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Police censorship produces NZ’s “lowest murder rate in decades”

Posted by edmundironside on September 28, 2018

Police have under-reported number of homicides in NZ, similar to the way the Puerto Rico officials (US Govt) misled the world following Hurricane Maria. Death toll from the deadly storm was reported as only 64, instead of 2,975 as scientifically estimated.


sent by readers

Fake stats: As with road fatalities, NZ murder rate is heavily massaged, too!

Police have managed to reduce the murder rate in New Zealand to its “lowest it in 40 years” by simply not reporting most of the homicides.

Unsurprisingly, official figures released today show the number of homicides in New Zealand is declining.

“A new report details official homicide victims statistics between 2007 and 2016, plus provisional figures for 2017. It covers the homicide of 686 people over the 10 year period, including murder and manslaughter offences.”

Police have under-reported number of homicides in NZ, similar to the way the Puerto Rico officials (US Govt) misled the world following Hurricane Maria. Death toll from the deadly storm was reported as only 64, instead of 2,975 as scientifically estimated.

“On average, there were 74 homicides a year between 2007 and 2011, dropping to 63 between 2012 and 2016. The lowest number was 58 in 2016, with the provisional number for 2017 even lower at 48,” police have misleadingly reported.

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Corruption and Quarantine in New Zealand

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Family feel let down by GDC after daughter’s death

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Sick of you bloody Kayakers polluting my habitat

Two more tourists killed in NZ

1. Police name United States skier who was killed on Mt Aspiring during weekend
The Amkerican tourist who was killed while skiing on Mt Aspiring, near Wanaka on Saturday 22 September was 35-year-old David Andrew Dec from the US.

Proudly killed or critically injured in NZ

2. Pedestrian critical after collision with car in Christchurch
[The pedestrian believed to be a foreign visitor, died on the way to hospital. Moderator N.]

Healthy Food!!

First sewing needles in strawberries, now ball bearings in ice cream

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US tourist killed by reversing bus near Queenstown

Posted by te2ataria on April 16, 2016

He was only taking photos!

Richard Philip Hyde from Massachusetts in the United States died in hospital after a tour bus reversed into him in a carpark at Mt Nicholas Station near Queenstown about 1.35pm on Friday, police said.

It’s no known whether his death would be classified as a road fatality.


She was only riding her new bike!

A five-year-old girl was killed after being hit by a car while she was riding her new bike in Tauranga about 1.20pm on Saturday. The young victim was struck by a 4×4 utility vehicle, police said.


One killed in fiery campervan crash in Matamata

A person was killed after their campervan crashed on State Highway 29 in Matamata at about 4.05pm on Saturday on the stretch of highway heading toward Tauranga.

85 prisoners have died while serving prison sentences

“Information released under the Official Information Act [would the executioners voluntarily incriminate themselves?] indicated that of these deaths, 38 were deemed unnatural and 47 were the result of a natural cause.”


New Zealanders in Australia are still treated like second-class citizens

NO comment!!


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New Zealand Kills Another American Tourist

Posted by te2ataria on January 18, 2010

The Unnecessary and Avoidable Tourist-Killing Season is Back, Again!

An American woman was killed in the Mohaka River near Hastings, New Zealand, during a rafting incident yesterday at 15:00, police said.

However, they have not revealed how she was killed. Her body was unceremoniously recovered from the river and dumped in the hospital morgue at the Hawke’s Bay Hospital.

The deceased victim was holidaying with her family in Taupo, police told NZPA, the New Zealand monopoly in charge of news control in the country and the unofficial government mouthpiece.

To any of our US readers wondering why more foreigners are killed in New Zealand than in Afghanistan, even though New Zealand is NOT officially at war with the US or any other country [perhaps with the exception of China, India and a few other “colored countries,”] a list of probable reasons are:

1. Most of New Zealand natural features used for adventure tourism are deadly, even to the most experienced.

2. In New Zealand you don’t need a license to run an “adventure tourism” outlet (permits could easily be bought, if needed).

3. Nearly all venues used for extreme outdoor activities are unsupervised.

4. Most of the equipment hired for such pastimes are defective, unserviced and genearlly poorly maintained, when regular maintenance could decide life or death.

5. There are no official bodies to advise tourists on safety, despite the fact the government and businesses rake in billions from tourism.

6. Tourists visiting New Zealand are statistically up to 50 times more likely to get killed [and up to 300 times more likely to sustain serious injuries] here than in their own countries.

The blog moderator, editors and contributors offer their condolences to the family and friends of the victim. Her death was unnecessary and avoidable.

While no amount of money could ever bring back your beloved wife and mother, and her loss becomes even more painful when you realize that she was a routine victim of New Zealand’s predatory tourism industry, the blog advises you to seek maximum compensation for her death. By claiming maximum compensation for the wrongful, negligent death of your loved one, you could help reduce the death toll of foreigners visiting New Zealand.

