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Dildo Minister is a liar, too!

Posted by te2ataria on February 11, 2016

Defending the indefensible TPP, the gangster minister says:

“We already have an independent justice system that protects the legitimate activities of all sorts of companies including large multi-national ones so nothing much really changes for us unless we start doing something like nationalising companies at a fraction of their value.” http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/76767833/an-open-letter-to-tpp-protesters-from-steven-joyce

His statement is factually incorrect, severally…

TPP is described as “Made in America.” It’s designed by corporate mechanics with the aim of dumping the corporate waste on smaller Pacific nations.

And as for our “independent justice system that protects the legitimate activities,” who is he fooling, the nurse who put her life on the line to save others?

Josie Marie Butler,  the nurse at Hillmorton Hospital in Christchurch, who flung the “sex toy” in the face of Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce at Waitangi, said she was “very concerned” about the effects of the TPP on her patients.

“We already have over 300,000 children living below the poverty line, I don’t want to live in a country where families have to choose between potentially life saving medication or feeding their children because of the increased price of medications under the TPPA.”

Which one of the two cares more about the impoverished and the people in need, the Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce, or nurse Josie Butler, who provided lifesaving CPR and first aid to the injured on the front line of the Christchurch earthquakes?

Butler was given a Christchurch Earthquake Award in 2012 in recognition of acts of kindness, service and heroism.

Steven Joyce will continue to receive a fat pay check and obscene amounts of expense allowances every month, and neither he nor his boss will ever have to pay a cent, penny, or a yen for their favourite “Japanese Banquet of Cannibalism.” [Just when they thought they could get away with the sushi sex…]

Now to other news…

DAY 56 of the latest NEWS BLACKOUT campaign in NZ

80,000 plus reasons NZ is the worst country in the world

Government, police criminally negligent, institutionally insane, or purely evil?

Police defend pursuit northwest of Auckland which left 5-moths-old baby injured  http://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/76802126/police-defend-pursuit-northwest-of-auckland-which-left-baby-injured.html

Gangster Police Minister still supports police pursuits after three injured in crash

Cyclist, 52, dead after hit by train at Fendalton Rd crossing, Christchurch
Christchurch Boys’ High School headmaster Nic Hill said several students witnessed the accident while travelling to school.  http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/76772623/Cyclist-Richard-Chandler-52-dead-after-hit-by-train-at-Fendalton-Rd-crossing-Christchurch

School bus involved in crash in Christchurch Twenty-five people had to be assessed by paramedics after a school bus crashed in Christchurch.  http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/76773499/school-bus-involved-in-crash-in-christchurch

Six taken to hospital after acid spill in Clutha District Council building Up to 40 people were assessed by paramedics and six taken to hospital after an acid spill in the Clutha District Council building on Thursday morning.[the second major chemical spill in as many weeks!]

Man gets 13 years for toilet murder  of convicted paedophile Jacques Donker http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11588097

Welcome to New Zealand: Don’t let the routine discovery of dead bodies, rotting corpses, and “rigor-mortised” stiffs found everywhere ruin your holiday. [BTW, we’ve named Auckland the murder capital of NZ for a reason, or three, or 88…]

  • Person found dead outside South Auckland address It’s believed that as many as 3 bodies have been discovered in Auckland area today, a reader noted, and three others elsewhere across the nation. [We’ve named Auckland the murder capital of NZ for  a reason, or two, or 88…]

Remember this?

In NZ, we grow up believing cars will spontaneously ignite at the end of their usability cycle, often with the driver still inside, and sometimes the driver is dead before the car catches fire. Baaa…

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NZ Murders, Deaths, Road Kills, Rapes …

Posted by te2ataria on December 29, 2009

Crimes Committed in NZ During the Past  24 Hours

An undisclosed number of people were murdered,  killed on New Zealand’s Death Roads, or found dead in the past 24 hours or so.

Murder Mystery:

1. One of the two men who were standing on a cliff at the Ninety Mile Beach this afternoon suddenly decided to take a fall and was swept out to sea. The other jumped after him. One was killed, the second one not  seriously harmed.

2.  “Top journalist Helen Bain was killed as she tried to cross a Wairarapa river on her horse.

3. Body of a man found near Lake Taupo.


An undisclosed number of people were killed on New Zealand Death Roads (the usual rate is an average of 3.3 people per day) and about 6 times as many were injured.


