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kiwi piloted helicopter in NY air crash

Posted by te2ataria on August 9, 2009

sent by ‘Tall Reporter’ [Edited by TEAA]

New Zealanders are Bad News!

When kiwis run out of tourists to kill in New Zealand, they go to America!

Previously you read:

kiwis carry death with them, wherever they go!

Now the nightmare has repeated again, again, one more time, for five Italians and three Americans!

The NZ Death Clock started ticking for the 5 Italian tourists and the 3 Americans, the moment Liberty Helicopters took on the kiwi pilot.

A New Zealander was flying the helicopter which collided with a plane over Hudson River in New York, yesterday.

Eight people and the kiwi helicopter pilot are presumed dead following the crash which occurred at noon our time.

kiwi pilot
A helicopter carrying five Italian tourists collides with a small plane above the Hudson River in New York, in this video grab obtained August 8, 2009. REUTERS/Fox News Channel/Handout/Enhanced by AP.

Liberty Helicopters has revealed that the pilot was Jeremy Clark, 33, a New Zealander who had been living in New Jersey, according to New York Times.

The kiwi-piloted sightseeing helicopter, carrying five Italian tourists, collided with a small private plane carrying three people, including a child, reports said.

The two aircraft crashed near the stretch of river where a US Airways jet landed safely in January. “But this time there was no miracle,” a report said.

[The kiwi collective bad karma saw to it!]

Was the kiwi pilot playing a game of flying chicken, trying to scare the Yankee pilot out his pants? kiwi-piloted helicopter is seen approaching from the side and under the small plane. The helicopter blades slice through the wing of small plane leading to a fatal crash.

The helicopter was operated by Liberty Helicopter, described by Reuters News as the largest sightseeing helicopter operator in the U.S. Northeast.

What that means is the company is big enough to manipulate the data  concerning the crash and  subvert the truth [they already have,] as to which pilot was responsible for the fatal mid-air collision, in order to (i) avoid paying damages to the victims’ families, and (ii) come out with its reputation intact.

The “official account”

This image was sourced from NY Times.

Next time you are about to fly a plane, or helicopter, ride a boat, or get on a bus, do yourself and your loved ones a favor: Ask whether the pilot or driver is a New Zealander.

Don’t mess with Karma physics. Avoid the curse of Hinenui-te-pō. Stay away from kiwis!

Hate to tell you we told you so, but:

Every kiwi living in the US is an Anti-American Time Bomb ready to go OFF!

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Tormented kiwis Stuck in Purgatory

Posted by te2ataria on July 7, 2009

sent by an Aussie reader [edited by TEAA]

At least 21,000 kiwis have lost their jobs in Australia in the past 12 months—The Australian

Aussie employers are laying off New Zealanders in droves. “Migrants who claimed most of the jobs at the top of the boom when there were acute skills shortages were now in the firing line suggesting skilled New Zealand workers who arrived recently might now be out of a job.” The Dominion Post said.

Consequently, the number of New Zealanders leaving for Australia has also slowed by about 1000 migrants arriving from New Zealand each month than a year ago.

Here are some figures:

  • As of June 30, 2008, about 550,000 New Zealanders lived in Australia.
  • No of New Zealanders employed in Australia have dropped by 20,800 to 304,100 in the year to May.
  • Full-time New Zealand-born workers in Australia dropped by 11,000 to 236,700; part-time workers dropped by 9800 to 67,400.
  • New Zealanders’ unemployment rate (in Australia) had jumped to 7 per cent.  [The more recent figures could be as high as 10 percent or more.]
  • The Australian newspaper says  New Zealanders are most likely to lose their jobs even though Australia is not in a recession.

TEAA Says: Could it be Australians have finally realized that pakeha are:

1. pakeha are Bad News

2. Incompetent pakeha, though a bunch of morons, are dangerous mutants suffering from pakeha pete syndrome.”

3. They are taking the curse of  Hinenui-te-pō seriously

Don’t let pakeha settle in Australia. Their evil karma WILL ruin everything!

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kiwis are BAD NEWS – nightmare repeats

Posted by te2ataria on June 18, 2009

kiwis carry death with them, wherever they go!

Nine times out of ten they kill other nationalities; then the kiwi collective bad karma, or the curse of Hinenui-te-pō kicks in

Dead kiwi pilot named

United States police said New Zealand pilot killed last Sunday was Timothy John Moxham, 29, a pilot for an air ambulance, Midwest Medflight.

“Mr Moxham died in a glider owned by the Sandhill Soaring Club and flown by the club president when it crashed near Ann Arbor, Michigan.” See report.

The glider pilot, Orrin Burns Beckham, 63, of Ann Arbor, is in a serious condition in a hospital.

glider crash
Glider Crash.  Emergency services seen at the scene of a glider crash in Unadilla Township on Sunday.
Photo courtesy Unadilla Police.

Stay away from kiwis, avoid the curse of Hinenui-te-pō.

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