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Waihanea Maaka: What exactly are police doing?

Posted by te2ataria on December 9, 2016

Updated by Moderator N.

Sent by a reader

Wat really happened to the missing Otorohanga teen?

Waihanea Maaka, 14,  went missing on Thursday, November 24. Police issued a missing persons bulletin FIVE  days later on November 29.

She was last seen outside Otorohanga College when she was wearing her school uniform. [Otorohanga  has a population of just over 2,500.]

Police hold concerns for missing Otorohanga girl

Tuesday, 29 November 2016 – 4:30pm – Waikato

Waikato police hold serious concerns for the wellbeing of 14 year old Otorohanga girl Waihanea Maaka who has not been seen since Thursday 24th November.

Waihanea was last seen outside Otorohanga College when she was wearing her school uniform under a grey and black hoodie. She was also carrying a ‘Jordan’ school bag.

Any sightings or information leading to the whereabouts of Waihanea should be passed onto Constable Ian Lawrence at the Otorohanga Police on (07) 873 7399 or alternatively, people can ring Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Other News in Drips…

Fatal crash – Birkenhead, Waitemata

A fatal crash has occurred on Waipa Road, Birkenhead just before midday after a bus and van collided killing the  driver of the van, police said. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/fatal-crash-birkenhead-waitemata

Hamilton primary school pupil raped at school camp

“The way the Hamilton primary school and other authorities dealt with the incident at the camp and afterward has left the victim’s mother feeling isolated and angry at what she described as attempts to brush the incident under the carpet.

“The mother, who cannot be named without identifying her son, says her son was anally penetrated twice in the incident, which was witnessed by a third child.” http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/85806601/hamilton-primary-school-pupil-raped-by-another-pupil-at-school-camp

Police chase endangers the public, again!


Sunday prayer: Submitted by a reader in Washington DC

Dear Lord: Please turn my town upside down and consume the orange devil, before he has a chance to plunge the world into ignorance and fire.


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Lord please deliver all non-Americans from the evils of Trump-Kushner presidency

Posted by te2ataria on November 19, 2016

The penance of a “desperate, misguided American reader” who voted for Donald (Klinefelter) Trump, edited by DH.

And all decent Kiwis from another term by John Key,  his chief justice, ministers…

This is a Sunday prayer!  Repeat it aloud and let the Lord hear thee in the day of trouble…

Sorry folks, what can I say? We fuck up!

“I’m not sure what I expected from a Trump administration, but at least I expected Donald Trump to be the actual President. Now, I’m not so sure.” Crooks and Liars.

“We already suspect that Trump never expected to get elected. Now we have to wonder if he’s just not capable of leading, and must bring in a ringer: Kushner. After all, Kushner already seems to have an inordinate influence in the Trump transition team.”

“Rather than elect a President Donald Trump, did we really elect a President Jared Kushner?”


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