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Another chance to see just how corrupt the NZ judiciary really is?

Posted by te2ataria on November 12, 2015

NZ law student sues government over climate change inaction

Sarah Thomson, a law student from Hamilton, has filed a case with the NZ High Court in Wellington suing the government for failing to set adequate emission reduction targets to reduce the impact of climate change, according to a report.

Thomson, 24, says she was inspired by the world’s first climate liability suit in June, a landmark decision in which the Dutch courts found the government’s emissions-cutting targets were too inadequate and ordered the state to reduce emissions by 25% by 2020 to protect its citizens from the  impact of climate change.

“[Having studied that case] I realised it wasn’t just about the environment, it was about human rights – the right to safety, the right to security,” Thomson said.

Thomson, who has just completed a law degree, told Fairfax that it was the first time she’s taken a case to court.

“I want to be able to look my [future] children in the eye and say that I didn’t just stand by and watch this happen.”

“The science shows that New Zealand’s emissions targets just aren’t good enough to avoid dangerous climate change.  Scientists agree that the reductions are too small and will take too long,” Thomson said.

The case is filed against the government’s Minister for Climate Change Issues Tim Groser.

Read more at http://www.stuff.co.nz/environment/73951223/Hamilton-student-sues-government-over-climate-change-targets

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A Test of Democracy

Posted by te2ataria on February 14, 2010

John Key: Screw the Environment

A Test of  New Zealand Democracy [sic] would be the ability of its government to carry out anti-environmental projects on behalf of less than 1 percent of its population

New Zealand Government continues to push to free up Conservation Department land for mining operations.

The truly ugly Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key has indicated that his government would make major changes to the Crown Minerals Act Schedule 4 protection for Conservation land.

“This is because new mining on Crown land has the potential to increase economic growth and create jobs.” Key said.

“Schedule 4 protects about a third of conservation estate land from mining because of its conservation value, including parts of the Coromandel Peninsula north of State Highway 25A, and internal waters of the peninsula.” A report said.

“John Dow, chairman of mining industry group Straterra, said Mr Key’s announcement would be greeted with enthusiasm from the mining industry.”

Sierra Club Members Care More than John Key and His Monkeys

Meanwhile, North America’s largest environment lobby group, the Sierra Club, has said opening up NZ national parks for mining is an insult to conservationists throughout the world.

“The Sunday Star-Times has obtained a letter sent last week to Prime Minister John Key from the 1.3 million-member Sierra Club, reacting angrily to news that New Zealand’s conservation land may be investigated for mining potential.” A report said.

“You have the responsibility to protect New Zealand’s wild heritage not only for the enjoyment of future generations but also for the protection and conservation of the Earth’s ever shrinking biodiversity. … Long-term protection should not be sacrificed for immediate commercial gain.”” wrote Richard Cellarius, the club’s international vice-president, in his letter to the NZ prime minister.

“New mining of Crown land has the potential to increase economic growth and create jobs,” Key said.

John key did not say that any jobs created would be minimal and temporary, and that the only people would would benefit from the mining operations would be the less than 1 percent super wealthy class, himself included, as they always have.

The Sierra Club letter, addressed to Key, the Minister of Energy and Resources Gerry Brownlee and Trade Minister Tim Groser, expresses specific concerns about threats to the three national parks and Mt Aspiring, which is part of a World Heritage area.

“To remove any portion of the park and the World Heritage area for short-term economic gain is an affront to the international community that has worked tirelessly to protect the Earth’s wild places,” wrote Richard Cellarius, international vice-president.

Cellarius told the Star-Times it was “absolutely” a shock to learn of a proposal that could potentially lead to mining in national parks.

“Your eco-tourism is very well known and to begin to destroy that for resource extraction just doesn’t make sense…it certainly doesn’t help the international reputation.”

During the 9th World Wilderness Conference in Mexico, in November 2009, some “1500 delegates from 52 countries passed a resolution for the continuation of the no-mining status quo in relation to public conservation land within protected areas.”

A letter from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature in Korea, signed by 200 delegates, said: “The news that a modern, comparatively wealthy nation such as New Zealand is prepared to exploit its resources in lands set aside for biodiversity sends a disturbing message to more populous countries.”

What Happened to NZ Greens?

Their leaders (elites?) have their heads ever so tightly shoved up the PM’s butt, they can’t afford the uncertainty of coming out for a breath of fresh air.

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