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Murdered while visiting NZ? Police will do everything they can to punish your murderer(s)!

Posted by te2ataria on August 17, 2019

Slamming the prison door in the murderer’s face after victim’s life has bolted: “[Visitors who’d be murdered in NZ should rest assured that] we will do everything we can to find those responsible for serious crimes and hold them to account.” —NZ police

Welcome to the World’s Deadliest Tourist Attraction –
The Final Destination!

W A R N I N G!

Transporting your body back to your country would cost about $20,000 – money your family have to find quickly.

“[Visitors who’d be murdered in NZ should rest assured that] we will do everything we can to find those responsible for serious crimes and hold them to account.” —NZ police

Waikato Police make arrest following homicide investigation
Saturday, 17 August 2019 – 10:02am – Waikato

“Attribute to Detective Inspector Graham Pitkethley, Waikato District Crime Manager:

“Waikato Police investigating the death of a 33-year-old man following a serious incident in Raglan have arrested a man overnight.

“At around 11pm, Police carried out a search warrant at a rural Waikato address.

“A 23-year-old man was located at the address and has been arrested in connection to the death. [He’s still a suspect!]

“He has been charged with a number of serious offences including Murder, Aggravated Robbery and Threatens to Kill and will be appearing in the Hamilton District Court later this morning.

“Police are now in a position to confirm the identity of the man who was killed.

“He was 33-year-old Sean McKinnon, from Australia.

“The family has been spoken to by Police this morning and advised of the arrest.” […]

Why did I have to die like this?

RIP. The latest Aussie to be murdered in NZ. Victorian man Sean McKinnon, 33, who was travelling with his 32-year-old Canadian fiancee, Bianca Buckley, in a campervan near the town of Raglan on the west coast of the North Island. The couple became engaged in 2017.


This is a traumatic time for his family and his partner and the New Zealand Police will do everything we can to provide them with support they need. [Foreign visitors remain uninformed about the deadly threats that await them in NZ!]

“We know this was an alarming incident that shocked people right across New Zealand and overseas. [You can say that again!]

NZ police: Slamming the prison door in the murderer’s face after victim’s life has bolted!

To the scores of overseas visitors who are murdered in NZ each year: You can rest assured knowing that your murderer(s) won’t go unpunished!!!

“We want to reassure the public that the safety of our community is our priority and we will do everything we can to find those responsible for serious crimes and hold them to account.” —Detective Inspector Graham Pitkethley

ONLY Death is Democratic in NZ!

At least 5,000 foreigners—overseas visitors international students, foreign workers and new immigrants from more than 60 countries—have been killed/murdered and 30,000 others seriously injured in New Zealand since January 2000. At least 98 percent of the casualties would’ve been avoidable, if the ultra-racist, white supremacist sh*thole slaughterhouse gave a f*ck. [Updated January 2019]

Three foreigners are being murdered or violently killed on New Zealand roads, or in sporting incidents, on average every four days!

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Murdered while visiting NZ? Police will do everything they can to punish your murderer(s)!!

Posted by te2ataria on August 17, 2019

Slamming the prison door in the murderer’s face after victim’s life has bolted: “[Visitors who’d be murdered in NZ should rest assured that] we will do everything we can to find those responsible for serious crimes and hold them to account.” —NZ police



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kiwi of the Week: War vet rapes three granddaughters

Posted by te2ataria on August 21, 2018

Would they’ve assigned a f*** toy as PM, otherwise?

♠ ♠ ♠

Grandpa, did you get that hard thing between your legs in Vietnam?

“Sgt Pete” gets 12 years for raping three granddaughters

A Vietnam War veteran has been jailed for just over 12 years for raping his three granddaughters, a report said.

“Aged between six and eight, the girls were violated over a two year period between the start of 2016 and November 2017.”

Instead of being given additional jail time for murdering, or facilitating rape and murder of Vietnamese women and children, his sentence was actually reduced “following a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder after his war experience,” the report said.

Related links:

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NZ Rape Culture: An Incurable Epidemic

Rapist tracked down through cellphone taken by victim

Granny from Hell

Lower Hutt grandmother jailed for ‘vile’ child prostitution plans
A 56-year-old Lower Hutt granny and the man she planned to prostitute her 10-year-old granddaughter to have been sent to prison.

