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Evil Judges

Evil, Racist, Corrupt, Stupid and Deranged NZ Judges

Anti American Judge Denies US Woman Injury Claim

Brazenly Anti-American kiwi judge denies former U.S. champion boardsailor right to appeal injury claim case

Evil Chief Justice Sian Elias (and her two sidekicks John McGrath and William Wilson) sitting at New Zealand Supreme Court dismissed former US champion boardsailor Kimberly Birkenfeld the right to appeal her case for injury compensation.



Evil Justice Rodney Hansen

Watch for this guy; you’ll hear a lot about him soon!


Christchurch District Court Judge Phillip Moran said

Christchurch child pornographer Criss Robert Outram’s “shame, embarrassment, and humiliation” was palpable and he had already suffered loss and punishment.

“He had more than 1000 objectionable files on his computer systems, memory stick, and on hundreds of discs. He admitted viewing the material over 10 years. Judge Moran described the files as “graphic, disturbing, and repugnant.”

“They showed child exploitation of the worst kind. That included images of penetrative sex – and one of bestiality – involving young girls, toddlers, and babies.”

“Crown prosecutor Sara Jamieson said the view of the Department of Internal Affairs – which brought the prosecution – was that home detention was not an appropriate sentence.”

Th Evil Judge Moran, however,  sentenced Outram to nine months home detention, plus 200 community work.



Evil Judge Jan Doogue [may she be a victim of extreme male violence herself] told the former TVNZ sports presenter and Radio Network host Tony scumbag Veitch that he was the “author of your own misfortune.”

Veitch, 35, admitted one charge of injuring his former partner, Kristin Dunne-Powell [he beat her up and broke her back,] with reckless disregard for her safety  in the Auckland District Court and instead of being sentenced to life imprisonment, he was fined $10,000, put on supervision for nine months and ordered to do 300 hours of community work.



Justice Pamela Andrews: Legs Wide Open to Members of Police Farce

Judge quashes former cops’ sentences

Two police officers convicted of covering up a colleague’s assault of a prisoner won’t serve a day in jail, a judge decided yesterday.

Reuben James Harris and Benson Lyle Murphy were sentenced to 15 months jail last August after pleading guilty to conspiring to defeat the course of justice last August.

They tried to protect a colleague, who has name suppression, who allegedly assaulted George Tipene Harris in the back of their police car on October 3, 2004. Mr Harris was later found dead.

But in the High Court yesterday Justice Pamela Andrews quashed their prison sentences, instead sentencing them to 10 months home detention, the Dominion Post reported.

[Evil]  Justice Andrews did not give a reason for her decision. Why should she? New Zealand is a democracy [sic] without accountability!



The“Sodomous” Judge Thomas Ingram Affairs


The “Sodomous” Judge Thomas Ingram warning a 17-year-old: “Two or three of these [convictions] and you will be Waikeria [prison] bound. Just think about lining up in the shower with all the boys, your bar of soap in your hand.”

A sodomous district court judge, his mouth frothing with delight and a horny glint in his eyes, told a young offender what might happen to him in the shower room if he was sent to prison. The depraved judge, with his hand moving in his trouser pocket, could hardly contain his excitement.

The 17-year old pleaded guilty last week for stealing a 99 cent bar of chocolate.

Auckland QC Peter Williams said the comment was “disgusting and ridiculous.”

“These are definitely not the type of comments we expect from our judiciary. We pay good money to judges so they act in a judicial manner, set an example to the community and adhere to standards of formality and dignity,” he said.

“It is this type of remark that condones violence in prisons. It’s quite shabby really.”


Shame on IPCA and its chairwoman Justice Lowell Goddard

Senior Constable Keith Abbott in Waitara, Taranaki, shot and killed Steven Wallace in April 2000. He was allegedly smashing shop windows with a softball bat. Abbott shot Wallace twice with ‘double taps’ – in effect killing him with four shots.

Today, the shameful IPCA chairwoman evil Justice Lowell Goddard exonerated the police assassin. The one question the evil woman should have asked, but she didn’t, was:

Why did the police shoot to kill the 23-year-old, who wasn’t carrying a firearm, instead of immobilizing him?


The tale of …

The Jucking fudge Jane Farish and Cornelius Baars the Child molester

submitted by a reader:

A former Temuka taxi driver, Cornelius Baars, 62, was sentenced to five months home detention and 100 hours community work on two charges of possession of child porn material.

Baars had a taste for  pre-pubescent children, some as young as 18 months posing naked, and some others, far more sickening photos of children being raped or sexually molested, a report said.

The *#*&^% Judge Jane Farish [or is it Fane Jarish?] said he had lost his job, and “hoped the community would see his offending as  ‘significant lapse in judgment’ and accept him back.”

She added that imprisonment would be too short to enable rehabilitation.

And since Baars cannot own, or have access to a computer, perhaps he would play out his fantasies on the kids in a forgiving neighborhood.



Hamilton District Court judge, the Evil Annie McAloon,

She must have had tears in her eyes, and feeling awful about sending a “hero” to prison, sentenced John Alexander Morrissey, 39,  an army explosives expert, to only four months’ community detention and nine months’ supervision for collecting and viewing bestiality films [and god knows what else,] involving horses and dogs, and sexual exploitation of girls, while working overseas…

Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/4687801a6579.html


B*stard NZ judge convicted of careless driving

The Evil Grant Alistair Fraser, 56, collided with a scooter in Tauranga on January 19,  2009, seriously injuring the rider.  He was ordered to pay $1800 [about US$900] to the victim who suffered a broken leg and fractured ribs. That’s how cheap life is in New Zealand when the victim is a scooter rider.



