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5,500 Foreigners Violently Killed & 35,000 Seriously Injured by NZ Tourism Machination since 2000 — Welcome to the World's Deadliest Tourist Attraction: The Final Destination!

Mt Cook, Etc.

Mt Cook, Mt Aspiring & Arthur’s Pass National Parks

Welcome to Three of New Zealand’s Top 10 Tourist Deathtraps

Killed in NZ: Many hundreds of people have been killed while climbing/hiking in the two national parks since 1907.

Two killed in a climbing fall on Remarkables near Queenstown
UPDATE: The victims were 62-year-old Brett Alexander Lentfer who resided in Australia.
And 44-year-old James Harry Spaile of Australia, police said.

Double fatality – climbing incident in The Remarkables, Queenstown [Wednesday, 6 November 2019]
Two people, probably Australian visitors, were killed in a climbing fall on The Remarkables mountain range, Queenstown.
“Police were alerted to two climbers who had fallen from the side of a cliff face at around 11:45am.
“The pair were climbing an area known as the Grand Traverse when they sadly fell.
“Police have recovered the body of one of the climbers and are working to recover the body of the second climber.
Police are also working to notify the victims’ next of kin.”

–   The Final Destination: Aussie Policeman Killed in Aoraki/Mt Cook Avalanche

Mt Cook claims another tourist: Mt Cook avalanche death – name release
Friday, 30 November 2018 – 3:40pm – Canterbury
The latest victim of Mt Cook was a policeman from Australia, police has revealed.
He was Nathan Deutschbein, aged 40.

–   The Final Destination: Two More Foreigners Killed on Mt Cook [October 31, 2018]

–   Another American ‘Adventurer’ Killed Prematurely in New Zealand   [December 30, 2016]

  One climber dead, another seriously injured in New Zealand [December 3, 2016]

–   Two more climbers killed in New Zealand’s Mt Cook national park  [January 1, 2016]

–   Swedish Climber Killed on Mount Cook [November 4, 2013]

–   Japanese climber and his partner freeze to death on Mt Taranaki [October 29, 2013]

–  Two more Australians killed in New Zealand [January 2, 2016]

Two Australians, Stuart Jason Hollaway, 42, and his partner Dale Amanda Thistlethwaite, 35, were killed after falling from Mt Silberhorn in New Zealand’s Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park. The victims’ bodies have finally been recovered from the upper slopes of the mountain.

The pair had been travelling in New Zealand for about three weeks, and were the second and third Melburnians to die on a mountain in Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park in under two weeks.

Nicola Anne Andrews, 28, was killed when she fell 300 metres from the side of The Footstool on to the Eugenie Glacier on December 23, 2015.

–   Melbourne woman, two divers killed in New Zealand  [December 24, 2015]

–  Teen missing in ice shelf presumed dead [September 15, 2009]

The missing 18-yo student who allegedly fell through an ice shelf on Mt Rolleston near Arthur’s Pass on Saturday , was named as Edward Sai Louie.

Why Was Japanese Mountain Guide Left to Die  [December 6, 2008]

Kiyoshi Ikenouchi, 49,a mountain guide from Tokyo was left to die on Mt Cook for three reasons…

–   Australian climber missing, presumed dead  [December 13, 2008]

–   American tourist killed on the Mt Cook National Park  [February 28, 2008]

This time an American tourist was killed in New Zealand. Alan Paul Leger, a 57-year-old from Boston… To add insult to injury because the victim was an American, and the New Zealanders don’t like “septic tanks” (Yanks) in their neck of the woods, New Zealand police declared: “The American tourist who fell to his death in the Mt Cook National Park yesterday was inexperienced in the alpine environment.”

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The following information was submitted by a blog reader from Denmark

Families, friends mourn Australian deaths in NZ avalanche –
Updated 31 Dec 2003, 9:48pm
Families, friends and colleagues are mourning the death of four men, including two Australian, who died in an avalanche in New Zealand yesterday.

Australians Dave Neil Gardner, 40, and Dr Andrew Charles Platts, 31, died with two other people in the avalanche on the slopes of Mount Tasman in the Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand.
Three of the four who died, including Mr Gardner, were mountain guides for the same company.
At least ten people have died on Mt Cook this year (2003).