♠ ♠ ♠

Proudly Killed in NZ

Top 10 Tourist Deathtraps: The Fiordland National Park

Markers could have saved tourist(s): Coroner

French tourist Anne-Marie Scaglione-Genet was killed while descending from Gertrude Saddle in January 2017. She slipped and fell over the edge of a waterfall in The Gertrude Saddle Track in the Fiordland National Park. But her death could have been prevented if the Department of Conservation had acted sooner to add more markers and signs to the deadly track, a coroner has found.

  • In March 2016, Israeli soldier Udy Brill, 31, was killed in a fall in the same area. “His body was found at the bottom of a waterfall, he also suffered a massive head injury.”
  • Australian tourist James Poland, 48, was also killed while tramping in Fiordland in 2011. >His body was found on the Gertrude Saddle.
  • German tramper Christine Lenicker, 29, was killed in 2015. Her body was uncovered on the western side of the Homer Tunnel carpark after snow had melted.

♠ ♠ ♠

Evil Karma Boomerangs in Mysterious Ways!

People living in Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Tasman Bay, Bay of Plenty [of Deaths] and Hawke’s Bay regions are either very brave, or extremely stupid. Then again, karma returns in mysterious ways! [See earlier posts for additional clues!]

W A R N I N G !

SEVERE Karmic Booms Striking Racist, Morally Repugnant NZ!

♠ ♠ ♠

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The Final Destination: Missing Frenchman Murdered?

Posted by te2ataria on January 23, 2018

Reader’s Quote: “[Visiting] New Zealand is like playing for real in the Final Destination (horrific deaths) movies. Just when you think you’ve been spared, the Grim Reaper strikes!”

♠    ♠    ♠    ♠

Murder-Mystery? Missing French tourist Pierre Paludet, 32, found dead!

NZ police have confirmed the body found on Awatoto Beach is that of the missing French tourist Pierre Paludet, 32.

Pierre Paludet, 32, was last seen on Friday morning (January 12, 2018). His car was found in the beach carpark at Haumoana. His body was found at Awatoto, just south of Napier on January 19, but police have refused to say what they know about his death!

Who/What Killed the French Tourist?

Killed in New Zealand: French tourist Pierre Paludet, aged 32, was last seen in a carpark by the beach at Haumoana in Hawke’s Bay on January 12. His body was found at Awatoto, just south of Napier on January 19, but police have refused to say what they know about his death!

The morons said:

“Update: Body found at Awatoto identified
Tuesday, 23 January 2018 – 2:52pm – Eastern
“Police have today completed the formal identification of the body found on Awatoto Beach on Friday 19 January.
“We can now confirm that it is missing 32-year-old French man Pierre Antoine Paludet.
“Mr Paludet’s family has been advised and arrangements will be made to return him home to them.
“Police have referred the matter to the Coroner.”

♠    ♠    ♠    ♠

The Final Destination

Foreigners Killed in NZ Since 2000

About 4,500 overseas visitors, international students, foreign workers, recent emigrants and refugees have lost their lives and more than 30,000 others seriously injured in New Zealand between January 2000 and 2018.

WHY is this blog censored, blocked or filtered?

This blog is either censored or effectively blocked in America, Britain, Canada, Australia, NZ, as well as in India, Japan, Malaysia,  Korean, Chinese… are NOT allowed to read this blog!       

The above statistics have been available for several years. We have regularly posted on this website the numbers of fatalities and serious injures sustained by foreigners visiting this country. That’s why this blog is being filtered by Google (Alphabet Inc.), hacked by Word  Press and censored by multiple “stakeholder’ governments including NZ, Australian, Canadian, UK, US, Indian, Japanese, Malaysian, Korean and Chinese governments among others.

.   .   .   .

How families of tourists killed in New Zealand are ripped off!

$15,000 for flying in body bag – No meals or drinks included!!!

Dead expensive: why does it cost so much to return bodies to families overseas?

