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Health Warnings

New Zealand Visitor Health Warnings

Toxic New Zealand Headline

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  1. […] Health Warnings […]

  2. […] Health Warnings […]

  3. […] Health Warnings […]

  4. […] New Zealand Health Warnings […]

  5. […] Zealand, on the other hand, has one of the poorest standards of food hygiene in the developed world. As for Fonterra, New Zealand’s diary giant,  they have previously […]

  6. […] New Zealand Health Warnings […]

  7. […] New Zealand Health Warnings […]

  8. […] Health Warnings […]

  9. […] New Zealand Health Warnings […]

  10. […] Two die in suspected norovirus outbreak in New Zealnad—the bedrock of personal and food hygiene!! […]

  11. […] Health Warnings […]

  12. […] Health Warnings […]

  13. […] Health Warnings […]

  14. […] Health Warnings […]

  15. […] Health Warnings […]

  16. […] Health Warnings […]

  17. […] Health Warnings […]

  18. […] Global Food Safety and Health Bulletin […]

  19. […] Health Warnings […]

  20. […] Health Warnings […]

  21. […] For Recent New Zealand Health Warning Click Here […]

  22. […] New Zealand Travel Health Warnings […]

  23. […] See: New Zealand Visitor Health Warnings […]

  24. […] New Zealand Visitor Health Warnings […]

  25. Annie said

    Hello Everybody,

    I am delighted to come here. It is a perfect forum

  26. […] New Zealand Visitor Health Warnings […]

  27. […] New Zealand Visitor Health Warnings […]

  28. Jake said

    [Jake, jake, take your head out of your toosh and have a breath of fresh air, unless you’re in Auckland, off curse. Moderator K]

  29. BF said

    I suggest people think carefully about moving to New Zealand, my mum was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and the doctor at Hutt Hospital placed her on a 4 year waiting list, because of this and I am deciding that 4 years just dangerous and situations can change, I am taking my mum overseas to get her problem treated.

  30. BF said

    Also another one is Asthma,I have it myself,NZ is very harsh on Asthmatics in terms of climate and also waiting at the local A&E could range from 4 to 7 hours,NZ also is the 2nd highest in the world to have Asthma,why is the NZ Gov covering up about the asthma problem

  31. JM said

    Epilim: Hundreds of babies exposed to medicine known to cause birth defects
    “Hundreds, if not thousands, of unborn babies have been exposed to a medicine known to cause serious birth defects. Officials are accused of being too slow in reacting to the threat. Blair Ensor reports.”

  32. Anne MD said

    Operating theatre bed collapses mid-surgery, woman’s liver accidentally cut
    Jul 18 2020

    A woman’s liver was accidentally cut and had to be cauterised because the operating theatre bed she was on “collapsed a bit” mid-surgery.

    Southern Cross Hospitals has launched an investigation into the incident in Christchurch on Tuesday, and is testing all beds in the facility.

    Connie John said she was “pretty shocked and upset” when she found out what had happened to her 59-year-old mother, who did not want to be named, during surgery to remove her gallbladder at the private hospital.


  33. Edmund [A Blog Moderator] said

    Sent via email to the blog
    Just how competent are the body mechanics working in NZ?

    Posted on June 26, 2017

    The Most Heavily Censored Blog in Fort New Zealand! (Bad Karma) ***** At least 4,000 overseas visitors, international students, foreign workers, recent emigrants and refugees have lost their lives and more than 24,000 others seriously injured in New Zealand between Jan 2000 and Jan 2017. All silent Kiwis are complicit in the mass killing of […]


  34. SB said

    Northland woman with arterial disease: ‘I don’t trust [NZ] doctors anymore’
    Oct 05 2020
    Suzanne Insley calls her lower right limb “zombie leg” and says it hurts all the time.
    What began with a simple sore toe two years ago has left the 31-year-old Northland woman asking doctors to cut off her leg due to the intense pain she’s in every day.

    “Walking or trying to walk at any sort of fast pace – my whole calf muscle cramps up and then it kind of feels like it reduces the blood flow to my foot and then my foot goes numb and dead. It’s ridiculous.”