Of an unknown/undisclosed number of rapes that occurred in New Zealand during the last day or so, four particularly violent/ heinous incidents were publicized by the police.

1. A woman was dragged from a taxi stand in Auckland, raped and robbed.

2. A woman was assaulted after an attacker knocked on the door at her Dunedin home. She was then raped as her two children slept in the next room.

3. A 15-year-old girl in Timaru was raped by two men. “She doesn’t have any life-threatening injuries…[but] there were circumstances surrounding the assault that make it serious.”  Police said (!)

4. A 10-year old Southland girl was attacked by two men, who raped and robbed her.

Note: While the gang rape of children is quite common in New Zealand, the last story might be a “rape spoof” created by the New Zealand police to discredit/ trivialize the other two reported rapes by association.

NOTE: When the police farce says very few of the many rapes that occur in New Zealand are committed by complete strangers, they are, again, lying through their teeth.

As usual, the opposite of the rape statement made by the NZ thick blue line is true.

Molotov Cocktails Attack:

After a dispute between two Nelson women and a local man went unresolved, the two women returned with Molotov cocktails throwing two bombs at the man’s house in Warren Kelly Street in Richmond about 11pm, Nelson police said. One of the two bombs entered the house through a window causing extensive damage.

New Zealand Children

A new report released today says New Zealand youth have the highest  rates of mental illness, suicide, teen pregnancy and suffer more injuries than the youths  in all other OECD countries.


Welcome to New Zealand!

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“Dr Kim McGregor, of Rape Prevention Education, said a separate survey in 2006 found that only 9 per cent of all sexual offences were reported to the police ,” … this contrasted with the police saying to the researchers that 60 to 70 per cent of sexual assault claims were false.

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Air NZ won’t apologize to Erebus families for negligent homicide

Posted by te2ataria on October 15, 2009

sent by a reader

Unscrupulous Air New Zealand chief to use 30th anniversary of Erebus disaster as publicity stunt

Rob Fyfe the unscrupulous chief of Air New Zealand will say sorry to the families of Air NZ victims in the Erebus crash as the airline commemorates 30th anniversary of the disaster, but not for the airline’s negligence that lead to multiple homicide.

Before and After

BEFORE: Mt Erebus aircraft, ZK-NZP, seen at London Heathrow Airport in 1977

Wind Air New Zealand Flight 901
AFTER: Wreckage of Air New Zealand Flight 901 on the side of Mount Erebus, Antarctica.

The crash occurred as a result of pilot incompetence and ground support error.

The apology will be the first to families of the 257 people who died when the airline’s DC-10 crashed into Mt Erebus in Antarctica on November 28, 1979, during a sightseeing flight.

The possibility that Air NZ plane was used as an assassination weapon to murder one or more passengers cannot be ruled out. See new entry added Nov. 15, 2009 :

How Air New Zealand Killed 257 People …

Rob Fyfe will also be  the unveiling a sculpture at the airline’s head office in Auckland on Friday.

[Note the “apology” is neither for the pilot error nor the airline bungle that led to the crash killing so many people and condemned many more of their family members to lifelong suffering as a result of losing their loved ones; it’s  for the way the families were treated after the crash.]

“But he would not go as far as apologising for the [crash] itself or the subsequent controversial investigations.” Dominion Post said.

Air New Zealand would not reveal what would be said, referring instead to a statement earlier this week that Mr Fyfe would “speak directly about the lessons learned from the Erebus tragedy and the way in which the airline interacted with the families in the aftermath of the [crash.]”

Aircraft aren’t designed to plunge into mountainsides!

The families of victims were deceived, intimidated, even physically threatened to the extent that no one has ever filed a claim against Air New Zealand.

Where Will the Chief Conman Hide When the Next Air New Zealand Plane Crashes?

Nationalities of Air New Zealand Erebus Crash Victims

  • New Zealand: 200
  • Japan: 24
  • United States: 22
  • United Kingdom: 6
  • Canada: 2
  • Australia: 1
  • France: 1
  • Switzerland: 1

The probability remains that the next major air disaster would occur as a result of an Air New Zealand Airbus crashing into the sea [with a certainty of 0.74]

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AFTERTHOUGHT: Why did Sir Edmund Hillary, who was scheduled to act as the guide for the doomed flight 901, cancel his engagement at the last moment, asking Peter Mulgrew, his friend and climbing companion, to stand in as guide?

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