“The recent deaths in Hawke’s Bay of Indian-born Hemin Limbachiya and French tourist Pierre Paludet have highlighted the plight of families, facing typical costs of between about $10,000 and $15,000, a report said.

♠    ♠    ♠    ♠


WARNING! SEVERE Karmic Events Occurring Throughout NZ!

♠    ♠    ♠    ♠


♠    ♠    ♠    ♠

Welcome to the MOST HEAVILY CENSORED blog in New Zombieland [and across all other ZOMBIE nations!] We’re GUILTY, above all, of TELLING the TRUTH, EXPOSING govt CORRUPTION and police BRUTALITY, and objecting to MASS SLAUGHTER of foreigners visiting NZ!

.   .   .   .

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Czech tourist killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on August 25, 2016

Czech tourist killed in a fall on Routeburn Track, partner rescued after month in hut

A Czech male in his late 20s was killed from a fall on July 28, his female companion has told police.

The Czech woman made help signs in the snow during in a remote Routeburn Track hut.

“The woman told police her partner fell down a steep slope on July 28 – four days after starting the 32-kilometre tramp from the Glenorchy end. She managed to reach him but he died soon after.”

It took the woman, in her early 30s, three days to walk the two kilometres from where her partner died to the Lake Mackenzie Hut, in Fiordland amid “extreme conditions”.

“There, she broke into a warden’s hut, where there was food and gas and firewood to keep herself warm.” http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/83536051/Czech-tramper-dead-on-Routeburn-Track-partner-rescued-after-month-in-hut

The Czech Report

Czech tourist assaulted, then murdered by Waimate man
A hitchhiker from the Czech Republic was picked up by a Waimate man at Omarama, who raped and murdered her just half an hour’s drive from Timaru, where she was to meet her sister.  The murder of Dagma Pytlickova  in a  South Canterbury forestry block made headlines all over the world. http://www.newshub.co.nz/nznews/czech-tourist-assaulted-then-murdered-by-waimate-man-2012053017

Other News in Drips…

Disgusted campaigner pledges to stop pollution in Lake Horowhenua “by hook or by crook”

Phil Taueki, a qualified accountant, calls the drain a big pipe “through which all manner of muck” flow to the lake, where some of his ancestors were interred, said a report.

“By hook or by crook, the stormwater is going to be removed from the lake. If not, I’ll block the drain. Then they can take me to court for blocking the drain.”

Multiple pollution sources have fouled Lake Horowhenua but campaigner Phil Taueki blames “disgraceful” pollution largely on Horowhenua District Council. Photo credit: MURRAY WILSON/FAIRFAX NZ

Other recent road kills, murders, deaths in the Darkland:

Woman killed by house fire in  Feilding

Investigation launched as Hastings council accused of withholding gastro information
Hastings Mayor Lawrence Yule has denied that his council deliberately withheld key information about the Havelock North water contamination crisis, that has led to at least two deaths so far.  http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/83544552/Investigation-launched-as-Hastings-council-accused-of-withholding-gastro-information

Driver killed after crash in Penrose

Dead Onehunga motorcyclist named
The motorcyclist who died in a crash in Onehunga Tuesday morning has been named.
He was Kheiran Michael Jenkins, 25, from Mangere Bridge. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11699894

Auckland 5-year-old killed in quad bike accident loved motorbikes
Brooklyn Grigg died on Saturday when he lost control of his child-sized quad bike and ended up pinned under the machine in a stream at the bottom of their Kumeu block.  [Parents who buy their kids any-sized quad bikes ought to have their head examined. Moderator N. ]

Teenager killed after he was knocked off his bike on the West Coast
A teenager killed after he was knocked off his bike on the West Coast was “a really tough little bugger”, his boss says. Sixteen-year-old River Caldwell died in the collision on State Highway 6 north of Hokitika on Wednesday morning.http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/83496620/Hokitika-teen-killed-in-crash-an-absolute-trouper

Homicide investigation in Northland
A homicide investigation is underway into the disappearance of missing Northland man Kimble Moore. Forty-eight-year-old Moore, from Waipapakauri, was reported missing by his partner from a Taipa address early on Friday, March 18 this year. Since then Police have been investigating his disappearance. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/homicide-investigation-northland