    It all started in January 2018, when she went to her doctor at Kerikeri’s KeriMed medical centre, with a cold, purple toe on her right foot.

  35. Zara said

    Swab mistakenly left inside Auckland DHB patient’s abdomen for a month
    Oct 05 2020
    A woman was left “traumatised” after a swab was mistakenly left inside her abdomen for about a month following surgery in Auckland.

  36. Anne MD said

    New Zealand’s dental care in a ‘state of crisis’ — Oct 10 2020

    * Canterbury children record high levels of tooth decay
    * 23 children and teens a day hospitalised for dental care, as water fluoridation bill flounders
    * Fluoridation of water ‘not even an issue’, Timaru dentist says
    * Unaffordable dental care: ‘I can’t do anything about it’

  37. Jason said

    [SEWAGE CITY! The Blog doesn’t call Sewage City “Sewage City” for nothing! -Editor]

    Fatberg spills 20,000 litres of sewage into Wellington harbour
    Nov 12 2020
    Twenty thousand litres of sewage flowed gushed into Wellington harbour on Thursday morning amidst two consecutive pipe failures.

    – Fifty-seven hours worth of wastewater dumped into Napier estuary – Nov 12 2020
    Countless litres of wastewater has been dumped into a Napier estuary over a 57-hour period, prompting warnings against swimming or bathing in and around the city.

    – Blocked pipe causes sewage to flow out on Wellington road

    – Billions down the drain: The overwhelming scale of Wellington’s pipe crisis

  38. Anne MD said

    Senior doctor deaths blamed on high workloads and stress — Nov 26 2020

    Six senior doctors have taken their own lives in two years while patients across the country will be seeing overly-fatigued doctors “every weekend”, a union leader says.

    “We have SMOs [senior doctors] who are still working 12 days in a row, who work eight-hour weekends, who are fatigued, exhausted, making mistakes and committing suicide,” said Deborah Powell, national secretary for the New Zealand Resident Doctors Association, at the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS) conference on Thursday.

    “We have SMOs [senior doctors] who are still working 12 days in a row, who work eight-hour weekends, who are fatigued, exhausted, making mistakes and committing suicide,” said Deborah Powell, national secretary for the New Zealand Resident Doctors Association, at the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS) conference on Thursday.


  39. Anne MD said

    Departing American surgeon says DHB not giving West Coasters the care they deserve
    Lois Williams Local Democracy Reporter13:21, Dec 03 2020

    Mindy Young-Reeves, an American surgeon working in Greymouth has resigned, saying the people of the West Coast deserve better than a hospital essentially run by GPs.

  40. YGBFKM said

    Un-spammed by blog moderator K.

    Significant numbers of comments and submissions sent to this blog are censored by way of being re-directed to and buried in the spam bin. Some of the messages found in the spam bin are un-spammed by Moderators where possible.


    Study shows one in four Kiwis at risk of mental health struggles
    Feb 14 2021
    A quarter of New Zealand adults are at risk of struggling with their mental health, a new study shows.
    Boil water warning in Canterbury towns after dead animals found
    14 February 2021
    Akaroa and Takamatua residents are being told to boil water before using it for drinking, cooking and cleaning teeth.
    On Tuesday during a routine check, several small dead animals were found in a Banks Peninsula reservoir supplying water to the area, Christchurch City Council said.
    Fonterra discharging nitrogen-heavy water onto ‘ghost farms’
    13 February 2021
    It was on his runs that Neville Ross first noticed cows were slowly disappearing from local farms. In 2017 most of the stock vanished from two farms. A year later they disappeared from a third Cambridge farm.
    “Some places you realise there’s no animals – at all – for like a year.”
    Neville Ross himself has brain cancer. His wife, Denise, says she can’t help wondering if there is any link to their bore water.
    Dumping contaminants: Hamilton City Council slated for staying ‘sweet’ with businesses 11 February 2021
    Revealed: The companies dumping contaminants down the drain
    9 February 2021
    Drinking water nitrate limit 11 times higher than it should be – health expert
    9 February 2021

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