The Vandal Judge

North Shore police are investigating allegations a retired district court judge vandalised a car.Michael Lance was alleged to have scratched the door of a car parked outside a North Shore apartment block, New Zealand Truth newspaper reported today.

Chief District Court Judge Russell Johnson was aware of an alleged incident involving Mr Lance, judicial communications spokesman Neil Billington told NZPA.

Mr Lance, a district court judge, was on an acting judicial warrant, with his services used when required, Mr Billington said.

Attorney-General Chris Finlayson had also been briefed .


Evil Judge at the Poxy Court of Appeal

Thanks to Evil Judge at the Poxy Court of Appeal, a “man” convicted of a barbaric attack on an 83-year-old woman during a three-hour rampage in Auckland has had two years taken off his 17-year minimum jail term.

Brett Stuart Wellm was sentenced to preventive detention with a minimum term of 17 years last year after admitting tying up the woman then assaulting her with a spade and a pair of hedge clippers in 2007.



Continued …


17 Responses to “Evil Judges”

  1. samuel welsh said

    these are crazy cases nz is not a racist country

  2. Markkus said

    Hey Judges have to follow the law imposed by government as in any democracy. Go to the top and blame the PM!

  3. XTC said

    When asked whether he would consider denying access to a parent who had “backhanded a child across the room” because the child had tried to intervene to stop his mother being hit, the Judge responded: No, because you might say that that violence was a result of the poor relationship between Mum and Dad.


    There has been no suggestion that the father’s qualities as a parent should be judged by the events between the husband and wife which led to the recent crisis.[10] “The recent crisis” alluded to by the judge was the rape of the wife by the applicant husband who made his application from prison.

  4. dk said

    Peter Williams said it 20 years ago

    ‘The law is dominated by money & judges in the high court tend to fortify their power by sycophancy and chopping down any tall poppies…it is a relief to not be a part bigotry and self congratulatory smugness…especially the crown solicitors at Auckland …turning a blind eye taking the big fees for years…..narrow minded or incompetent judges can can cause irreparable harm to families….seem to have no idea how pompous sound to ordinary folk’

    Not alot has changed. The sight in some NZ/Auck courtrooms of defence counsel narrow mindedly missing the boat as prosecutors ingratiate on the one hand and mock/smirk with the paymaster pales with the frequent dovetailing of defence/crown counsel depending on personal relationships & if the judge is partial -it is a chasm that exists in the quality of NZ proceedings as opposed to Aust/Eng/US proceedings. The subservience from the bar to the bench & reciprocal camaraderie is in effect a subservience to the whims of senior police. Non disclosure/disregard for basic rights whilst proceedings are prolonged, dirty illegal ‘off the ball’ harassment & criminality -to cover rampant ‘dirty hands’ – whilst the bench/bar fail to simply act as obligated smiling to each as the pockets are filled via the state but with a wink to the ‘opponent’ – protected by the mutual need to maintain a moralising veneer. In no other country are judges so ignorant of how horrendous the pompous patter and meaningless deflecting of basic principles and arguments let alone liberty and freedoms of many – can sound. When it is a dishonest butchering of peoples lives to foster a petty grudge or show camaraderie to ‘brother’ judge whilst being utterly immune to the negativity and flagrant disregard for evidence – for say an individual wrongly imprisoned – it’ll go on for 20 more years – appoint judges from wider groups and varying talents – eliminate the pretence -sitting round a table works for a reason – can’t hide from the truth

  5. mickey mouse said

    [You ain’t any more intelligent than your spiritual mentor and namesake. Moderator K.]

  6. wedxrthj said

    Did you read this? He couldn’t even be stuffed acknowledging them in his lifetime. At least he sent 10 shillings for awhile.


  7. Linda G. said

    Thank you for the valuable information.

  8. a.ro said

    [Isn’t that being extremely selective, bordering on dishonest? BTW, 80 percent of the moderators and contributors on this blog are white europeans, as we keep mentioning. The only true statement you’ve made in your comment is that we, the white people, “only make up 9 to 12 percent of the world’s population…” You might want to qualify that statement by pointing out the proportion of atrocities committed against us by the other 90 percent of the world population and vice versa! White Moderator D.H. ]

  9. Masaru Hashimoto said

    I can truly understand all these injustice in this country as I myself have gone through much discrimination and prejudice in justice system in NZ.

  10. Justice Lowell Goddard can any one give me any info if this judge has links to corruption as she is leading the child abuse inquiry in the ukk and has been linked to vips and i feel these children will not get justice

  11. Mediawatch said

    The fucking judge Farish sentences a pig to home detention for rape!

    Rapist pig sentenced to home detention for violating woman asleep in her room

    Henry Hamish Millar was given 11 months’ home detention after he was found guilty of sexual violation in the halls of residence at Lincoln University.
    Judge Jane Farish told the court that although she considered imprisonment, she recognised Millar’s age, previous good character and his willingness to engage with restorative justice when deciding upon the sentence.

  12. OP said

    The Power of Corruption: Anal Jane Judge Fucking Farish Does it Again!

    Christchurch school-leaver escapes conviction for toothbrush assault
    May 26, 2020
    “A former Christchurch Boys’ High School student charged after violating another student with a toothbrush has emerged with a clean record.

    “The youth, who was 17 at the time of the September 2018 incident, was discharged without conviction when he appeared before Judge Farish in the Christchurch District Court on Tuesday. He was also granted permanent name suppression.”

    Judge Jane Farish discharged the offender without conviction, saying she believed he should not have been charged.


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