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New Zealand Butt-line News Dec. 12, 2017

Posted by te2ataria on December 12, 2017


WARNING! SEVERE Karmic Events Occurring Throughout NZ! ARE YOU READY?


Cow disease spreads to North Island

The cow disease mycoplasma bovis has now spread to  Southland and Hawke’s Bay.

MPI has identified 4 additional farms in Hastings and Southland as positive for the crippling bacterial cattle disease and strongly suspects one further property.

Mycoplasma bovis is a bacterium that causes illness in cattle, including udder infection (mastitis), abortion, pneumonia, and arthritis,” MPI said.

The disease was first detected in July 2017 on farms in a dairy enterprise in South Canterbury. In November, The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) placed additional properties in the Waimate district under movement controls.

In October, more than 4,000 cattle were  culled on farms infected with the disease Mycoplasma bovis.


Rapists, PIGS and Thugs

Exclusive Brethren: Chocolates for Sodomy

Exclusive Brethren dad allegedly bribed son with chocolate for sodomy

“A man allegedly raped repeatedly by his Exclusive Brethren father from a young age says his dad bribed him with chocolate in exchange for sex acts.”

“Lucky, I didn’t have a gun!”

Driver ‘threatened cyclist with hammer’ after near-miss
“An Auckland cyclist says he was threatened with a hammer yesterday) after he tracked down a motorist who nearly hit him while driving at speed up a steep, narrow suburban street.”

Killer driver’s lack of remorse shocks judge

Police Sex Abuse

Senior P.I.G. in Northland faces criminal charges after sex abuse complaint
“A senior police officer in Northland is facing criminal charges after a woman made a complaint of sexual abuse. The woman alleged the officer brought her flowers and nicknamed her “Spice” before sexually abusing her multiple times over several years.”


Proudly Killed in New Zealand

Only three road kills reports allowed by police today

Chinese man killed in Rakaia crash
Rakaia fatal name release: Tuesday, 12 December 2017 – 9:38pm – Canterbury
The Chinese man killed in the crash on the Rakaia Bridge in Canterbury this afternoon was 48-year-old Ian Adrian Yee, who lived in Christchurch.

One dead following bulldozer crash in Makara
Tuesday, 12 December 2017 – 4:39pm – Wellington
A man was killed in a bulldozer crash on Makara Road in Wellington today. “The bulldozer is reported to have rolled around 80 metres down a bank at around 11.45am.”

Pedestrians killed: One of two pedestrians hit in separate crashes in Dunedin killed
A pedestrian has died following a collision with a car at the intersection of Dundas and Great King Street, Dunedin.

Crash on Hawke’s Bay Expressway
Tuesday, 12 December 2017 – 6:14am – Eastern
There’s been a crash on the Hawke’s Bay Expressway. A vehicle has rolled and the road is currently closed north and southbound between Links Rd and Evenden Rd. Initial information is that a man from the vehicle has sustained serious injuries.

Singapore tourists killed in fatal crash on West Coast [Monday]
“Two cars driven by tourists were involved in a fatal collision on the West Coast on Monday. West Coast area prevention Sergeant Andrew Lyes said a man from Singapore died in the crash south of Hokitika shortly after 12pm.”

Police reluctantly ID third foreigner killed since Sunday

Tongan woman killed in Opotiki fatal crash  [Sunday]
Tuesday, 12 December 2017 – 2:53pm [Bay of Plenty of Deaths]
Police have released name of victim of the latest crash on SH2 at Kutarere, who was killed near Opotiki on Sunday. She was 38-year-old Mele Heilalafuitahi Hiva who lived in Opotiki.

Taiwanese man killed by drowning – Fourth foreigner killed since Friday

Taiwanese man killed by drowning at Coromandel Peninsula
“Ting Chang Chen, 25, was discovered off Crayfish Bay in the peninsula on Friday afternoon. Originally from Taiwan, the Auckland-based man was with a group of nine friends staying at a home in Opito Bay for the weekend.” https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/99742166/taiwanese-man-dies-after-drowning-at-coromandel-peninsula


Reminder after record number of 111 calls

“We’re fake police! Stop wasting your time!”

Only around 20% of calls to 111 result in an emergency response
“The summer demand period for Police communication centres has arrived, with a record number of 111 calls received last month. Between 21 and 27 November Police received 19,725 calls to 111, the highest number since records began in 2003. During November, 111 calls exceeded 77,000, the most of any month this year.”


Sudden deaths’ in NZ never suspicious [Believe me!]

Sudden death in Sheffield, Canterbury not suspicious: police

A sudden death in Sheffield, about 50 kilometres west of Christchurch, is not suspicious, police say.

