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Meet pakeha pete!

sent by a reader

pakeha Pride, this is what it’s all about: To proudly carry the burden of pakeha psychopathic gene!

What a typical ‘top’ pakeha with university training is like and what should be expected of him/her.

Gareth Pert, 23, aka, pakeha pert, or pakeha pete, works in Afghanistan, apparently in some military-related capacity, or a as a mercenary (euphemistically referred to as “private security guard”) rounding up the “ragheads,” raping their women, and killing their babies.

Born to rob, rape, sabotage, murder and ruin it for everyone else!

First, notice the big rifle he’s holding, which compensates for dissatisfaction with the size of his anatomy.


pakeha pete (aka, Gareth Pert) in his military/mercenary uniform killing ‘ragheads’ in Afghanistan. Photo source: Stuff NZ. Image may be subject to copyright.

pakeha pete is the typical born to kill kiwi assassin come saboteur pimp.  He sabotaged electronic data of a firm he was working for on his “home” turf out of sheer evil.

He acted out of “pure vindictiveness”, said company director Rodney Sharp.

“The specialist engineering company hired Pert while he was completing his degree at Waikato University two years ago. At that time its annual turnover was $1.5 million.” A report said.

“He was a good student, that’s why we employed him. He just got too big for his boots… He thought he was better than he was.” Sharp said.

pakeha pete apparently tricked sharp to give him  a backup file containing vital business information, with “five years’ worth of engineering drawings.” The report said

“The file was kept off the premises but Pert told Sharp he needed it to fix a corrupt file. Pert then wiped it, as well as two other backups in two fire safes on the premises.”

“His motivation was that he believed he was worth more than he was getting paid. Instead of talking to us, he started adding on five hours on his time card, so we pulled him up on it,” Sharp said.

“I was probably the first person to sit him down and put him in his place… I said, `You’ve cribbed your time cards.’ He said, `I’m worth it’. I said, `I don’t care how good you are, it’s just dishonest’.”

“Pert then wiped the backups and never returned to work. There is evidence he also copied some of the commercially sensitive data but he told police he couldn’t remember what he did with it.” said the report.

“It put one of our projects back by 12 months,” said Sharp. “I was pretty distraught, to be honest. We went through some trying times.”

To all you international employers out there:

Would you employ a pakeha pete? I know none of my friends would touch the likes of the scumbag for a million years!

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40 Responses to “Meet pakeha pete!”

  1. te2ataria said

    Club pakeha!
    New Zealander charged with what they do best: MURDER

  2. hipeter924 said

    Yay! Maybe we can put your maori heads on stakes next. 😉

    • te2ataria said

      Comments like the above are usually edited. However, the comment is allowed because it’s indicative of brain-dead pakeha attitude towards Maori and rest of the world.

  3. turehulive said

    If we are a load of shit and racsist pigs, it’s because of you fucking Maori!

  4. Lo1 said

    [Uncivil. Edited. TEAA]

  5. At last... said

    Oh, how good it is to see the Pakeha being named before their crimes at last, in fact, just to be named. Even better to see how they squirm and spit when a mirror is held up to their face, rather than always looking ‘down’ at Maori and embarassingly assuming they are superior. I can’t believe that I once wanted more Pakeha blood than I have, now I am ashamed that it is there at all. TEAA – great website!! I love how you close the ‘scumbags’ down, and let them hang themselves when they spit out little ‘treasures’ of non-wisdom. The frustration must be killing them that they can’t have their ‘nasty little’ voices heard as they wish. How strange it is the Pakeha who are being silenced by Maori!! The worm turns…

  6. I love the line “spit out little ‘treasures’ of non-wisdom”. That’s brilliant. By and large, “whites” still think they own the world; and they have little or no real understanding of what they did to Maori and this land. They think they know, because they have read a potted “history” somewhere or another, at some time in their lives. But actually, their perspective is totally Euro-centric, totally skewed.

  7. ricky said

    The british stuffed up going to NZ they should left it for the Spanish.

  8. NF said

    spanish were known for exterminating entire races.

  9. nick said

    so angry it makes me smile you go to so much effort to hate “whities” to know your never even going to come close to what white people can achieve. We [profanities and death threats removed. Moderator] lot of you in one night.

    [Nick, dick-your-mother-with-a-large-one.com is not a registered URL. Moderator]

  10. lolwut said

    dumb pakeha.

  11. 1234 said

    while it is your right to express your own opinion i hope that you realize that when you spread hate, hate is all you will receive in return and eventually that hate will eat you up. have you ever thought about using the time and energy you put into writing snarky comments on the internet, on trying to implement real, beneficial change in your community?

    • te2ataria said

      This website does not spread anymore hate than does the government (the upper echelons of pakeha community, military, judiciary, police, politicians, the national media), if indeed any.

