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Britain’s treacherous PM gravely ill!

Posted by te2ataria on April 7, 2020

Sent by a reader

Odds are four to one the conniving fascist won’t make it!

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson fighting for his life in one of London’s dilapidated hospitals

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was transferred to intensive care, after his condition progressively worsened yesterday.

Boris Johnson, 55, who was hospitalized Sunday night after contracting the novel coronavirus ten days earlier, was taken to intensive care after his condition worsened Monday afternoon, according to Downing Street.

On March 12, the WHO began describing the outbreak of the disease caused by the new respiratory virus as a pandemic.

It’s believed that survival rates of COVID-19 patients who require rapid sequence intubation (RSI) and ventilator support are about 20 per cent.

Some 1,345,048 confirmed cases of coronavirus infections with 74,565 deaths have been reported globally, as of writing.

The number of confirmed infections in the UK are 52,279 cases with 5,385 known deaths, according to the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

World’s Worst Infected Country

The U.S. has by far the most COVID-19 infections, with about 367,000 diagnosed cases and nearly 11,000 deaths.

The chances Donald Trump would be infected by the virus are more than 50 percent, and the odds of his survival are estimated at about 10 per cent, due to his morbid obesity and other serious health issues.

The Donald is furious because his chances of surviving likely COVID-19 infection would be even lower than Boris Johnson’s survival odds of one to four.


Frigging Micky Mouse

Meanwhile, Mickey Mouse has been ordered into self isolation until at least next month!

20 Responses to “Britain’s treacherous PM gravely ill!”

  1. Army Vet said

    Waiting impatiently to shout from the top of my healthy lungs: Alpha Mike Foxtrot!

  2. Fiona said

    Nazis are back in power.

  3. Bill said

    Ironically (!), both motherfuckers are racist, too!

  4. Mike G. said

    I’d be happy supplying the slaked lime to prevent their infected corpses polluting the soil.

  5. CV said

    Lest we forget there are lots more where this one came from.

  6. Matt said

    Urgently need a new prayer to protect people from evil politicians and those who allegedly vote for them.

  7. Jake T. said

    WH wants to “reopen” America possibly by as early as May 1. Even the stupidest ones among us are beginning to realize the president’s business interests trump our life or death emergencies.

  8. Sean said

    The two things that make me feel sick? Dog shit on the pavement and Donald Trump at the podium.

  9. Brother John said

    Demons are sent to try us. Both Trump and Johnson serve at the pleasure [and provide sexual favours] to at least three or four of the following demon lords:


  10. Bruce said

    One more in the eye for the Poms thanks to Boris and rest of the Nazis.
    EU finance ministers have agreed a €500bn (NZ$900bn, US$540bn) rescue package for European countries hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.
    And NO, Britain won’t see a penny!

  11. Carol said

    If the Nazis cared about ordinary people, they would’ve at least supplied the doctors with protective equipment they need to treat coronavirus patients.
    The British Medical Association (BMA) said doctors were putting their lives at risk. Meanwhile, supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) in London and Yorkshire are at “dangerously low levels”.

  12. Seb said

    Adding insult to injury, the Spaniards proving they are socially centuries ahead of their pathetic old foe.

    “We are going to implement a minimum basic income as soon as possible,” said Nadia Calvino, Spain’s deputy PM and economics minister, this week. The basic income payment will be a permanent arrangement, she added. “The payment won’t just be for this special situation, but for good.”

  13. Jim said

    Darkness Returns to Downing Street: Demon Servant, BloJo, Leaves Hospital

    Reported UK virus deaths top 10,000 as Johnson leaves hospital

  14. Maggie C. said

    Are there any innocent bystanders?

    • Lilly said

      “Innocent bystander” is an oxymoron. How could any bystander, save for a disabled person, claim innocence while a murder, rape or serious crime is being committed in front of their eyes?

  15. ET said

    Even human feaces can turn into fertiliser.

  16. mike said

    Operation Evils Are US: Top civil servant weasels out of claim UK ‘chose’ not to join EU ventilator and PPE scheme
    A top civil servant has backtracked on his claims that ministers took a ‘political decision’ to opt out of an EU scheme to bulk buy ventilators and protective medical kit. Sir Simon McDonald, the Foreign Office’s permanent under-secretary, initially told the Commons foreign affairs committee that ministers had been briefed on the scheme but chose not to join ‘because we left the European Union on January 31’.

  17. Charles said

    EU Agrees to $860 Billion for Coronavirus Relief After Lengthy Negotiations

    European Union leaders finally clinched an unprecedented 1.82 trillion euro ($2.1 trillion) budget and coronavirus recovery fund early Tuesday, reports said.

    The EU leaders reached a consensus on a 750 billion euro coronavirus fund to be sent as loans and grants to the countries hit hardest by the virus. That comes on top of the seven-year 1 trillion euro EU budget.

    The 27 leaders also agreed to send the following medical supplies to Boris Johnson and his BREXIT cum sluts in the UK:

    1x face mask with the royal salute insignia

  18. Erik said

    Do British politicians get the death penalty for high treason?

    • Oxford Historian said

      Have you seen any of the following dangling from a noose for committing high treason, war crimes or crimes against humanity? God knows almost every one of them has perpetrated one or more of the heinous crimes.

      Stanley Baldwin, Neville Chamberlain, Winston Churchill, Clement Attlee, Anthony Eden, Harold Macmillan, Alec Douglas-Home, Harold Wilson, Edward Heath, James Callaghan, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson

      Far from receiving the death penalty, they’re bestowed memberships of “the UK’s most senior order of chivalry,” the Order of the Garter, and are given life peerages.

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