ANNA PEARSON11:37, Dec 20 2014  https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/64350575/null
There’s a document in an office in Aoraki/Mt Cook village with hundreds of names on it. It lists “age”, “sex”, “nationality”, “region”, “cause”, and goes back more than 100 years. George Napier, a Kiwi in his 20s, was the first to, in mountaineer- speak, “cross the divide”, or die, in the area. Napier went missing in the Hooker River region, on December 29, 1907, “presumed drowned”.

There have been more than 230 fatalities [actual toll is probably 300+] in Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park recorded since then, including 78 from climbing Aoraki, a long, blocky mountain at more than 3700 metres tall, with three peaks. Hypothermia, avalanches, lightning, rockfalls, heart attacks and plane crashes are all listed as contributing to the tally.
…in 1994, a 34-year-old Japanese woman disappeared without a trace on a day walk to Mueller Hut. The woman, Masami Somaki, is among about 60 people with “M” beside their name, for “missing/not recovered”.

“The park really is a bit of an urupa (burial site),” says Department of Conservation (DOC) partnerships ranger Shirley Slatter, whose colleague, 28-year-old Stuart Haslett, an experienced mountaineer and “much loved” member of DOC’s Aoraki Alpine Rescue Team, died in a fall while climbing the East Ridge of Mt Cook last Saturday. Slatter’s job is to update the fatality list for the national park. Haslett was number 234.

Bob McKerrow, a member of the Mt Cook rescue team from 1970 to 1973, has climbed Aoraki three times. At 66, he says mountain deaths have “stalked” his life. By age 20, McKerrow had lost more than 15 people he had climbed with on a rope or in the same party. “By 30 the number had doubled.”

There’s a faded image of him with Keith McIvor and Graham Lockett, a young bunch, handsome, on the top of Mt Huxley in 1967. “I was 18 and when I returned to Dunedin from this trip, I found my cousin Mike Cooper had died on an Otago University climbing trip to Mt Awful. We were close and it shattered me,” he says.

Five years later, in 1972, McIvor, who was McKerrow’s “best climbing companion and friend”, died too. McIvor, 27, was caught in an avalanche with his American friend William Hauck, 21, while attempting the first winter ascent of Mt Cook by the Caroline Face. His body was recovered in 1983.

[An incomplete] catalogue of the climbing deaths in Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park over the last decade:

Feb 5, 2004 – Adrian Iordache, 27, Romanian, slipped and fell from the Linda Ice Shelf on to the Linda Glacier below.

Mar 30, 2004 – Phillip Toms, 22, of Australia, fell 1000 metres down the East Face of Mt Cook from the summit.

Mar 9, 2005 – John Lowndes, 59, English, Kazuhiro Kotani, 29, Japanese, and Erica Beuzenberg, a Kiwi guide, 41, were roped together in Ball Pass when Lowndes slipped and pulled the other two with him.

Dec 6, 2006 – Rikke Prior, 25, from Denmark, was on a guided climbing course when she slipped and fell 300m on the Annette Plateau. A guide tried desperately to catch her.

Jan 24, 2007 – Takao Futono, 52, and Meguru Inoue, 31, both Japanese, had reached the summit of Mt Cook with a third member of their climbing club. They were descending when a rock they were all attached to fell. The third member survived when another rock fall cut the sling attaching him to the rock that gave way.

Mar 24, 2007 – Nina Creedman, 29, from the United States, who had climbed Mt Sealy with three others, was hit by rockfall.

Jan 1, 2008 – Anton Wopereis, 54, fell on Mt Cook while guiding a Scottish woman.

Feb 8, 2008 – Alan Leger, 57, of the United States, slipped and fell from a ridge in the Mueller Hut area.

Dec 5, 2008 – Japanese climber Kiyoshi Ikenouchi, 49, died in his sleeping bag of exposure on the Middle Peak of Mt Cook.

Dec 11, 2008 – Mark Vinar, 43, a doctor from Perth, died when he fell from the Zurbriggen Ridge of Mt Cook after bad weather forced him and his brother back from a summit attempt.

Jan 26, 2009 – Ohad Dotan, 26, Israeli, had climbed to Mueller Hut and was descending when he took the wrong route. He lost his pack down a bluff and appeared to have been climbing down to retrieve it when he fell.

Sept 30, 2009 – Kok Wong, 32, Malaysian, disappeared somewhere in Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park after setting off for a walk.

Sept 13, 2013 – Duncan Rait, 36, slipped and fell 150m high up on the Tasman Glacier.

Sept 14, 2013 – Robert Buckley, in his 30s, from England, fell about 700m while climbing Mt Sefton above the Mueller Glacier.