      The blog merely reflects the mayhem at the “animal farm.”

      For your information, 80% of the blog contributors are “pious pakeha” who are fed up with status quo, a sick system laden with oppression, tyranny and injustice.

      — The prime minister goes from $0 to $50 million (possibly $80million) in 20 years
      — Average Maori from abundance to abject poverty in 170 years
      — Average pakeha from $0 to minus ($60,000) in about 20 years
      [Bill English’s doctored figure for 2008 national debt were $45,000 per person.]

      If reading this blog doesn’t help the foolish foreign tourists/ immigrants in search of paradise (who end up in the kingdom of heaven), my community and yours to wake up to the ground realities in New Zealand, then nothing will.

  12. Kyle said

    [Unintelligent blabber. Edited]

  13. Kyle said

    its not the fact he’s white that makes hmi an asshole, its the fact he is arrogant.

  14. Broken Prince said

    [Write something sensible, and ye shall be heard. Moderator D.H.]

  15. Broken Prince said

  16. white is right said


  17. white is right said

    [Get a life! Moderator]

  18. white and proud said


  19. steve said

    sounds like ethnic suppression mechanisms running at their best [in New Zealand]

  20. tawhaowhao said


  21. anon-student said

    Yes white people came and took over the land of the people that were here but how many years ago was this?! Its 2010 here and there are so many more issues we need to be focusing on. I am not against people who identify as Maori (or any other culture for that matter) in any way whats so ever and respect and value the Maori culture and believe it is something that needs to be treasured. However it is comments like some above which lead me to become truly angry. Whether you want to accept it or not “whites” do not only think they own the world, we do. You are never going to get us ‘pakeha’ to leave NZ. This is our home, it is my home, as it is your home. I am extremely proud to say I am a New Zealander however it’s racial comments against ‘pakeha’ that make me upset. What happened happened, it is not my fault nor is yours. It is never going to change so instead of putting all your effort into hating on ‘pakeha’ why not make the most of what is here, enjoy life and make positives efforts towards how we can all work together as New Zealanders to make this a great country for our children to grow up and live in?!!!!!

    • te2ataria said


      “Its 2010 here and there are so many more issues we need to be focusing on.”

      Shall we try abject poverty, for starters?”

      “You are never going to get us ‘pakeha’ to leave NZ.”

      You want to bet?

      “…why not make the most of what is here, enjoy life and make positives efforts towards how we can all work together…”

      You have stolen everything we had, our lands, now you want to work together? Are you studying politics of genocide?

      “… make this a great country for our children to grow up and live in ?!!!!!”

      Why not?!!!!! Let’s start with 300,000 kids who live in abject poverty in NZ, more than two-thirds of whom are Maori.

  22. Anon said

    [DO yourself a big favour, and try avoiding that sort of encounter in future. Moderator K.]

  23. micky said

    [See reply to your other message. Moderator K.]

  24. micky said

    [Is your problem genetic or pathological? Moderator K. ]

  25. mickey mouse said

    [See reply I gave earlier. Your other 22 messages have been deleted. Moderator K.]

  26. anon said

    [Why bother writing again? Moderator]

  27. Rob said

    [The world which people like you have created is a biased and unbalanced one. You have no idea what other people write, or why their messages are deleted. Nothing on this blog is racist (a) for the reasons we have previously stated, and (b) because more than 50 pct of the blog moderators are as pale as a frightened baby. Because you are wrong on all counts, I’ll not allow your message on this occasion. One of the Pale Moderators.]

  28. barfpoint said

    [It’s sad, yet amazing, what a bum deal Dame Nature gave species like you: Looks of a human, intelligence of a retarded jellyfish. Moderator K. ]

  29. I recently attended some sessions of “inter-faith dialogue”, which were ignorantly based on the premise that “religious differences” are at the root of the world’s problems. The West’s periodic invasions of Asian/African countries, and its killing of millions of “natives”, was hardly mentioned. In some quarters, the thinking still seems to be that the only good “Injun” is a dead one. (Note that the Americans’ codename for Bin Laden was “Geronimo”, and note, too, that even the most dastardly Nazis were given trials.)

  30. hatchy said

    “Yanks, Israelis, white people”

    [Expertly sandwiched! Is that reflexive or pre-fabricated? Have always wondered how many people are involved in manufacturing the “double psychology” one-liners, 6-pack disinformation lites and so forth. But, it’s sure as ell clear who you’re batting for. Moderator]

  31. jim said

    The proud Moari should lead Aotearoa into the next century they have the oldest spirits here ,im a 5th genaration honki . When i die i hope my spirit can live with my Maori brothers and sisters […]
    Good Luck

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