Zombie Democracy – Apartheid Fort NZ

World's Deadliest Tourist Destination! [Chinese triads, Thai sex traffickers, low IQ migs, peds, hitmen… welcome!]

ZZN – The State of Our Shamelessly Racist Nation

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The State of Our Shamelessly Racist and Woefully Backward Nation

New Zealand’s racist justice system – Our law is not colour-blind (video)

– Abject Poverty –

UN challenges NZ on child poverty: A United Nations committee has challenged the government about the discrimination faced by New Zealand children who are homeless or live in poverty.

Corrupt Government

Our Zombie democracy is one of the most corrupt systems of government in the world.

Ordered to Secrecy

Police State – State of the Police

Child Porn

NO Suspicious Circumstance, EVER

Tourists in New Zealand 

“You should call it Nazi Zealand” -French tourist

Cedric Claude Rene Rault-Verpre, 27, a French hitchhiker accused of destroying a West Coast road sign out of frustration he couldn’t get a lift for four days, is facing a $3000 bill for the alleged damage.

“I’ve been to [to 80 countries, and visited] the worst part of the US. The worst American is not an a…… like a New Zealander. In Europe we have judges, we don’t charge people and say you pay or you stay six months in New Zealand.” http://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/travel-troubles/84446729/french-hitchhiker-facing-3000-bill-for-sign-damage-after-long-wait

Alarming Nos. of peadophile teachers, sex predators

Don’t bring your children to New Zealand!

New Zealand in Brutal

New Zealand is no paradise: Sex, Drugs and Denial, a five-part series about growing up hating New Zealand by Katherine Dolan

“… in reality New Zealand is a harsh and morally questionable place,” says author Katherine Dolan.

“One winter’s morning, I decided to warm myself up by taking a long walk to a popular picnic spot. When I arrived, I noticed an unusually long piece of writing on the wall of the toilet block.

“Being a compulsive reader I went over to look and realised with a feeling of dread and dull inevitability that it was a self-pitying confession to having raped a seven-year-old girl on that same spot a decade previously.

“I think it was at that moment, reading this painful shout into the void, that I decided I hated this f—ing place and I didn’t want anything to do with it anymore. I didn’t go to the police; I didn’t even tell my parents about it. It seemed utterly pointless.

“The statistics show that the horrors I’d glimpsed second hand were nothing unusual.

“A survey published in 2007 showed that one in four New Zealand girls is sexually abused before the age of 15, with Maori girls suffering roughly twice as much abuse as Caucasian girls,” said Nolan.

Visiting New Zealand???

Our Health System

Billion dollar underfunding of healthcare claims ‘nonsense’, says Key

The sociopath Prime Minister John Key has rubbished claims of healthcare underfunding, as junior doctors nationwide prepare to strike (October 18, 2016) over being forced to work up to 12-day shifts, after four years of negotiations for better working hours broke down..

A Nation of Perverts?

Search the blog and judge for yourself! See also:

Police search for ‘podgy’ man masturbating in Hamilton park

Maritha O’Halloran and her three-year-old daughter, Isabelle, were “confronted by a masturbator on a bush walk near Claudelands Events Centre.”

“He was masturbating. He was looking at us, like, Ohh, look at me. I looked back and I said, ‘You’re sick.’ He got really aroused by that. He followed us, doing his thing.”  http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/85067725/police-search-for-park-masturbator-in-hamilton

State Secrets

According to Statesticals NZ, in the December 2015 year: 31,608 deaths were registered in New Zealand.

HOWEVER, the causes of death for more than a third, or about 12,000 of the deceased, seem to be yet another state secret!


If you care about the future of your kids, don’t send them to New Zealand for education.

  • Almost 70 per cent of Lincoln University certificate students have dropped out or failed their courses.
    • Even at degree level 38 per cent of students who first enrolled in 2010 had since either dropped out or did not pass their course.
  • The median rate of non-achievers across all levels was 54 per cent, slightly lower than Massey University’s 55 per cent.
  • About 30 per cent of University of Otago students did not obtain their qualifications, compared to 40 per cent at Canterbury University.  http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/education/85530560/lincoln-universitys-telford-campus-underdelivered-programmes