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kiwi of the Week: Scumbag Glenn McNeill

Posted by te2ataria on April 20, 2010

Scumbag New Zealander Glenn McNeill, convicted of murdering waitress Janelle Patton changes Story

New Zealand chef Glenn McNeill, convicted of murdering waitress Janelle Patton on Norfolk Island in 2007 now denies killing Ms Patton. He said he only dumped her body.

Murderer: Scumbag New Zealander Glenn McMentallyill invents a new story. Source: NZPA/The Norfolk Islander. Image may be subject to copyright.

“McNeill has claimed the killers were a drug-dealing couple on the tiny Pacific Island, who blackmailed him into disposing of the body because he’d stolen marijuana plants from them,” according to a report.

The victim’s body was found in 2002 but McNeill was arrested four years later in New Zealand.

The perfidious kiwi has reportedly refused to name the couple allegedly involved, and has not provided any evidence for his new claim.

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Another Top pakeha Wanted by Aussie Police

Posted by te2ataria on November 3, 2009

Thieving NZer Robert James McNeice Kept in Indonesian Jail Awaiting Extradition

McNeice, 43, was arrested in the Indonesian province of Aceh on August 12, 2008  at the request of Australian authorities. When asked what he was doing in Indonesia, he reportedly said that he was a “coffee researcher from Lincoln University (!)” 

“Oh yes,” the arresting officer had reportedly asked. “Would that be brewed or instant?” 

McNeice has since been detained at Jakarta national police headquarters. Four months ago, an Indonesian court ruled that McNeice was eligible for extradition.

McNeice is said to have ripped off two Aussies, John Symond and his nephew James, in the tune of  A$270,000 (NZ$343,00) in 2003.

It has been alleged that his “human” rights has been violated because of his 15-month detention without trial and that he “sleeps on the floor, and has suffered from a mild case of malaria, dengue fever and ongoing digestive issues from the bacteria-infected facility.”

However, the govt and their spy agency, MFAT, have let this guy down. they’ve done nothing to address the situation and ensure that he gets a speedy extradition.

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Another Day of the Scumbags

Posted by te2ataria on September 16, 2009

The Scumbag Awards of the Week Go to:
1. Seal found dead with weights wrapped on neck

A dead fur seal has been found floating in Picton harbour, Marlborough, New Zealand. She had two iron weights attached to a rope which was wrapped around her neck.

2. Theives Target Hospital Maternity Ward

Pregnant female who was rushed to delivery room in Wellington hospital  couldn’t believe thieve(s) would steal her laptop from her hospital room. “I’m absolutely horrified, just gutted. We’re a big family and we’ve got no house insurance.” She said.

3.  Male Driver Robs Female Friend After Car Crash

Otago woman was left unconscious after car crash in an upturned car for nine hours while her friend, who crashed it, went drinking at a pub only to return to steal her handbag, which contained $500.

4. Nurse gives Hamilton boy wrong vaccine

A nurse injected a six-week-old boy with a vaccination to prevent cervical cancer.

5. Nurse found with child porn

A male nurse was found downloading hundreds of child porn images. Val Beattie Lockett, of Te Atatu Peninsula in Auckland, had downloaded 231 child porn video clips and still pictures.

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