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6,000 more migrant Brits flee shithole country

Posted by te2ataria on August 26, 2019


Extortionate rentals, belligerent Kiwis…? No thanks!

As the number of British departures from New Zealand rises, the number of arrivals continues to fall, official statistics reveal.

British migrants make up the third largest departure group in New Zealand, with [more than] 6,000 people returning to the UK in the 12 months to June 2019, which was an increase of 200 on the previous year, a report said.

Migrants from the UK are fleeing the “shithole” country because they are sick and tired of extortionate rentals, “terrible” public transport, heavy traffic in Auckland… and unfriendly Kiwi “cliques”.

“It was hard to make friends. The cliques are so hard to break into – it just wasn’t a friendly place,” a British expat commented, echoing the experience of thousands of his countrymen who have also been shafted by NZ government’s fraudulent, cash-cow-oriented publicity.

Meanwhile, British arrivals in the 12 months to June also fell by 2,933 or 24.7 per cent from the previous year.

Govt Statistics [Confirming a predatory immigration policy dictated by the utterly evil establishment and embraced by NZ’s puppet government.]

British Migrant Exodus

For migrant departures in the June 2019 year, New Zealand citizens were the largest group with 48,000 (± 900) departures. The next largest groups were citizens of:

  • China – 8,100 (± 300)
  • United Kingdom – 6,000 (± 200)
  • India – 4,400 (± 200)
  • Australia – 4,300 (± 200).

Annual Migration

Year ended June 2019 (compared with year ended June 2018) provisional estimates:

  • migrant arrivals – 145,300 (± 1400), up 5 percent
  • migrant departures – 95,900 (± 1400), up 7 percent
  • annual net migration gain – 49,400 (± 1700), up from 48,900 (± 200).

During the June 2019 year:

  • New Zealand’s population grew by 76,000, or 1.6 percent.
  • Natural increase (births minus deaths) was 26,600 and net migration gain (arrivals minus departures) was 49,400.

[Where will the brainwashed hordes go? Where will the additional 49,400 migrants live? What action, if any, has the criminally incompetent government taken to provide additional housing for the suckers amid the worsening housing crisis?]

One in 100 Kiwis homeless in 2013; numbers have quickly multiplied

“If the homeless population were a hundred people, 70 are staying with extended family or friends in severely crowded houses, 20 are in a motel, boarding house or camping ground, and 10 are living on the street, in cars, or in other improvised dwellings,” said researcher Dr Kate Amore in 2013.

“According to rounded census numbers, in 2001 there were 28,649 people out of total population of 3,744,534 that were homeless (one person out of 130). In 2006 that grew to 33,295 out of 4,059,876 (one in 121) and in 2013 it accelerated to 41,705 out of 4,254,594 (one in 102).”

NZ population has grown by about 750,000 since the above report was published. Yet no significant increase has been observed in the no. of livable accommodations anywhere in the country!


1. Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that 568,000 New Zealanders live in Australia, that’s 11.5 per cent of the Kiwi population, or 11,544.7 per 100,000 people [NZ resident population was estimated at 4.92 million, Aug 2019.]

2. Australia has a population of 25.5 million, but only 38,600 Aussies (0.15 per cent of the Aussie population, or 151.4 per 100,000 people) live in NZ. That means, per capita, 76.3 times as many Kiwis live in Australia, than Australians in NZ.]

An annual Gallup Global Law and Order poll in 2018 found that New Zealanders rank the safety of their own country lower than Egyptians, Indonesians and Chinese.

New Zealand was ranked one of the most generous countries in the world ahead of the US and the UK, in the World Kindness Survey, conducted as part of Charities Aid Foundation’s 2017 World Giving Index. [Newshub]

“kiwis are a lying, miserable, feckless bunch” — a British expat who fled NZ

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Givealittle: NZ govt needs donations to prevent avoidable deaths of foreigners!?

Posted by te2ataria on August 25, 2018

Edited by DH


4,500 Foreigners Killed in NZ Since 2000

More than 4,500 overseas visitors, international students, foreign workers, recent emigrants and refugees have lost their lives and more than 30,000 others seriously injured in New Zealand between January 2000 and 2018.

  • Most of the deaths were avoidable.

♠ ♠ ♠

Sent by a reader in Murder and Crime Capital of NZ [aka, “Auckland”]

Foreigner No. 4,751 (?) Killed in NZ

Young American woman Lauren “Kimi” Worrell, 28, who was horrifically killed on 19 August 2018 at Castle Rock, was probably the 4,751st foreigner to meet a horrific end in NZ since 2010. Most of the deaths were avoidable.

What’s most peculiar, however, is that “the local community” is organizing a fund in her memory, “the proceeds of which will be used for the purpose of maintaining existing hardware and fixed lines in rock-climbing areas around New Zealand. We are working to make climbing accessible and safer to everyone, and to prevent avoidable deaths like this in the future.” They are collecting funds through givealittle: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/kimis-legacy-fund# (link is external)


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Total [declared] expenditure by international students and visitors

Foreign students and tourists spent about NZD52 billion in New Zealand last year, which generated about NZD5.2 billion in goods and services tax (GST) revenue last year (2017) as follows:

  • Total tourism [declared] expenditure at least NZD36.1 billion
  • Income from value added of industries supporting tourism of NZD11.3 billion
  • Ripping off international students of NZD4.5 billion

And NZ govt needs givealittle donations to prevent foreigners from getting killed??

Shithole country, fecal governments

Who’s actually responsible for the safety of foreigners visiting this shithole country, the local community or the execrable, trumpery government?

Why have the successive fecal governments failed to prevent so many avoidable deaths?

 ♠ ♠ ♠

Evil Karma Boomerangs in Mysterious Ways!

People living in Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Tasman Bay, Bay of Plenty [of Deaths] and Hawke’s Bay regions are either very brave, or extremely stupid. Then again, karma returns in mysterious ways! [See earlier posts for additional clues!]

W A R N I N G !

SEVERE Karmic Booms Striking Racist, Morally Repugnant NZ!

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