in 2013. Of that $5.68b were indirect costs from mortality and disability and the remaining $482.1m were direct costs from hospitalisations, prescriptions and doctors’ visits. Asthma was calculated separately with a total cost of $858.2m.


Hospitals struggling to cope with record patient numbers
Record numbers of New Zealanders are swamping the struggling hospitals countrywide.

P Nation

Massive amount of meth found in the sewers
The National Drug Intelligence Bureau (NDIA) found about 800g of methamphetamine each week in one wastewater treatment plants in Christchurch and 730g in Auckland last month, according to their latest data release.

Cocaine and MDMA were also among Other drugs found in the two cities’ sewers.

However, their report has most likely been doctored by the authorities because the data are inconsistent with the results of similar tests conducted by a team of two universities.

In  2014,  a team from Massey University and University of Queensland tested the city’s wastewater to find out about Aucklanders’ drug habits. Daily samples taken from only two wastewater treatment plants in Auckland over a three-month period found  an average of 600 grams of pure methamphetamine each day.

NZ Police Clowns: Extreme Malevolence, Institutional Corruption, Phenomenal Incompetence



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