Families of the individuals who have been killed in New Zealand as a result of government negligence, or corporate manslaughter, should sue each and every party that was responsible for the death, negligent homicide, for maximum damages and penalties.

New Zealand IS NOT a safe tourist destination. The fact that tourists are lured to this country believing it’s a safe place, should be regarded as deceptive advertising and be used as basis for product liability claims.

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What’s So Fishy about this Dolphin Story?

Posted by te2ataria on October 23, 2009

sent by a reader

What Next, NZ Police Swapping Dead Americans?

First they were married; then barely engaged. One second she was alive;  the next she was dead floating face down on water.

One second she was alive and well, as healthy as a healthy 27-year-old woman can be; almost exactly 5 seconds later she was so dead she was floating face down on the water. Even immediate CPR couldn’t revive her.

In How NZ’s Dolphin Watch EcoTours Make Dolphins Hate Humans

You read: A 27-year-old American woman was killed today while swimming with dolphins in Tory Channel in the Marlborough Sounds, South island, New Zealand.

Local police said the woman was on a ‘Dolphin Watch EcoTours’ trip with her family. She was swimming among dolphins when other swimmers noticed she was floating face down.

Police is on record as reporting that she was traveling with her husband and his mother.

Meanwhile the police, acting in their capacity as the “caring attorneys” for Dan Engelhaupt, the owner of  Dolphin Watch EcoTours, prevented their “client” from making a statement to the press.

The locals, whose livelihood depends on causing stress to the dolphins, declared their interests, too: 

Arrow Water Taxis owner operator Paul Quinn said operators in the area were right behind Mr and Mrs Engelhaupt.

Soon, help arrived from the government:

Provisional autopsy findings from Christchurch coroner Sue Johnson indicate the woman, 27, died of natural causes rather than drowning. Further test results were expected in a few weeks.

Wouldn’t it be a damn shame if the body was cremated by mistake!

Then came reports of the unusual request:

Her family, including her husband and his mother who were travelling with her, asked police not to release the woman’s name.[Actually, it was probably the police trying to figure out what to do next]:

The next day, everything changed:

An America tourist is grieving after the girlfriend who accepted his proposal of marriage died 24 hours later while swimming with dolphins.

Could we also know who the victim was?

Emily May Harper, 27, from Denver, Colorado, is thought to have died from natural causes as she swam in Tory Channel in the Marlborough Sounds on Tuesday.

What about her husband?

Actually, the police lied. Because in the latest version of the story, she wasn’t even married.


Her boyfriend Matthew Hawkins proposed to her on Monday and she said ‘yes’.

Mr Hawkins said yesterday he believed his girlfriend was fit and healthy.

And here’s rest of the latest version of this sad love story:

Their last night together was memorable for all the right reasons, he told The New Zealand Herald.

He said they had been walking together at Picton Harbour, watching the lights reflecting off the water.

“I came up to her from behind and gave her a hug, and I said to her, ‘We should get married’. And she said, ‘What, are you serious?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I think I am’. And then she said, ‘Yes, absolutely’.”

He said he had planned to ask her two days later and she never saw the ring he had bought because it was with his mother.

“I meant to ask her in Auckland, but the setting was just perfect.”

Next morning, the pair sailed out into the Marlborough Sounds with Mr Hawkins’ mother Sandra and brother Andrew on a Dolphin Watch Ecotours vessel.

He said she loved animals and wildlife and was very excited about the dolphin encounter.

“Emily kept giving me a thumbs-up signal while she was in the water.

“I took my eyes off Emily for barely a second, and I saw someone face down in the water.”

He said CPR began immediately but she could not be revived.


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New Zealand Kills Another American Citizen

Posted by te2ataria on February 24, 2009

On a day that three US soldiers were killed in Iraq, New Zealand kills a US citizen.

Every death in New Zealand should be treated as murder, unless proven otherwise!

Body found during hunt for missing Alaskan

North Otago police  have reportedly found a body while searching  this morning for missing Alaskan tourist Sean Lawson.

Mr Lawson, 20, went missing near Palmerston on Saturday, and had not been seen since.

Locals reported finding his car in an “unusual place” near the Kakanui River south of Oamaru on Sunday morning.

Nincompoop police originally denied the discovery. However, Sergeant Tony Woodbridge from Oamaru police later confirmed they had located a body in the search area.  [ Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/4858442a11.html%5D

Death Compensation

Our thoughts go to the family and friends of Sean Lawson, the latest victim of New Zealand travel/tourism.

Unfortunately, no amount of money could bring back their loved one. However, Mr Lawson’s family are advised to demand death compensation for their beloved son through a reputable US attorney who specializes in ‘wrongful deaths.’ Please read contents of this blog, including the brief entry at  Death Compensation.

Sean Lawson RIP.

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To establish the real cause, the death of each visitor in New Zealand must be investigated by independent (NON-NZ) experts.

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