Seriously Sick Water

Warnings Issued Amid Algae Plague

Popular NZ swim spots closed for summer
Multiple popular swim spots in Auckland, Canterbury, Taupō, Manawatu, Taranaki, Wellington… are out of action because of dangerous algal bloom.   https://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/346026/popular-nz-swim-spots-out-of-action-for-summer

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Every Day ANZAC Day at NZ Schools

Posted by te2ataria on April 26, 2009

Ruled by thuggery, killed by thugs!

Teachers feel unsafe at War-Sick New Zealand schools.

pakeha kids are like deadly germ cultures gown in the lab to annihilate Maori, but inadvertently infect their evil designers instead.

You’ve created a violent military fort and reinforce your ‘values’ by flaunting and celebrating your hubris every year (and NOT just on ANZAC day), and you expect your deranged kids to spare the teachers?

According to the following report, large percentage of New Zealand teachers [How many of them did you say do NOT rape or molest the kids?] feel unsafe at school, both in the playground and classroom.

New report reveals playground safety fears

By CATHERINE WOULFE – Sunday Star Times

One third of secondary school teachers have felt unsafe in the school playground, and one in seven primary school teachers have felt unsafe inside the classroom, a major new report reveals.

The report by the New Zealand Centre for Education Research (NZCER) surveyed 666 schools, and its findings about bad behaviour, bullying and teacher safety have education leaders calling for change.

The report comes hot on the heels of two high-profile attacks on teachers by students a stabbing in Auckland and an assault in Taranaki as well as reports of weapons being seized in our schools.

Early last month a 17-year-old Auckland student stabbed a teacher in the back as he wrote on a whiteboard, and in December a 15-year-old Taranaki girl was suspended after her principal said she shoved a teacher to the ground and “thumped” her.

Last month Kate Gainsford, head of secondary teachers’ union the PPTA, revealed that one “very, very ordinary” New Zealand school had confiscated replica guns from its students. Other weapons picked up at the same school included nunchucks, a machete, knives, an iron bar and a baseball bat.

She is sick of talking about these kinds of problems and wants the government to take action.

The PPTA has already called for better pay for teachers at problem schools and for schools to be classified on a secret register as to how many violent and disruptive students they have.

Gainsford fears nothing will come from the government’s school violence hui held in Wellington early last month.

However, primary teachers’ union NZEI president Frances Nelson says she has been invited to a meeting in May where the Secretary for Education will reveal its plans stemming from the hui.

“Something does need to happen,” Nelson says. She is surprised that even more primary school teachers don’t feel threatened by students because “what we’re hearing is that things are heightening… It’s warning bells for sure. And if a teacher is feeling under threat, imagine what the kids are feeling like.”

The hui’s main messages were that intervention to stop violence and bullying was needed when children were very young, and programmes needed to be backed up by solid evidence. But the findings in the new NZCER report suggest children’s behaviour is going unchecked until they reach secondary school. At this level, bad behaviour becomes one of teachers’ top concerns, worrying them more than students’ marks and their own workload.

Teachers’ unions have pleaded for help with violent students for about two years. But the list of shocking incidents continues to grow and not just in secondary schools. The recent stabbing in Avondale and the “thumping” in Taranaki in December are not isolated incidents. In December 2007, a 12-year-old Cambridge boy gave his teacher a bleeding nose and black eye. Last August an eight-year-old Canterbury boy kicked his teacher around the legs and punched her in the back.

Police are making about 31 arrests each week at schools and other places “designated for learning”, while ACC is paying millions every year to teachers hurt on the job. In the year to June 2008, $5.49 million was paid to early childhood, primary and secondary teachers who had been injured at school.

In January, a scheme to place police officers in schools known as Cops on Campus was expanded from five officers in 10 South Auckland schools to include a permanent officer in each of four Hamilton schools. A number of other Auckland schools employ security guards on “static guard duty” because of fears of violence.

The NZCER report is the latest in a series of national snapshots taken every four years. It was finished in late 2007 and includes responses from 666 state and state-integrated schools, 1730 teachers and 1462 parents. Hundreds of principals and board members were also involved.

Authors Sandie Schagen and Cathy Wylie specifically investigated school funding, culture and connections (such as links between schools or between principals and boards). Primary school teachers were asked whether they felt unsafe in the classroom and/or the playground. “Fourteen percent gave a positive response to both questions, although nearly all said this happened very occasionally very few teachers said that they frequently felt unsafe.”

Secondary teachers were not asked about how safe they felt in the classroom, just the playground. “Only 2% said they frequently felt unsafe, but 29% said they did so occasionally,” the report says.

The decile rating of a school made a huge difference in the severity of teachers’ concerns; the higher the decile, the fewer worries there were about violence, quality of staff and relationships.


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