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NZ Police changing content of messages already posted on their websites

Posted by te2ataria on October 3, 2015

For anyone interested in this story here’s the original media version – timeline and key words are highlighted in red:

‘Decomposed body found on Waiheke Island not suspicious’


Police say the discovery of a badly decomposed body on Waiheke Island is not being treated as suspicious

[Clearly, there’s no mention of an autopsy at this stage, and the police have already declared that the body “is not being treated as suspicious.” Moderator B.]

A spokeswoman said inquiries were likely to continue to determine the cause of death.

The decomposed body of the unknown person was found by a member of the public on the island on Thursday (1 October 2015).

Four members of the Criminal Investigation Branch and eight uniformed police officers arrived at Te Atawhai Whenua Reserve, between Matiatia and Oneroa village, at 9.30am on Friday (2 October 2015).

They spent around 90 minutes up a bush track, at the cordoned off site, before the body was removed at 11am.

It was taken to Auckland by the police vessel Deodar where it will undergo a post mortem, detective sergeant John De Heer said.

On Thursday, Waiheke police acting sergeant Raymond Matthews said the body had lain undiscovered for some time.

“It’s too badly decomposed to tell the sex or age of the person,” he said.

not suspicious

As usual, police had already told the media, before there was even a mention of an autopsy, that the “badly decomposed body on Waiheke Island is ‘not being treated as suspicious’”.

The police have since slightly altered their story timeline to suggest that the phrase “not suspicious” appeared after the post mortem examination was carried out, presumably sometime in late afternoon on 2 October. [Was it something we said :)]

In fact, even if there was a necropsy, and we strongly suspect there wasn’t one, it would take the experts many days, if not weeks (indeed, if ever), to determine the cause of death, especially when the corpse was so badly decomposed that even its age or sex remained a mystery to NZ police.

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Three dead bodies and the clueless clods

Posted by te2ataria on October 2, 2015

Death of person found on Waiheke Island not suspicious: police

By now most readers must know the meaning of “not considered to be suspicious”, a phrase often used by NZ police.

What does it mean? Try “we have found yet another badly decomposed human remains in an unusual place, but haven’t a clue how it got there. We simply lack resources [read brainpower and training] to solve hundreds of such mysteries each year”.
Police message posted at http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/death-person-found-waiheke-island-not-considered-be-suspicious

Death No. 2
Fatal house fire in Ponsonby (Auckland City)

The house in Brown Street Ponsonby caught fire just after 2:00 am and the the body of one person was located in the building once the fire was extinguished. No details of the victim or the cause of the fire are available.

Person crushed to death in Whangarei

A person was killed by a truck at a worksite in Whangarei on Friday, according to a report.

A Worksafe spokeswoman said “the initial information we have is that there has been a crushing incident. That’s as much as we can say”, which was truly informative [and it covers their backside indefinitely.]

Police said they could not possibly comment. “The Worksafe are leading the investigation.”

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Dogs in Rigor Mortis and Dead Pilchards…

Posted by te2ataria on August 5, 2009

sent by Auckland Beachcomber [Edited by TEAA]

Poxy New Zealand: The Land of Mysterious Deaths

Dogs in Rigor Mortis and Dead Pilchards Washing Up on New Zealand Beaches

[In case you missed the above sign,] Welcome to New Zealand!

How may we kill you?

The mighty 1080? Meningitis? Plague?  Chemical poisoning? Dioxin? Pesticide poisoning? Sewage Death? Saxitoxin poisoning? Algal bloom poisoning?  Listeriosis? Salmonella? E.coli? Campylobacte? The old-fashioned violent murder? [Or would you prefer driving a defective rental car on our death roads?]

There’s always something deadly in our waters, waiting to get you!

A sign at Takapuna Beach warns owners to keep their dogs off the beach until further notice. Photo /Greg Bowker. Image may be subject to copyright.

Two dozen dogs are dead and many more  are sick with a mystery illness after visiting Auckland’s North Shore City beaches.

The beaches were the dogs caught the deadly illness include Narrowneck Beach,  Browns Bay and Waiheke Island.

And if that wasn’t bad enough to impress the visitors, dead pilchards have been washing up on Whangaparaoa Peninsula and Martins Bay.

“It is too soon to tell if there is any connection between the dead fish and the dog illness, but given that they occurred in different locations, they are being treated as unrelated at this time.”  Reports said.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s biodiversity division was reported as saying that said it had received numerous reports in recent weeks about dogs suffering from repeated vomiting. “While most have recovered quickly, it said some had developed seizures and died.”

MAF says it hasn’t a clue “as to what had caused the illnesses or deaths.”

“There has been nothing so far to indicate the situation is due to any form of chemical or pesticide poisoning.”

Come die an unnecessary death in New Zealand. There’s no other place quite like this sh*tpit!

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