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The Rape Army

“Between them, the New Zealand Rape n Racketeer Army and our Gang-Rape Police Farce ensure NO kiwi goes unmolested.” —A reader

Meet pakeha pete!

Born to rob, rape, sabotage, murder and ruin it for everyone else!

First, notice the big rifle he’s holding, which compensates for dissatisfaction with the size of his anatomy.





pakeha pete (aka, Gareth Pert) in his military/mercenary uniform killing ‘ragheads’ in Afghanistan.

Photo source: Stuff NZ. Image may be subject to copyright.

pakeha pete is the typical “born-to-kill” assassin, come saboteur, come pimp.  He sabotaged electronic data of a firm he was working for on his “home” turf out of sheer evil.

He acted out of “pure vindictiveness”, said company director Rodney Sharp.

“The specialist engineering company hired Pert while he was completing his degree at Waikato University two years ago. At that time its annual turnover was $1.5 million.” A report said.

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6 Responses to “The Rape Army”

  1. Fuck calling him Pakeha Pete. Wanker is a better term.
    Sounds more to me like he was a piss poor worker and a power hungry shithead. He should go for parliament

  2. MichaelW said

    [you’ve been banned from the blog for spamming.]

  3. Sam said

  4. doG said


  5. Henry said

    [Hooray!!! Glad you approve. Moderator K.]

  6. kelly said

    this is complete truth.

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