Nov 1, 2013 – Magnus Kastengren, Swedish, in his 30s, fell 600m while skiing from the summit of Mt Cook.

July 16, 2014 – Gary Francis, 44, a Sydney-based Englishman and former Royal Marine, fell 40m when snow on an ice bridge collapsed under him in the Grand Plateau area.

Dec 13, 2014 – Stuart Haslett, 28, fell on the East Ridge of Mt Cook when he put his pick into some ice, pulled himself up and rocks gave way.

Danish Climber Dies in Mt.Cook National Park
Submitted by socialclimber on 2006-12-06
24 year old Rikke Marie Prior and her partner arrived in New Zealand in August planning a year long stay. Their holiday has been tragically cut short when Ms. Prior was involved in an accident while she and her partner were taking a basic mountaineering course on the Annette Plateau in Mt Cook National Park.

Ms. Prior suffered serious head injuries in the 300m fall but was alive when the Mt.Cook SAR team arrived at the scene. “The rescue was difficult,” said Constable Brent Swanson of Twizel Police, “However the conditions were perfect and she was able to be directly loaded into the helicopter rather than having to be winched aboard.” she was transferred to a larger helicopter at Mt. Cook Village for the flight to Christchurch. She later died in hospital.
Rikke Marie Prior was from Lygbe, Denmark, she was 24.

NZ Police had reported Rikke’s injury, but did not follow up with report of her death.
Update on climber’s condition
Wednesday, 6 December 2006 – 4:18pm
National News
The 24 year old Danish woman who fell in the Mt Cook National Park this morning is described as being in Intensive Care, seriously ill.
Constable Brent SWANSON, Twizel Police, says it is believed that she slipped and struck several rocks on her way down.
“The rescue was difficult,” he says. “However the conditions were perfect and she was able to be directly loaded into the helicopter rather than having to be winched aboard.”
The guiding company she was with has been named as Alpine Guides Ltd.

Sent by Brigette L.

list of the known climbers who were killed in Mount Aspiring National Park between 2007 and 2014: “Why are so many people dying in Mount Aspiring National Park?”
“The latest presumed fatality is Wellington man Scott Oliver, known as Brock, who went missing on Sunday while tramping in the Jumboland area of the Wilkin Valley, near Makarora.”
Deaths in and around Mount Aspiring National Park

  • December 2014: Maureen (“Mo”) Anne Schofield, 68, Wanaka – Fern Burn Track, Motatapu Valley (tramping)
  • August 2014: Ari Ross Kingan, 21, Golden Bay – Mt Aspiring (climbing)
  • August 2014: Jerome Box, 52, Auckland – Mt Alta (helicopter)
  • August 2013: Ken Copland, 63, Wanaka – Lake Wanaka (fishing)
  • December 2012: Frank Spychalski, 38, Germany – Cascade Saddle (tramping)
  • November 2012: Antonina Arillotta, 38, Italy – Wanaka Airport (skydiving)

October 2012: Murray Austin Rivers, 65, Wanaka – Makarora River (jet boat)

January 2012: Matthew John Laing, 23, Alexandra – Rob Roy Valley (hunting/tramping)

January 2012: Dion Latta, 15, Palmerston – Motatapu Gorge (canyoning)

January 2012: Michael Gillard Taylor, 60, Wellington – Mt Twilight (tramping)

December 2011: Dougal Disston Standford Fyfe, 23, Maungawera – Maungawera (hunting)

August 2011: Rene Weissange, 25, Germany – Lake Hawea (kayaking)

June 2011: Julian Stukenborg, 23, Germany – Cascade Saddle (tramping)

April 2011: Graham Alan Stott, 31, Wanaka, and Marcus Hoogvliet, 21, Frankton – Arawhata Saddle (helicopter)

December 2010: Expatriate Singaporean Eng Wu Ong, 21, Australia – Mt Aspiring (climbing)

December 2009: Expatriate Australian Karl Walter Quaass, 30, Dunedin – Wilmot Saddle (tramping)

December 2008: Expatriate Russian Irina Yun, 36, Auckland – Dart River (tramping); remains found in November 2009

December 2008: Blair Martyn, 21, Dunedin – Lake Hawea (swimming)

December 2008: Dr Paul Wood, UK – Matukituki River (jetboating)

November 2008: John Pawson, 48, Wanaka – Mt Aspiring (climbing)

