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NZ Gestapo murder unnamed man

Posted by te2ataria on June 27, 2019

About 90 per cent of police call-outs end in fatalities!

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sent by a reader in Sewage City [aka, “Wellington”]

Police fatally assault man, throw his body in Tarawera River [Bay of Plenty of Killings]

NZ Gestapo [aka, “police”] killed a man by delivering fatal blows to the back of his neck, then threw his body in Tarawera River.

The murder was reported as a “drowning” incident:

Kawerau Sergeant Al Fenwick told the Whakatane Beacon the man was being pursued on foot by police when he jumped into the river and failed to resurface.

Fenwick said the man was pulled from the river and CPR was carried out but he died at the scene.

A St John media spokeswoman said they were called to reports of a drowning in Tarawera River at 2.01pm.

Fenwick also said the incident will be investigated by “Police Brutality Rubber-stamp Authority [aka, “Independent Police Conduct Authority”.]


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