Man killed in Rolleston crash
A 48-year-old pedestrian was killed in a serious crash in Rolleston this morning. The man was struck by a car on Newtons Road at about 6.50am on Thursday 25 August, police said. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/update-man-dies-after-rolleston-crash

  • No. of road fatalities recorded by Minitru as of August 3: Only 195
  • No. of reported road fatalities between 2 and 18 August: At least 33
  • No. of road fatalities recorded by Minitru as of August 25: Only 214

nz road toll - after being doctored by police - 25Aug2016

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Tourist killed, latest unexplained death, dog attack, train kill, police crash, rape trial…

Posted by te2ataria on May 4, 2016

Upper Hutt crash victim was an Indian granny from Fiji

Udra Devi, an Indian grandmother visiting from Fiji, was a victim of the fatal crash on the corner of SH2 and Whakatiki Street, Upper Hutt on Saturday 30 April 2016, police has finally revealed. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/victim-named-following-fatal-upper-hutt-crash

Up to 3,500 overseas visitors, international students, foreign workers, recent emigrants and refugees have lost their lives and about 20,000 others seriously injured in New Zealand since year 2000.

Woman killed after train hit her near Ashburton

The unidentified pedestrian was hit about 9.15am near Melcombe St, Tinwald, police said.

Three shar pei dogs hospitalise woman in Christchurch

An elderly woman is in hospital with serious injuries after three dogs attacked her in the Christchurch suburb of Spreydon about 4pm on Monday.

Chinese driver pleads guilty to causing death of motorcyclist Rhys Middleton

Who is really to blame here, the incompetent driver, or the authorities who allowed her to drive on our death roads?

Taranaki rape trial delayed because of no show from accused

Terrence Solomon Martin’s skipped trial in the High Court at New Plymouth, scheduled to begin on Monday. He had previously pleaded not guilty to 21 sexual abuse offences, which include rape, indecent assault… Police said they could not locate him.

Another unexplained death [murder-mystery?] in Rotorua

Body discovered on Tuesday, remains in the house on Wednesday morning, no other details released.

Second victim of campervan fire dies in hospital

Donald Bishop, 72, from Opotiki was driving the camper that caught fire while travelling along State Highway 24 at Te Poi, near Matamata, on April 16. His partner Lydia Kiri, 52, died inside the vehicle as it burned on the roadside.

Victim named in fatal Waikato crash

Jason McCallum, 45, was driving the car on State Highway 27 near Tahuna on Thursday when the deadly collision occurred. An unidentified 12-year-old passenger sitting in the rear seat suffered multiple serious (!) injuries.

Auckland burglars escape after police chase ends in crash

Police chased two cars, one vehicle disappeared. So they chased the other one. Then they  abandoned the pursuit [like hell they did,] “but a short time later”, the second car [voluntarily] crashed into the motorway’s median barrier.[He who buy this crap, deserves the NZ police farce!]

If you thought Aussie officials were smart…

Birth certificate mix-up sparks identity fraud fears
Unless, of course, the “By Way of Deception” people need new passports.

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Another tourist killed, two more critically inured

Posted by te2ataria on April 18, 2016

They were just visiting: Female tourist had no chance!

New Zealand fails another three foreign tourists, their family and friends!

The car had turned directly into the path of the logging truck, police said.  “The whole truck and trailer actually lifted up at the join on impact.”

The logging truck slammed into a car full of foreign tourists right before me, said an eye witness on Monday morning.

“It has turned right into the path of an eastbound oncoming truck-and-trailer unit. The passenger side has taken the full impact.”

One female tourist in a grey Hyundai i30 was killed instantly and two others were critically injured in the 9.30am crash on State Highway 29 at the turnoff to Hobbiton, said a report.

“The man who was driving and another woman in the back seat were trapped in the crumpled Hyundai. Both were cut free by firefighters and airlifted in separate helicopters to Waikato Hospital in a critical condition.”

The three victims were all foreign nationals from the same family.  http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/79026789/One-dead-two-seriously-injured-after-crash-in-Waikato

Taking a photo in New Zealand could cost your life!