November 2008: Morgan Saxton, 31, Haast – Lake Wanaka (helicopter)

July 2008: Leonard Alexander Phease (19), Dunedin – Liverpool Hut, Mt Aspiring (tramping/climbing)

March 2008: Alan Leslie Beck, 49, Australia – Mt Aspiring (climbing)

May 2007: Austin Michael Hanchey, 20, US – Mt Aspiring (climbing)

April 2007: Derek Hawkins, 72, UK – unnamed remote stream, Siberia Valley (tramping); remains found December 2008

March 2007: Keith Andrew MacKenzie, 25, Canada and Jonathan Stein, 61, US – Homestead Peak (helicopter)

February 2007: Robert Collins, 59, UK – Makarora River (tramping)

  • January 2007: Stephen Damien Colombo, 45, Australia – Matukituki River (hunting/tramping)
  • February 2006: Anna Ryan, 17, Dunedin – Motatapu River (canyoning)
  • January 2005: Dr Donal Deery, 25, Ireland – Cascade Saddle (tramping)
  • January 2005: Marc David Freedman, 22, Australia – Mt Aspiring (climbing)
  • January 2005: Niklas Werner, 28, Germany – Mt Aspiring (climbing) https://i.stuff.co.nz/national/64738670/

Deaths on “The Ramp”

  • April 2004: Gavin Cederman, 49, Takaka, and Barrie Arthur, 31, Franz Josef. Climbing companion Christopher Moore, 30, of England, survived. The climbers were roped together.
  • January 2005: German Niklas Werner, 28, a PhD student at Waikato University, fell 100m to his death while traversing The Ramp.
  • January 2005: Marc David Freedman, 22, was recovered from a crevasse on the Bonar Glacier after he fell 50m climbing The Ramp with a friend.
  • August 2014: Ari Ross Kingan, 21, Golden Bay – Mt Aspiring (climbing)

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Sent by a reader –  https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/killed-in-nz/#comment-72044

NPS said

Climber plummets 50 metres to death in Arthur’s Pass National Park
Sergeant Chris Jones said the man, a foreign national who had been living in New Zealand for several years, lost his footing and fell to his death.

Hungarian Gergo Verhas dead after 50m fall at Arthur’s Pass
The climber who fell 50 metres to his death at Arthur’s Pass National Park has been named as Gergo Verhas.

New Zealand Climber Caleb Jennings Dies from Avalanche
New Zealand climber Caleb Jennings died in hospital after being involved in an avalanche on Oct. 22.
He was the fifth member of the New Zealand alpine team to die in five years. The 31-year-old was climbing near Mount Harper when a wet-slide avalanche on low angle terrain in Arthurs Pass National Park took him down a slope.

The other four team members who’ve died in climbing accidents include Ari Kingan, 21, who died on a descent of Mount Aspiring in 2014. Jamie Vinton-Boot, 30, who was killed in an avalanche in the Remarkables. And Conor Smith, 22, and Sarwan Chand, 27, who died while climbing the south face of Marian Peak in the Darran Mountains.

Sateesh Babu from Bangalore, India killed in NZ

[October 3, 2018] Once again, New Zealand was the Final Destination for a foreign tourist. Sateesh Babu Halehally-Chikkanna, 54, a tourist from Bangalore, India froze to death on Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

Alpine team death review kept private, despite calls to release findings
Michael Wright 17:04, Sep 25, 2018
New Zealand Alpine Team (NZAT) members Conor Smith, 22, and Sarwan Chand, 27, died while climbing the south face of Marian Peak in the Darran Mountains in April last year. They were the third and fourth NZAT members killed inside four years.

Two Killed on Arthur’s Pass [in 2002 and 2009]
An experienced Arthurs Pass climber and outdoor educator has fallen to his death on Mount Philistine, prompting warnings to beware the treacherous South Island peak.
Noel Clyde Oien, 38, the manager of the Arthurs Pass Outdoor Education Centre, appeared to have fallen 200m to his death while climbing, police said last night.
In 2002, Christchurch engineer Antonius Arnoldus Petrus de Groot, 54, died after falling over a steep bluff on the mountain.

Bus crash near Arthur’s Pass ‘worst incident I have ever attended’
Paramedics arriving at the “horrific” scene of a bus crash near Arthur’s Pass found people with partially amputated feet and hands, head injuries and broken bones.
St John territory manager and incident commander Kerry Mitchell said Thursday’s crash between a car and bus in the Otira Gorge, involving 36 people, was “definitely the worst incident I have ever attended”.

