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5,500 Foreigners Violently Killed & 35,000 Seriously Injured by NZ Tourism Machination since 2000 — Welcome to the World's Deadliest Tourist Attraction: The Final Destination!

Victims’ Photos

“Why did we have to die like this?”

Many of the victims listed on this page were tragically killed on NZ “death roads”; others murdered, killed in our top tourist deathtraps, shot by police, or assassinated by the ANZ terrorists.

Unfortunately, NZ government, being a major Ponzi scheme, couldn’t give a fuck about the casualties…

Dutch Tourist Road Murdered in NZ – Judge dismisses all charges against the road-murderer, citing “medical event exemption.”

[Another fuck NZ justice moment! Dutch traveller Miranda Frijns was killed when her rental car collided with an out of control ute driven by [a well-connected evil bastard] Thomas Albert Fishburn [whose age and mental condition have not been disclosed] near Murchison in November 2019.

Another “Unexplained” Death in the Bay of Plenty [of Murders] –KD

Melania Trump’s lookalike: Rotorua mother, Melissa Jones, 25

Melissa’s death remains unexplained and Police need the public’s help to piece together her movements prior to her death.

Newlywed who drowned at West Auckland beach arrived from Afghanistan in January — Oct 11 2020

Anisa Ghanizada, an aspiring make-up artist, had recently moved to New Zealand from Afghanistan to wed her sweetheart Noorullah Habibi when tragedy struck.

Sunday, 7 June 2020 – 1:29pm | Counties Manukau
Body found in Hunua
Body of a female being found by a member of the public near Falls Road in Hunua around 3pm yesterday.
Although the formal identification process is still underway, Police believe it is the body of missing woman Elicia Hughes-Sutherland.

The 25-year-old was last seen on Tuesday 19 May, and teams of people have been conducting searches in the Hunua Falls, Cosseys, and Wairoa Reservoir areas.

‘Drunk, stoned driver’ on trial for fatal Bay of Plenty crash
Feb 11, 2020
Jason Whero Anaru-Emery, 19, of Maketu, is on trial at the High Court in Hamilton accused of the manslaughter of Halayna Wagstaff, 17.
Wagstaff was killed when a car driven by Emery crashed into Waiari Bridge and ended up down a bank on the outskirts of Te Puke, in the western Bay of Plenty, on July 21, 2018.


Two more Asian doctors killed in NZ

Sent by Apartheid NZ police news [Unspammed by Moderator B]
Friday, 14 August 2020 – 11:29am | Central

Double Fatal crash, Milson  –  name release
The two men who were “road-murdered” in a collision between a car and truck on Wednesday were James Huang, 27, and Vinay Angadi Rudresh, 26, who both lived in Palmerston North, police said.

Young Asian doctors Vinay Angadi Rudresh, 26, and James Huang, 27, were resident medical officers in the Emergency Department at Palmerston North Hospital. Photo: via Stuff NZ.

The fatal crash occurred at the intersection of Railway Road and Roberts Line, Milson, on 12 August.

The two victims were ER doctors
The two victims were resident medical officers who worked in the Emergency Department at Palmerston North Hospital.

–   The Final Destination: What Really Happened to the Cambodian Student?
February 24, 2020
Missing presumed dead: Jaden Chhayrann, 17, “not told about the dangers of Waihi Beach”
School care from hell: If you thought your teenager would be safe during a supervised school trip, think again!

NZ police, forced to release the victim’s name, even got his first name wrong:

Monday, 24 February 2020 – 1:22pm | Waikato
Correction – name release, swimmer Waihi Beach
The name of the 17-year-old boy missing off Waihi Beach is Jaden Chhayrann, not Jared.

Missing presumed dead: Jaden Chhayrann, 17. The search continues to recover remains of the teenage student who went missing presumed drowned during a supervised school trip.


German National Missing in NZ  [Recently]

Family of German tourist in New Zealand concerned for his wellbeing
The family of a German man travelling around New Zealand have concerns for his wellbeing after having no contact with him in two weeks.
Alexander Fabrice Gaitzsch, 24, left Munich and last spoke to his family on November 30 [2019] when he arrived in Auckland, godmother Babett Bildergalerie said.

Alexander Fabrice Gaitzsch, 24, who survived cycling in multiple countries, was travelling around New Zealand on a bike, when he went missing in December 2019. Photo supplied/via Stuff.

Another “Pakeha Pete” Commits Mass Murder!  Murdered mum suffered daily sexual abuse

ANZ killer torches family, stabs himself to death
Rowan Baxter, Originally from Tauranger, New Zealand, was a former member of the New Zealand Warriors team in 2005. He was in a custody battle with Ms Clarke, according to The Courier-Mail.

Later, working as a fitness coach for the National Rugby League, the Kiwi beast trained other players in fitness and technique for the sport.

