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Worst Cities

World’s Worst Cities [and Countries]

Page suggested and the data [collected over 18 months, to July 2009] provided by blog contributors. Periodically updated!

Ratings are based on the frequency of incidence of events in the following categories:

1. War (-100)
2. Violent Murder, Race Murders  (-100);  Murder (-99)
3. Negligent Homicide: Government, Police, Corporate…  (-98)
4. Traffic Related Killing: Deaths Caused by Police Chase, Defective Vehicles, Kamikaze kiwis, Road Rage, Drunk-Drivers, Drugged Drivers, Playing Chicken…  (-97)
5. Sport/ Outdoor Activity Related Deaths Caused by Defective Equipment/ Lack of  Qualified Supervision/ Dangerous Terrains/ Unsuitable Venues  (- 96)
6. Human Trafficking (-99)
7. Gang Rape, Police Rape, Targeted Rape by Security Services/ Govt.  Agents (-99)
8. Pedophilia, Physical Abuse and Crimes Against Children (-99)
9. Rape (-92)
10. Police State (Harassment by Police/ Secret Police / Government Thugs)  (-90)
11. Effects of Ultra-Violet Radiation: Melanoma, other types of cancer, systemic immunosuppression, eye disease, DNA damage… (-86)
12. Kidnapping and Ransom Demands (-85)
13. Air Pollution (-84)
14. Toxic Chemical Contamination (-83)
15. Racism: Race-related violence, job discrimination, racial harassment…  (-83)
16. Random Street Violence (-90)
17. Home Invasion, Robbery, Assault and Battery (-90)
18. Street Mugging/Handbag Snatching/ Pickpocketing (-80)
19. Teenage Violence (including school bullying, school-yard rapes, sexually transmitted diseases) (-90)
20. Protection Racket and Blackmail (-70)
21. Arson (-70)
22. Natural Disasters (-70)
23. Drugs-Related Crimes (-60)
24. Gang Violence (-60)
25. Sewage Contamination (-60)
26. Food Poisoning (-60)
27. Local Hygiene  (General, Transport, Restaurants, Public Toilets, Hospitals); History of City-Wide Disease Epidemics  (-60)
28. Alcohol Abuse by the Locals (-90)
29. Car Theft (-50)
30. Malicious Property Damage (-50)
31. Tagging and Graffiti (-50)
32. Poverty (-50)
33. Psychopathic, Deranged, Unreasonable, Ugly, Dishonest, Cantankerous, Belligerent, Ignoramus …  Locals;  Also Locals with Bad Breath, Poor Personal Hygiene… (-80)

A. Negative numbers in brackets represent the ratings in each category.
B.  The ratings are compared as follows:

  • The score for the worst five cities in any category is multiplied by a factor of 1.00
  • 2nd group of five (top 10 in the world) by 0.99
  • 3rd five (top 15 in the world) by 0.97
  • 4th five (top 20 in the world) by 0.94
  • 5th five (top 25 in the world) by  0.90
  • 6th  five (top 30 in the world) by 0.72
  • 7th five (top 35 in the world) by 0.40
  • World Average:  0.01 (Background level used for reference only.)

C. The total score for each candidate city is the aggregate of the subtotals in all categories in which they fall. For example, Auckland (~ arithmetic mean for New Zealand¹) scores as follows:

(1)   – 100 x 0.5 =    -50  (Discretionary: No declared war in the traditional sense, though New Zealand is an occupied country and the assaults on Maori, Pacific Islanders, Asians and all other ‘colored’ races are nothing short of  full scale conflict)
(2)   – 100 x 0.90 = – 90 ( Top 25 in the world for Violent Murder, Race Murder, Murder)
(3)      – 98 x 0.99 =  – 97 (Top 10 in the world for Negligent Homicide)
(4)      – 97 x 0.99 =  – 96 (Top 10  in the world for Traffic Related Homicide)
(5)      – 96 x 1.00=  – 96 (Top 5 in the world for Sport/ Outdoor Activity Related Deaths)
(6)      – 99  x 0.99 = – 98 (Top 10 in the world for Human Trafficking )
(7)      -99  x 1.00= – 99 (Top 5 in the world for gang rape)
(8)      -99  x  1.00= -99   (Top 5 for Pedophilia, Physical Abuse and Crimes Against Children)
(9)       -92  x  1.00= -92   ( To 5 for Rape )
(10)     -92 x  1.00=  -90  ( To 5 for Police State: Harassment by Police … State Thugs)
11.                              = -86  top 5
12.                              =- 34  (Top 35 in Kidnapping and Ransom Demands)
13.                              = -76  (Top 25 – Air Pollution)
14.                              = -83 (Top 5 – Toxic Chemical Contamination)
15.                              =  -83 (Top 5 for Racism: Race-violence, job discrimination …)
16.                              = -90 (Top 5 Random Street Violence)
17.                              =  -90 (Top 5 – Home Invasion, Robbery, Assault and Battery (-80)
18.                              = -80
19.                              = -90
20.                             = -28
21.                              = -70
22.                              = -28
23.                              = -60
24.                              = -60
25.                              = -60
26.                              = -60
27.                              = -60
28.                              = -90
29.                              = -50
30.                              = -50
31.                              = -50
32.                              = -50
33.                              = -78
Total Score             -2,413

D. The calculation is repeated for each category to find the subtotal, which are then  added up to provide the overall rating.

1. Where no specific data are available for a named city, the arithmetic mean of the country’s overall rating applies.

2. Compare:

I. Gaza Strip, Iraq and Afghanistan [Total Score range:  -1,200 to -1500] A large percentage of the negative score is due to the occupying forces in the 3 places.

II.  Mexico; Brazil (Sao Paulo); South Korea (especially Seoul and Busan). [Total Score range:  -1,000 to -1200] Problems in Mexico and Brazil are drugs and poverty related.