FIVE people, four climbers and a rescuer were killed on Mt Rolleston
In June 1996, two Kiwis and two Brits were killed while attempting to climb Mt Rolleston,
The two Kiwis, Christchurch’s Bruce Ferguson, 19, and Invercargill’s Colin Robertson, 20, were joined by Michael Harper and Jeffrey Wilby, aged in their 20s.
A weather change severely hampered the group’s trip and they failed to return from the peak. A rescue mission led by John Harrison, one of the country’s top climbers at the time, was launched to retrieve the group and a camp was set up on the mountain.
While the rescuers were sleeping, an avalanche swept through their camp, killing Harrison.

Woman killed in Arthur’s Pass crash  – Aug 31 2013
A woman is dead and two other passengers are in critical condition after a van rolled down a bank near Arthur’s Pass.
Six people were involved in the incident this morning where a van come of a cliff and rolled down a bank off the West Coast Road between Cass and Bealey Spur.
Police have confirmed one woman has died and five other passengers have been transported to Christchurch Hospital.
A man and a woman are in a critical condition in Christchurch Hospital. The other three passengers are believed to be in stable condition.
http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/9112606/One-dead-in-70m-horror-plunge [photos]

It was the second fatal crash on the same South Island alpine highway yesterday. The other occurred near Porters Pass in the foothills of the Southern Alps about 5.30pm. A 39-year-old Christchurch woman was killed when her station wagon and a tour bus collided about 5.30pm.

In the years between 1860 and 1999, records detail the deaths of 128 people resulting from avalanches in Aotearoa New Zealand. http://www.sunrockice.com/docs/NZ%20avalanche%20fatalities%202004.pdf

Woman killed in Arthur’s Pass canyoning fall named  – Friday, 23 March 2018
A German/Australian woman killed in a tragic fall near Temple Basin on Sunday afternoon was a paramedic from Bundaberg in Queensland.
Verena Jantje Kuhl, 32, known as Jantje, fell 100m to her death on the Twin Creeks Falls while canyoning with her partner.

Russian man killed in a fall in Arthur’s Pass, dated Apr 30, 2019
Aleksandr Tsygankov, 40, from Rostov-on-Don in southern Russia, went missing while tramping with two friends on April 13 and was found dead about 2 kilometres north of Crow Hut, in the Jellicoe area, at 3.20pm the next day.

Body found in Tararua Forest Park, dated Aug 20, 2016
John Arthur’s body was located in the Field Peak area of the Tararua Ranges late Saturday afternoon.

Body of Missing Tramper Located, dated Friday, 31 October 2014
Police and LandSAR have this morning located a body belived to be the missing male they were looking for in the vicitnity of Mount Hector, Tararua Forest Park.

Body of climber who was killed in Arthur’s Pass recovered, dated Dec 02, 2016
Police are working to formally identify a climber who fatally fell on a mountain near the South Island village of Arthur’s Pass.

Inquest into Arthur’s Pass truck collision
Piki Lewis Jones was killed when his fully laden truck and trailer crashed down a gorge on the Otira Highway in 2011.

Trampers killed in Tararua Forest Park – name release
Wednesday, 23 November 2016
The names of the two men who were killed can now be released: Mykhalo Stepura (also known as Michael Stepura), 39, from Lower Hutt; and Pavel Pazniak, 32, from Auckland. Mr Stepura was originally from the Ukraine, and Mr Pazniak was originally from Belarus.

Missing trampers found dead in ranges
Wednesday, 15 July 2009
The bodies of a man and a woman believed to be those of missing trampers Dr Seddon Bennington and Marcella ‘Rosie’ Jackson have been found by a search and rescue team in the Tararua ranges.

Killed in Milford Sound

Police finally released name of the French woman who was killed in a fall in the Gertrude Valley, Milford Sound on January 10, 2017, a report said.  She was Anne-Marie Scaglione-Genet, 53.  https://stuff.co.nz/national/88586387/french-tramper-died-after-fall-in-fiordland-national-park

NZ police were forced to report the death after foreign media broke out news of the fatal incident.

– In 2015, the body of German tramper Christine Lenicker was found on the western side of the Homer Tunnel car park after snow had melted.

– In 2016, a 31-year-old [unnamed] Israeli soldier was killed when they slipped and fell while descending on a steep part of the track.

