Zombie Democracy – Apartheid Fort NZ

Welcome to World's Deadliest Tourist Attraction – The Final Destination! Toxic NZ visa priority: Chinese spies, Mossad, assassins, foreign SIS recruits, human & sex traffickers, drug lords…

ZZ – NZSIS Spying Domestically

Democracy? Hell No! We are just sheep-sha**ing kiwis!!!

NZ government [NZSIS, NZ police…] spy on, intimidate and control Kiwis instead of protecting them!

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2 Responses to “ZZ – NZSIS Spying Domestically”

  1. BF said

    It seems the SIS have been ‘correcting’ immigrant’s opinion on New Zealand as well, the SIS must be playing lame

  2. BF said

    One good example it happened to is Expat Exposed where now the so-called spambots are trying to say NZ is a good place,I suspect the SIS Internet Disinformation Team’s job is now to takeover or damage any internet page where migrants who have a negative experience about New Zealand and ‘correcting’ them too

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