Darryl Richard Kitto, 47, [believed to be a foreigner] fell from a spot popular with sightseers overlooking the Rakaia Gorge, Canterbury , while trying posing for a photo.

On Friday, US tourist, Richard Philip Hyde from Massachusetts, was killed by a reversing bus near Queenstown, while taking a photo.


Unexplained Deaths/ Murder Mysteries

Tauranga community reeling after death of Melanie Floyd
“The 28 year old’s death came four days after her boyfriend, 24, called emergency services to her home, saying he woke up to find her unconscious on her bed.”

RIP. Melanie Floyd died in hospital on Saturday night after suffering critical head injuries four days earlier.

Man v. Train

Train Kills man, 44, in Belfast, Christchurch
A, unidentified 44-year-old male visitor was killed after being hit by a train in the Christchurch suburb of Belfast on Sunday morning.  http://www.nzherald.co.nz/accidents/news/article.cfm?c_id=13&objectid=11624007

Amazing Journalism Award Candidate

Man dies in Otakou

A 68-year-old man died last night in Otakou, despite a helicopter being sent to what St John ambulance said was a medical emergency.

St John call centre team leader Andy Gray said the helicopter assisted ambulance staff, but the man had subsequently died.

As was normal in such cases, the matter had been referred to police.  http://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/379940/man-dies-otakou

Suspicious Fires

Marlborough police investigate seven suspicious fires in past week [alone]

Occupants flee house as it erupts into flames in Palmerston North

Deadly/ Near Fatal Police Pursuits

Road worker seriously injured by car fleeing police. He was only controlling the traffic, Mr sh*thead policeman.  A road worker controlling traffic has been seriously [near fatally] injured by a car fleeing police in Stokes Valley, Wellington.

“The car hit the man, who was controlling traffic as part of a team working on power lines in Stokes Valley Rd just before 1pm on Monday.”

Incompetent Medical Staff

Nurses found in breach over prisoner death


Doctor faulted after patient dies


Moderator N Comments:

Why wasn’t this woman deported?

An Indian woman who tried to smuggle cow urine into New Zealand last year was fined just $400 for not declaring it.

She intended to use the urine for medicinal purposes. “Cows are considered sacred in India.” http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11624565

WHO Presses Asian Countries to Cut Road Deaths in Half

“The World Health Organization (WHO) is pressing Asian countries to cut their road death and injury toll in half by 2020.

“A 2015 study from Chalmers Technical University in Goteborg, Sweden, covering 24 Asian countries encompassing 56 percent of the world’s population [4.3 billion], says the total highway death toll for those countries is 750,000 per year with traffic accidents the leading cause of death for people under the age of 30.”

“The study says the injury toll is more than 50 million, of which 12 percent are hospital admissions, leading to economic costs of around $800 billion or 3.6 percent of the gross domestic product in those 24 countries.”  http://www.voanews.com/content/who-presses-asian-countries-to-cut-road-deaths-in-half/3290095.html

  • According to our calculations the road toll in those countries is about 17 fatalities per 100,000 of population.
  • If the police didn’t manipulate the road toll in this country, you’d find the annual road deaths of about 900 translates into 20 fatalities per 100,000 of NZ population.

Today is DAY 123 of the latest TOURISTS or truth? campaign in NZ

To protect the tourism industry, about two-thirds of the road fatalities in New Zealand go unreported by our political police, and unrecorded by Ministry of Transport [“Minitru”.]

18april2016 NZpolice doctored road toll

Declared Road Toll on Friday:

15april16 nz doctored road toll


  • Blog estimate: About 900 people are killed on NZ roads each year. [Most probably] up to 268 road fatalities have occurred in NZ since 1 January 2016

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Another Indian national killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on March 26, 2016

Central Otago crash victim was an Indian woman: Police

The victim of a fatal crash on the Luggate-Cromwell Road in Central Otago yesterday, Friday 25 March 2016, has been named as Kusum Rohit Kenia from Mumbai, India.

There were six other occupants in the vehicle and all were transported to hospital by helicopter and ambulance.

Four of the injured at Dunedin Hospital are “in serious but stable conditions,” police said.