Baxter then set up a business with his wife, running a fitness company, Integr8 .

Hannah Clarke and Rowan Baxter with their three murdered children Laianah, Aaliyah and Trey.

Missing British Hiker Stephanie Simpson Found Dead

Stephanie Simpson, 32, was the one of latest foreigners to meet a tragic, untimely, unnecessary and avoidable death in New Zealand. She was killed while hiking in Mount Aspiring National Park, one of NZ’s top tourist deathtraps.

Friday, 14 February 2020 – 7:16pm | Tasman
UPDATE: Body of missing British tramper located
Searchers located missing hiker Stephanie Simpson’s body this afternoon, police said.
The discovery was made about 1.40pm in the Pyke Creek area, in Mount Aspiring National Park, in New Zealand’s Southern Alps region.
Earlier, searchers had found items in the area thought to belong to Stephanie, including a pack and a pair of boots.
Ms. Simpson, from the Basildon area of Essex, was reportedly on a working holiday in New Zealand, working as a landscape gardener in Wanaka.

RIP. Stephanie Simpson, 32, a British tourist missing in NZ was found dead.

Asian student Kevin Kum Fike Lee identified as one of the two people found dead on the Makarora River
Wednesday, 12 February 2020 – 10:11am | Southern
Name release – Makarora River death
Police can now confirm the identity of one of the two people found dead on the Makarora River, on Saturday 8 February.
He was 22-year-old Kevin Kum Fike Lee,  who reportedly lived in Dunedin.

The Otago University student was one of at least two people whose bodies were found in the Makarora River in Mt Aspiring National Park by members of public at the weekend.

Kevin Kum Fike Lee, 22. His body was found in Makarora River in Mt Aspiring National Park, at the weekend. His companion has not yet been identified.

 –   Family in shock after dad cycling with daughter hit and killed by driver []
Clint Hoeben was out on short ride with the 14-year-old on Thursday, giving her tips on changing gears, when a driver heading in the same direction crashed into them, killing the father-of-two and leaving Tara with minor injuries.

South African-born Hoeben, 48, had only just fixed his mountainbike days earlier in an attempt to get fitter during the nationwide lockdown.
The Hoebens reportedly moved to New Zealand from South Africa several years ago. Initially, they lived in Christchurch before moving to Fernside after the earthquakes.

Atlanta Woman Mayuri “Mary” Singh reportedly died from Her Injuries in New Zealand Volcano Eruption
Mayuri “Mary” Singh reportedly died on Sunday 23 December morning at a New Zealand hospital after suffering burns to 70 percent of her body, a family friend told local news outlet 11Alive.  “She and her husband, Pratap “Paul” Singh, were among [at least] 47 tourists exploring the island when the volcano erupted Dec. 9.”
While police released report of the “seventeenth victim’s death“, both they and the local media kept her identity secret, though she had previoiusly been reported as one of the injured.

atlanta woman Mayuri -Mary- Singh dies from burns

Mayuri “Mary” Singh died on Sunday 23 December at a New Zealand hospital after suffering burns to 70 percent of her body.

Roger Leppien [foreign national?] found dead in a crashed vehicle down a cliff in the Upper Buller Gorge area
Tuesday, 24 December 2019 – 5:01pm | Tasman
Body located in vehicle, Buller Gorge – Murchison
Police recovered the body of a man located inside a vehicle in the Upper Buller Gorge area in Murchison on Tuesday.

Body believed to be Roger Leppien’s was found in a vehicle near Murchison on Monday, police said. Photo: NZ police/ via Stuff NZ

Swedish Hunter Hans Christian Tornmarck went missing [presumed dead] in May 2017
Mr Tornmarck, 27, is one of scores of foreigners who are permanently missing in New Zealand. He went hunting by himself on Friday 12 May, 2017 and was due out of the bush on Wednesday 17 May police said.
The Swede, like so many other foreign visitors, went missing—permanently!
He was understood to be in the Karangarua Valley, near Fox Glacier, where his sleeping bag and tent were located on Saturday 20 May, 2017.

Swedish hunter Hans Christian Tornmarck went missing May 2017

A Czech, and a German missing in NZ, presumed… (?)

Friday, 20 December 2019 – 4:20pm | Canterbury
Have you seen Petr Mandik (!!!)
Police are asking for assistance to locate 50-year-old Petr Mandik, who has not been seen since travelling to Mount Cook National Park on Friday 13 December.  Petr’s silver Nissan Tiida has been located at Tasman Valley carpark.

Foul Play? Probably!

Petr Mandik, a Czech, born in 1969, worked as Chief Security Officer of Temenos AG, “the world’s No.1 banking software” company, based in Switzerland. Based on previous similar incidents, the moderators believe Mr Mandik probably fell victim to foul play!

