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Violent attacks intensify on Asian students in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on March 29, 2016

At least four attacks on Asian students reported in Auckland last week

“The spate of aggravated robberies have targeted international students —using extensive violence to take handbags, phones, laptops, bank cards and shoes,” according to a report.

In the latest series of attacks, multiple male and female Chinese and Japanese students studying at University of Auckland and Unitec have been targeted.

In the most recent incident, which occurred on Monday evening, four youths were arrested after trying to steal a handbag from a young [Asian] woman who was walking along Khyber Pass near the corner of Broadway in Newmarket.  The young woman was pushed to the ground [and was left heavily bruised] during the incident, police said.  http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/police-concerned-student-assaults

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“Auckland University professor losses job for telling the truth”

Posted by te2ataria on March 23, 2016

Sent by a reader in Waikato

Telling the truth is anti-Semitic ?

A University of Auckland professor is to leave his job after an anti-Semitism row sparked by a letter to the Waikato Times.

Acclaimed hate crimes expert Professor Scott Poynting​ compared an Israeli company employing Palestinians to a German company employing Jews. The commentary rankled various groups, including the New Zealand Jewish Council and a fellow academic, who complained to the university, branding the professor’s letter to the editor as anti-Semitic.

University Vice-Chancellor Stuart McCutcheon addressed the complainants in a letter, which he detailed investigations had been undertaken.
Lecturer Scott Poynting is leaving his job.
University of Auckland Lecturer Scott Poynting is leaving his job.

The institution had found Poynting not guilty of professional misconduct and it had been suggested to Poynting he should write a second letter to the editor of the Waikato Times clarifying he was not intending to make anti-Semitic remarks, McCutcheon said.

Poynting had refused to write a clarification, so McCutcheon apologised on behalf of the educational institution.

When questioned whether Poynting was retiring, the university said it had no further comment on this matter, other than what was in the letter was accurate.

​In a joint statement, New Zealand Jewish Council chairman Geoff Levy and president Stephen Goodman said they were still seeking an apology from Poynting, and wanted the University of Auckland to publicly distance itself from the remarks.

“The hateful views expressed by Professor Poynting in his letter to the Waikato Times have no place in New Zealand, let alone within our academic institutions. While it is reassuring to know that Poynting will not be working at the University of Auckland much longer, the private nature of the apology from Professor McCutcheon does not promote transparency or proper accountability.

“The New Zealand Jewish Council would have expected the University of Auckland to publicly distance itself from the views of Professor Poynting, as other universities have done in similar situations, rather than privately apologise for any distress caused.” Read more…

The blog moderators were unable to find text of Poyniting’s letter on the Internet and are therefore unable to comment.

If anyone has a copy of the letter, please forward it to the blog.

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Was Yue `Alice’ Gui Raped and Murdered?

Posted by te2ataria on July 18, 2011


But the authorities would keep what actually happened to poor ‘Alice’ a state secret!

Based on the numerous cases of rape and murder of foreigners in New Zealand, the ingrained kiwi hatred for ‘colored’ races, especially the ‘yellow’ race, and the ubiquitous pattern of systematic abuse and mistreatment of foreign students in this country, the blog moderators believe Miss Yue Gui was PROBABLY raped and murdered, possibly by someone she knew at Auckland University.

RIP. Yue Gui, known as Alice, 30, a PhD student from Beijing. Another tragic yet unnecessary and preventable loss of a bright young life! Poor Alice signed her own death warrant by coming to New Zealand.

Autopsy on remains found off Goat Island

An autopsy is being carried out today on the human remains found off Goat Island.

[The remains of an adult “of small stature” were discovered by two recreational divers in the water at the reserve north of Auckland around midday yesterday.]

Two recreational divers made the grisly discovery yesterday afternoon.

The remains were trapped against rocks at a depth of 16 metres – but no clothing or other identifiable features have been found.

The dive team is continuing their sea search today for any further remains.

Police are working towards identification via DNA.

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Another Chinese Student Killed in NZ

Posted by te2ataria on June 8, 2011

“The likelihood of us finding Alice alive is very slim” 

New Zealand police farce said Chinese PhD student Yue Gui, known as Alice, is most probably dead.

She was last seen at 11pm on Saturday at her student lodge at the Leigh marine laboratory, which is run by the University of Auckland.

She probably drowned on Sunday morning while testing the water temperature at the Goat Island marine reserve, north of Auckland, said the police dismissively.

Yue Gui, known as Alice, 30, a PhD student from Beijing. Another tragic yet unnecessary and preventable loss of a bright young life!

Dozens of Chinese and other Asian students lost their lives in the Christchurch earthquake, so another death shouldn’t prevent them from coming to the world’s top tourist/foreign student deathtrap.

An acquaintance of Miss Yue told NZHerald she had been looking forward to returning to China after completing her postgraduate project on the feeding biology of young greenshell mussels.

“Yue Gui is a city girl, but she loved the sea and spends more than half her life on the water rather than on land,” she said.

“She does not have much of a social life or many human friends but Yue Gui sees the fish and other living creatures in the ocean as her friends.”

Yue Gui, known as Alice, 30, a PhD student from Beijing. Described by friends as a strong swimmer, the suspicion arises whether she too was victim of a racist murder.

Police say they have contacted Alice’s mother and she was preparing to come to New Zealand.

The family of a missing Chinese student are praying she is a victim of kidnapping rather than drowning.

“That way, at least there is hope that she may be still alive,” a family member of Yue Gui told Chinese media.

Described by friends as a strong swimmer, the suspicion arises whether she too was victim of a racist murder. [See blog content for background.]

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