– In 2011, Australian tramper James Poland was killed after he fell 130 metres. Poland was on the Barrier Knob, between Gertrude Saddle and Lake Adelaide, when he slipped and fell to his death.

– In November 2016, an unnamed male French tourist was killed while hiking on Banks Peninsula.

Climbers missing on Aoraki-Mt Cook may never be found

More than 60 bodies of dead climbers have never been found, a report said.

The missing, ruled or presumed dead include:

  • Malaysian hiker Kok Liang Wong, 32, went missing on Aoraki-Mt Cook in September 2009, and was never found.
  • Sydney doctor Mike Bishop, 53, and German father and son Raphael Viellehner, 58, and Johann, 27,went missing in January 2015.
  • The [reported] “death toll at Aoraki-Mount Cook National Park in the Southern Alps now stands at 238 [as of January 2015.]”

Mt Taranaki is New Zealand’s second-deadliest peak, with 82 [reported] deaths[as of January 2015.]”

Climber grabbed at grass tufts before falling 100 metres to her death at Mt Aspiring National Park

– Nicole Leman, a 24-year-old Alsakan tourist is the third person to die in Mt Aspiring National Park this year (2015).
Leman died in Mt Aspiring National Park on December 9, 2015, after falling more than 100 metres off Rabbit Pass, a route in the South Island’s Mt Aspiring National Park,

– Wellington tramper Scott Oliver, 42, drowned in the Wilkin River during a tramping trip in the national park on January 4, 2015. His body was then carried down the river to the point where it was found 19 days later.

– Allison Lynn Willen, a 20-year-old American tourist, drowned after falling into the Young River while tramping on the Gillespie Pass on April 25, 2015. Her body was found nine days later.

Of 65 tramping fatalities between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2019, 12 were river crossing drownings, said Mountain Safety Council chief executive Mike Daisley.

“Westland and Queenstown Lakes District each have had three river crossing fatalities, the top locations in the country.”

River-crossing fatalities in the Queenstown Lakes region include:

– April 2015 – Allison Willen, 20, who was killed on the Gillespie Pass Circuit, Mt Aspiring.
– January 2015 – Scott Oliver, 42, who was killed on the Wilkin Valley Track, Mt Aspiring.
– December 2008 – Irina Yun, 36, who was killed (cloak and dagger style) on Cascade Saddle Track by Dart River, Mt Aspiring.

Westland fatalities include:

* April 2017 – Ben Gourdie, 29, was found dead in Taipo River, south of Julia Hut, near Jacksons in the Grey district.
* December 2011 – Poi Moy Tan, 31 and Yu Ling Chen, 28, who died on Roberts Point Track, Franz Joseph.

NANZ said

Kiwi dies on Tongariro Crossing” Feb 14, 2020
A three-day rāhui has been put in place after a Kiwi man died halfway up the stairs of the Tongariro Crossing.
“The Tongariro Crossing is one of New Zealand’s most popular hikes spanning 19.4 kilometres of the Tongariro National Park. It’s considered one of the most dangerous walks in the country.”
“In just nine months in 2019 (between April and December) at least 11 people died while tramping in the Tararua Range, Arthur’s Pass, the Remarkables, the Tongariro Northern Circuit, Nelson Lakes National Park, Mount Lancelot, and the Routeburn Track.”
“A recent analysis conducted by Mountain Safety Council (MSC) found the Tongariro Alpine Crossing had the most safety incidents over nearly a decade. In total there were 293 incidents – a combination of fatalities, search and rescues, and injuries – compared with 52 on the Mount Taranaki Summit Route, and 47 on the Milford Track over the same period. The exact number of fatalities for each track wasn’t yet known by MSC.”
“The most fatalities occurred in Southland, followed by Queenstown Lakes and Tasman, Westland, the Tararua Ranges, Aoraki/Mount Cook, and Central North Island, Taranaki and Auckland.”
Friday, 14 February 2020 – 10:41am | Tasman
Search for Stephanie Simpson continues
“The search for missing tramper Stephanie Simpson continues today.”
“Due to the difficult conditions in the area and the necessity for specialist crews, Police do not require any additional volunteers at this time, however we would like to thank those members of the public who have offered assistance.”

“Due to the difficult conditions in the area and the necessity for specialist crews, Police do not require any additional volunteers at this time, however we would like to thank those members of the public who have offered assistance.” [Voluntees are NOT sworn to keep police action secret!!!]