“As a serious carsah [sic] investigation is still ongoing, police are not in a position to comment on the likely cause of the crash.” http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/fatal-vehicle-crash-luggate-update-3

Note: A serious “carsah” in police vocabulary probably means a serious crash!

DAY 99 of the latest TOURISTS or truth? campaign in NZ

Based even on the government’s doctored data, an average of 25 crashes occur on NZ roads each day, resulting in 31 reportable injuries including 14 hospitalization (8 serious injuries) and at least one fatality.

That is 300 crashes over the past 12 days, ending in 372 reportable injuries including 168 hospitalization (96 serious injuries), and at least 12 fatalities.

What happened to the remaining 280 or so crashes over the past 12 days???

More than 3,400 overseas visitors, international students, foreign workers and recent emigrants have lost their lives and about 18,000 others seriously injured in New Zealand since year 2000.

REMEMBER: Truth has an ugly habit of showing its tail!

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Swiss tourist to return home in a body bag

Posted by te2ataria on March 28, 2015

“When I booked a holiday in NZ, it never occurred to me that my wife didn’t speak English!”

A Swiss tourist died yesterday morning while walking the Tongariro Crossing with his wife, said a police spokeswoman .

The man’s body was airlifted away by recovery services. A French tourist who was also walking the crossing helped translate between the man’s wife and recovery personnel.

Meanwhile, back in the Golden Bay…

Official search for Dutch tourist suspended: Police

Saturday, 28 March 2015 – 9:54am – Tasman. The search for 26 year old Dutch tourist Ken Boogers who went missing last week has now gone into “continuous limited search mode” which means no official search teams will be put into the field until new information comes to light to direct a search, police said.

However, Mr Boogers’ parents and several volunteers will be back searching again today for the missing man. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/official-search-dutch-tourist-suspended

Victim’s name released

Friday, 27 March 2015. The man who was killed after being struck by a log during a logging operation in the Te Wera Forest yesterday (26 March, 2015) has now been identified as James Stuart Oxenham, who lived in Urenui. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/name-release

Teen dies unexpectedly

Shaylyn Te Huia, 16, died unexpectedly in Te Kuiti on Monday.

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Posted by te2ataria on March 22, 2015



NO murders, road kills, gang rapes, muggings, tourist assaults…  would be reported this weekend due to the full enforcement of NEWS BLACKOUT in New Zealand, which currently stands at CODE RED.

See Ministry of Truth for an explanation of the codes.

[“Minitrue” could conceivably ease the news blackout, ever so marginally, to discredit this blog. ]


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Posted by te2ataria on March 10, 2015


NO murders, road kills, gang rapes, muggings, tourist assaults… are currently being reported due to the full enforcement of an ongoing NEWS BLACKOUT in New Zealand

Alert Status:  CODE RED

Related links:


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Posted by te2ataria on March 8, 2015



NO murders, road kills, gang rapes, muggings, tourist assaults…  would be reported this weekend due to the full enforcement of NEWS BLACKOUT in New Zealand, which currently stands at CODE RED.

See Ministry of Truth for an explanation of the codes.

[“Minitrue” could conceivably ease the news blackout, ever so marginally, this weekend to discredit this blog. ]


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New Zapland 2015

Posted by te2ataria on January 5, 2015

Zapped over the holiday period

The following are the most recent [reported] roadkills, death by drowning, killed climbing… in New Zappedland:

Irishman Martin Cadden, 22, was killed in the crash on The Lake Rd, in Leeston, Canterbury, on Friday night (January 2). Martin came from Loughduff, County Cavan, in Ireland. His uncle is arriving from the US tomorrow to take his nephew home to family home. He was one of many who were killed on New Zapland roads during the summer (New Year) holiday period.