III. Malta;  Norway (colored people NOT welcome); Finland (see Norway); Tunisia; China [especially on a NZ Passport]; UK (Brighton, London, Liverpool & Manchester); Finland; Ireland; Denmark (especially if you have a suntan); Israel; NYC; Disney World, Orlando, Florida. [Total Score range:  -900  to -1,000] Problems in these places are mostly racially motivated.

New Zealand 20 in random order

  • Auckland
  • Queenstown
  • Wellington
  • Dunedin
  • New Plymouth
  • Hastings
  • Rotorua
  • Hamilton
  • Palmerston North
  • Whangarei
  • Taupo
  • Gisborne
  • Napier
  • Westport
  • Greymouth
  • Invercargill
  • Timaru
  • Nelson
  • Blenheim
  • Wanganui

Note: arithmetic mean for New Zealand cities, the negative score of -2,413 applies. See Section C and D (above).

Selected World Cities [including the most violent and worst polluted cities in the world used for comparison]

Adelaide, Australia
Baghdad, Iraq
Birmingham, Alabama
Bogotá, Colombia
Brisbane, Australia
Cali, Colombia
Cape Town, South Africa
Chernobyl, Ukraine
Chicago, Illinois
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Detroit, Michigan
Dzerzhinsk, Russia
Gaza City (Courtesy of Israel)
Guatemala City
Johannesburg, South Africa
Kabul, Afghanistan
Kingston, Jamaica
La Oroya, Peru
Las Vegas, Nevada
Linfen China
London, England
Los Angeles, California
Luanda, Angola
Melbourne, Australia
Memphis, Tenn
Miami, Florida
Nairobi, Kenya
New Orleans
New York
Norilsk, Russia
Osaka, Japan
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Salt Lake City, Utah
Sukinda, India
Sumgayit, Azerbaijan
Sydney, Australia
Tianying, China
Tbilisi, Georgia
Vapi, India

Note: The maximum score for the cities in the above-listed category does not exceed -1,500. See Sections D, Note 2 (above).

Dishonorable Mentions by Country:
England and Wales

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  1. […] World’s Worst Cities [and Countries] […]

  2. David Tua said

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  3. maria v said

    [See editor note on your other comment. TEAA]

  4. maria v said

    i’m not sure why you dont want me to comment on your blog or whether you think that my reading your blog is pointless. i believe that you probably think i am not a new zealander, possibly because of the sound of my name (i was always teased about my surname by skinny white freckled nincompoop pakehas) or maybe the origin of my blog (well, not all kiwis live in new zealand, some managed to learn to fly and got away)

    despite being born, raised and educated in nz for the first 25 years of my life, holding a nz passport and having passed on nz citizenship to my children, i admit to not feeling like a new zealander any more, for many of the reasons that you have mentioned in your blog. the aisling symes case sums up most of them, to cut a long story short.

    i particularly liked your treatment of that case: negligent parents, cocky police force, racist slurs against innocent people. i am glad that is behind me, at least for the time being. but i will always remember one thing about the land of the long white cloud: the neighourhood of mt victoria wellington where i lived all my kiwi life, the blissful ignorance in which i lived and the sense of calm they always seemed to prevail in my then environs. nothing can erase those memories from my mind.

  5. Tarsia said

    I’m sorry love. Who ever you are … [Edited. Because you got your knickers in a twist again, Love. Moderator]

    [Tarisa, whoever he, she or it may be, is not a Moderator on this blog. TEAA The Blog Moderator]

  6. Walle said

    I guarantee that Maria V only managed to “fly” as far as Australia, and her NZ passport is about as valuable to anyone else as toilet paper.

    Guess what Maria? You’re not welcome here either.

  7. Dwain said

    [Standard govt/pakeha propaganda removed.] Australia looks a more attractive option for this Whitey.

  8. TM said

    Thanks! for the good articles. Got a lot of knowledge in Melanoma.^_^

  9. Creep said

    [If you have something sensible to say, otherwise … Moderator D.H.]

  10. Paul said

    [IF what you are saying were true, why would it hurt you so much? Moderator K.]

  11. job said

    we kiwis are FUCKED UP! Fuck off and dont come to NZ you stupid fucking tourists, we dont want you ignorant twats here. fuckers

  12. ash said

    ur blog is eye opening. thank you so much. i was planning to do masters in AUT but after reading everything..wont go to NZ. ever!

  13. kiwi bird said

    If the list wasnt in random order i would keep invercargill at top..shittiest place on earth

  14. Not tellin cos you'll say something bad about me said

    [Won’t say anything bad about you, but stop smoking that sh*t and start making some sense. Moderator ]

  15. kiwi said

    [Too much time and too little brain power, kiwi? Moderator K.]

  16. christine said

    You lot are all negative… its not our fault that NZ is so far from everywhere else, and people are stupid. Your comments on people wanting to visit here from UK, Europe, etc. are not helpful. All countries have their problems…. get over it and try discussing something positive and light…

  17. I love shitropolis said

    One of your blog imitators,”Shit Towns of New Zealand”, is putting a new, humorous slant on criticism of NEW ZEALAND, presumably in an attempt to desensitize the public.

    “Auckland’s Maori name is Tamaki Makaurau, The City of a Thousand Lovers, but a better translation might be The City of a Million Fuckwits. The so-called super city – also known as Orkland, Dorkland, Jafatown, Fuckland, Wankland, Dickland, Shit City, Super Shitty, Wanker City, Arsehole City, Big Bag of Dicks City and pretty much any other combination of derogatory words – is a sprawling beige suburban shitropolis built on top of 50 volcanoes, demonstrating the sort of foresight that has led to twin housing and traffic crises…”


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