Zombie Democracy – Apartheid Fort NZ

50,000 Foreigners Violently Killed, Permanently Maimed or Seriously Injured by NZ Tourism Machination since 2000 — Welcome to the World's Deadliest Tourist Attraction: The Final Destination!


Messages sent by the Visiting Scholars Group (VSG)




The aggressor nations have killed many of our envoys, while inflicting incalculable suffering, emotional and physical harm on many others.  Total losses and damages suffered by the victims over the past 50 years alone are estimated at $665 trillion (nominal). [VSG]


“We’ve set the total amount of damage suffered by our representatives over the past 50 years at USD665 trillion.The actual figure may be much higher.”


The Visiting Scholars view the pandemic as a harbinger of a major evolutionary tidal wave. While a large percentage of humans have chosen to live in a virtual vegetative state, serving absolutely no purpose whatever in the big picture, many of them pose a clear threat to the sustenance of life on Earth.


In reply to Jen.
Visiting Scholars Group – TS3  said:

Yes! In Addition to NY and CA, support has been withdrawn for Washington, Texas, Rhode Island, Ohio, Nevada, Florida and several other states. Multiple provinces in Canada, and several dozen countries in Europe, Asia and elsewhere also share the same fate.  https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/2020/07/06/starting-soon-a-series-of-mega-disasters-will-leave-much-of-the-us-unlivable-oracle-of-menestheus/#comment-85234

In reply to Beverley.
Visiting Scholars Group – PC2 said:

The highest concentration of truly evil corporations, organizations and individuals in the world are based in the United States, many of them headquartered on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. The corporations based in California (as well as NY, GA and elsewhere in the country) are driving life to extinction, and making the planet uninhabitable, simply for monetary gains. They include corporations in the following sectors: Defense and arms trade, banking and credit, oil and gas, IT and Internet, media and entertainment, aerospace and aeronautical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, hospitality and airlines, retail and apparel…

Led by California (and other regions/countries that have also lost Support), the aggressors have killed many of our representatives and envoys, while inflicting incalculable suffering, emotional and physical harm on many others. Total losses suffered by the victims over the past 50 years alone include the numerous precious lives taken and damages estimated at $665 trillion (nominal). [VSG-PC2]


In reply to Jim.
Visiting Scholars Group – SP6

The support for California, among other places, was withdrawn recently, and the region is already in freefall.
So, “Scotty” is probably your best bet. https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/2020/07/06/starting-soon-a-series-of-mega-disasters-will-leave-much-of-the-us-unlivable-oracle-of-menestheus/#comment-84466

COVID-19 — May 18
VSG-200 said:

UK COVID-19 death toll hits 51,766, including suspected cases: Reuters tally  – Jun 9, 2020
LONDON (Reuters) – The United Kingdom’s COVID-19 death toll hit 51,766 on Tuesday, according to a Reuters tally of official data sources that confirmed the country’s place as one of the worst hit in the world.

The Reuters tally comprises fatalities where COVID-19 was mentioned on death certificates in England, Wales and Northern Ireland up to May 29, and up to May 31 in Scotland. It also includes more recent hospital deaths.

Unlike the lower death toll published daily by the government, the death certificate figures include suspected cases.

[So far, 138 of the BWDP were EPWW. — VSG – 200]

Terraforming the World

VSG – 195 said:

“Ordinary” people must begin understanding they are a big part of the problem. As enablers, they provide for, protect and prolong the existence of a parasitic system that is destroying life on this planet.
All human beings have the duty to preserve life of all species including wild flora, fauna, and their natural habitats, as well as water, soil and all other ecosystems.
If you don’t have the courage to neutralize the omniciders, then do the next best thing: reduce number of the enablers by removing yourself!

Terraforming the World

In reply to McE.
VSG 101 said:

We don’t believe there would be lower limits on the population numbers. Those of you who’re conscientious and fully cognizant of their roles as human beings write their own tickets. All others will be written off.

Genocidal Ruling Class in Japan Might Have Sentenced Tens of Thousands of People to Death (Again!)
VSG – 201   said:

The wealthy class have derailed and halted the progress of evolution and strangled expansion of human conscience. What’s irretrievable is the missing chunks in evolutionary process in relation to multiple other timelines imposed by nature… https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/2020/03/30/genocidal-ruling-class-in-japan-might-have-sentenced-tens-of-thousands-of-people-to-death-again/#comment-74815

2 Responses to “VSG”

  1. DANN said

    To VSG:

    Congratulations for the awesome display of ability and exceptional intelligence in making this day a memorable one.

    On behalf of all participating groups,


    • Visiting Scholars Group – SP5 said

      Thank you!

      They pose an existential threat to life on the planet. A larger and more focused round of actions will follow shortly.

      SP5 for VGS

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