‘BEAUTIFUL ANGEL’: 22-year-old Tongan woman Lavi (Lovey) Taimani was the first to be killed on New Zealand roads in 2015

Death Toll [Reported deaths only]

  • Jan 5: A man was killed when his vehicle hit a lamp post in Christchurch at 1.50am. [No name, possibly because he was a foreigner?]
  • Jan 4: A person who was apparently thrown from the back of a utility vehicle onto rocks in Raglan 9 days ago on Boxing Day died in hospital. [No name, possibly because he was a foreigner?]
  • Jan 3: Anthony Clifford Sparrow, 50, of Ashburton, was killed when his motorbike left the road on SH73.
  • Jan 2: Garry Andrew Wendt, 68, from Ngaruawahia, was killed in Hamilton after a three vehicles crash.
  • Jan 2: Irishman Martin Cadden, 22, was killed after his car hit a tree in Canterbury.Jan 1: Paul Ruben Kasper Kapica, 24, from Kerikeri, was killed after his vehicle rolled on Papamoa Beach, Bay of Plenty of Deaths.
  • Jan 1: Lavi Taimani, 22, was killed after a car in which she was passenger smashed into a pole on Auckland’s Southern Motorway. The Onehunga woman died at the scene. RIP.
  • Dec 31: A 50-year-old man was killed after his motorbike hit sand dunes at Port Waikato. [No name, possibly because he was a foreigner?]
  • Dec 30: Chilyoung Kim and Young-Mo Sang, both 59, from Seoul, South Korea, were killed after their car crashed off a single-lane bridge in Westland.
  • Dec 29: A 61-year-old woman was killed in a car collision with a truck on SH1 at Greta Valley in Canterbury. [No name, possibly becauses he was a foreigner?]
  • Dec 28: Two were killed after a collision between a car and milk tanker in the Bay of Plenty of Deaths. [No names, possibly because they were foreign visitors?]
  • Dec 28: A 56-year-old motorcyclist was killed in a crash near Hurunui. [No name, possibly because he was a foreigner?]
  • Dec 27: Jamie Shane Webb, 25, was electrocuted after his car crashed into a power pole in Glentui, Canterbury.
  • Dec 26: Kevin Keane of Timaru died after the rental car he was driving collided with another car in the Bay of Plenty.
  • Dec 26: A Chinese student, Pengxiao Tao, 22, known as Jessica, was killed after her car and a campervan collided on the Athol Five Rivers Highway in Southland.

[A reliable list of the injured was unavailable, going to press. Moderator B.]

Killed on the Rocks

Meanwhile, the name of an Australian woman who was killed after sustaining head injuries in a fall on to rocks has been released.

Ashleigh Jade Dargusch, 23, of Queensland was walking with four friends in the Kauaeranga Valley in the southern Coromandel Peninsula when she fell at least five metres from the track, landing on her head, police said.

Other Deaths, Murders…

  • The body of a man who was found dead in a Manawatu house has been removed and taken for a post-mortem examination, police said.
  • Police are investigating the unexplained deaths of an elderly Ccotish couple who were found dead yesterday in their Brockville, Dunedin, home.  The husband and wife, in their 80s, were from Scotland and had lived in the house for many years.
  • The body of a man killed in a suspected homicide has been  taken from a Woodville house for autopsy. Police called to the property, 25 kilometres east of Palmerston North, about 3pm on Sunday.

Holiday Water Deaths

Dec. 25 – Heng Li, 25, a Chinese student, died at Uretiti Beach in Northland.

Dec. 25 – Imogen Saleupolu-Mataafi, 1, drowned in a temporary pool in the backyard of her home in Manurewa.

Dec. 26 – Simon Camp, 47, died at Karioitahi Beach, 70km southwest of Auckland, while surfing.

Dec. 27 – Jarod Lineses, 16, was swept out to sea on Ninety Mile Beach at Hukatere in the Far North. His body was recovered on New Year’s Day.

Dec. 29 – Two deaths were reported:

  • Terangi “Toots” Woonton, 59, and Kairangi Samuela, 53, died when their boat was swamped by a wave while crossing the Manukau Bar.

Jan. 1 – “Kris Wichman, 36, drowned in the Patea River near Taranaki on New Year’s Day, after rescuing his niece and two daughters from the water.”

Jan. 1 – Wayne August, 42, drowned at New Brighton beach in Christchurch on New Year’s Day.

