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Another Top pakeha Wanted by Aussie Police

Posted by te2ataria on November 3, 2009

Thieving NZer Robert James McNeice Kept in Indonesian Jail Awaiting Extradition

McNeice, 43, was arrested in the Indonesian province of Aceh on August 12, 2008  at the request of Australian authorities. When asked what he was doing in Indonesia, he reportedly said that he was a “coffee researcher from Lincoln University (!)” 

“Oh yes,” the arresting officer had reportedly asked. “Would that be brewed or instant?” 

McNeice has since been detained at Jakarta national police headquarters. Four months ago, an Indonesian court ruled that McNeice was eligible for extradition.

McNeice is said to have ripped off two Aussies, John Symond and his nephew James, in the tune of  A$270,000 (NZ$343,00) in 2003.

It has been alleged that his “human” rights has been violated because of his 15-month detention without trial and that he “sleeps on the floor, and has suffered from a mild case of malaria, dengue fever and ongoing digestive issues from the bacteria-infected facility.”

However, the govt and their spy agency, MFAT, have let this guy down. they’ve done nothing to address the situation and ensure that he gets a speedy extradition.

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