Jan. 4 – “The police dive squad recovered the body of a Far North man who went missing near Hihi Beach on his boat on Saturday. Police believed there were no suspicious circumstances and said the man’s death would be referred to the coroner.”

Jan. 5 – An 11-year-old boy drowned in a river mouth at Waipu Beachin Northland.

Since 2011, on average, 3 foreigners have been killed in New Zealand every 4 days.

At least 2,420 foreign students, tourists and new immigrants were Killed in NZ between January 2000 and February 2012 [About 15,000 others were seriously injured.]



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More Foreigners Killed Over Holidays

Posted by te2ataria on January 3, 2014

Officially, Seven people were killed on New Zealand roads over the holiday period

Ministry of Transport says there were only seven fatalities  between 4pm on Christmas Eve and 6am today.

[We don’t believe them because the figures are doctored as usual, but that’s another story.]

List of the victims including kiwis are as follows:

  •  Sandy Paul Waenga Brown, 21, of Paua, was killed south of Cape Reinga in the early hours of Christmas Day.
  •  Olivia Lu, 11 months, died after a single-car crash on State Highway 1 near Raumati South on December 28.
  • Unnamed 56-year-old woman from China was killed in a crash between Te Anau and Mossburn in Southland on December 29.
  • Kahui Matauwhati, 4, of Masterton, was killed in a crash at Owhango, 21 kilometres south of Taumarunui, on December 29.
  • Lynelle Joy Bray, 46, died in a collision between a bus and car in Hamilton on December 30.
  • Gregory John Spargo, 50, of Auckland, died in a motorcycle crash near Bulls on New Year’s Eve
  • A male motorcyclist, possibly a French national, was killed  in a collision between his bike and a car on the Napier-Taihape road yesterday.

“Meanwhile Hawke’s Bay Hospital reported this morning that Manmeet Singh, the baby injured in a crash on the Taupo-Napier highway yesterday when a van plunged down a 10-metre bank, has been taken off the critical list, but his father Jagtar was still in a critical condition in intensive care,” according to a report.

Fatal Crash on SH94

A few Hours after the official holiday period ended, there was another fatal crash involving Chinese tourists:

“The crash involved three cars, the first car was a rental driven and occupied by four tourists from China,” according to a report by Fuseworks.

“The driver is a male aged 43 years in Dunedin hospital in critical condition, a female aged 56 years was found deceased at the scene, a male aged 58 years has been transferred to Christchurch hospital in critical but stable condition and a female aged 30 years is in moderate condition in Invercargill hospital.”

Fiction: Ministry of Transport says New Zealand’s annual road toll for 2013 was 254, the lowest since 1950.


  1. Miracles don’t happen.
  2. The rules for recording road fatalities have changed.
  3. Many road fatalities probably go unreported if there are no [credible] witnesses.
  4. If the victim is fatally injured but dies on the way to hospital, or while awaiting medical attention in the emergency room, her death would not be recorded as a road kill.
  5. Other tricks we haven’t discovered yet.

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Aussie soldier, Israeli CEO, Chinese teen…

Posted by te2ataria on February 16, 2013

Guessed the connection this time?

An Australian soldier working with the NZ Army was killed by a truck and trailer on State Highway 1 near Rolleston, Christchurch.

The soldier was walking along SH1 when he was hit about 12.30am on Saturday, according to NZ Newswire.

He died at the scene, police say.

Crash in Te Anau, New Zealand

The woman killed near Milford Sound on Saturday January 5, 2013, was a 61-year-old  Israeli tourist.

Irit Wilder, of Kiryat Tivon, was the chief executive of Medicalix, a pharmaceutical company based in Israel.

Two others travelling in the same car were taken to Southland Hospital after their rented Toyota Corolla left the road and crashed into a tree just south of Knobs Flat on the Te Anau-Milford Rd about 12.10pm, police said.

Chinese tourist impaled by fence pole in NZ bus crash

A young tourist who was impaled in the chest by a fence post after the bus he was a passenger in crashed in the Fitzgerald Glade, near Rotorua was a Chinese student, aged 17.

“Westpac Waikato Air Ambulance pilot Grant Bremner said the batten went right through the young man’s chest and was poking out his back,” according to a report.

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