Have you seen Alexander Gaitzsch?
Police are asking for assistance to locate 24-year-old German tourist Alexander Fabrice Gaitzsch, who has been reported missing.
Alexander was last seen in Auckland on Sunday December 1 after arriving in New Zealand. He has brown hair, is around 170cm tall and of a slim build.


Chamorro teen Alex Taitasi, 17, reported missing on Saturday, found dead on Sunday!
Chamorro teenager Alex Taitasi, 17, was reported missing late Saturday, and found dead early Sunday!!
Police said his death was not being treated as suspicious, as is customary in NZ, and would be referred to the Coroner.

Alex Taitasi 17 Chamorro teenager found dead

RIP. Chamorro teenager Alex Taitasi, 17, was reported missing late Saturday, and found dead early Sunday!!

14 of the victims formally identified and confirmed dead. From top L: Matthew and Berend Hollander; Karla Mathews; Gavin Dallow; Kristine and Anthony Langford; Krystal Browitt. From bottom L: Jessica and Julie Richards; Tipene Maangi; Hayden Marshall-Inman; Zoe Hosking; Martin Hollander; Jason Griffiths. Source: Supplied/ via Stuff NZ.

South African Model Natasha Strydom, 20, and Jani Von Wielligh, 20, of Adelaide, Australia, were killed on the Hauraki Plains and two others left seriously injured in hospital after two separate crashes within hours of each other in Waikato.

Jani Von Wielligh (left) and Natasha Strydom were killed in a car crash (February 17, 2015) on the Hauraki Plains. A family friend described the two women as “two precious jewels”.

Mason Pendrous, 19, was found dead at the University of Canterbury’s Sonoda Campus in Christchurch on Monday. His body reportedly lay decomposing for about 8 weeks.

Family given ‘worst possible news’ as crash kills young woman: The name of a young woman who was killed after a two car head-on collision north of Auckland has been released. Coral Jobsis, 23, was travelling along Whangaparaoa Road around 5.30am when the fatal crash happened, police said. February 17, 2015

Romanian woman Irina Czibesz, 45, was murdered in Kapiti Coaston Saturday. “She’s an only child, she was a great daughter and a great mother,” her former husband said. She had no-one else in New Zealand. Police photo.

RIP. The latest Aussie to be murdered in NZ. Victorian man Sean McKinnon, 33, who was travelling with his 32-year-old Canadian fiancee, Bianca Buckley, in a campervan near the town of Raglan on the west coast of the North Island. The couple became engaged in 2017.

RIP. Tyler Nii, 27, yet another victim of negligent homicide in NZ. His body conveniently missing to prevent private prosecution. He had his whole life ahead of him and the negligently homicidal bastards took it away! Photo supplied by Nii family/ via Stuff NZ

Chinese woman Jiayi Li, also known as “Kiko”, last seen on May 19, was reported as missing on May 22, 2010. Ms Li’s body was found in the boot of her car in Hamilton on June 2. She had been stabbed to death. https://newzeelend.wordpress.com/2010/05/30/another-chinese-girl-missing-in-new-zealand/#comment-72571

RIP. Mother of two Jasmine reportedly died in Wellington Hospital on Saturday (August 2) after receiving critical, “non-accidental injuries” in Whanganui on July 31.

RIP. Mother of two Jasmine reportedly died in Wellington Hospital on Saturday (August 2) after receiving critical, “non-accidental injuries” in Whanganui on July 31.

RIP. Mt Roskill mother Katrina Jefferies, 22, was found dead in Waikowhai Reserve, Hillsborough on the morning of Tuesday 12th July, 2005. Police photo.

“Devoted Grandmother” from Hell. Lorraine Smith used a necktie to strangle 13-year-old Kalis Manaia Smith. Photo / NZME/ via NZ Herald

stian solberg found dead

RIP. Missing man Stian Solberg, 24, found dead in the Final Destination. He had gone missing on July 9, a day after his birthday.

Hineihana Sosefina Mausii died at age 2 because the staff at Dunedin Hospital were too incompetent to diagnose her medical condition. They sent her home twice. “The toddler died from cerebellar herniation caused by widespread group A Streptococcal sepsis, including pneumonia, and underlying acute myeloid leukaemia.” Photo: Supplied/ via Stuff NZ

RIP. Good Samaritan Sagaia Kaisala leaves behind husband and two children. https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/sagaia-kaisala-who-was-sadly-taken-away-from-us

The body of British hiker Darren Myers, 49, was found at the bottom of a waterfall in “hazardous” terrain, in the Tararua Range after eleven days after he went missing. Photo: SUPPLIED/DUNCAN STYLES/Via Stuff NZ

Tracey Smith was killed by hypothermia while hiking to Angelus Hut in the Nelson Lakes. Pictured at her citizenship ceremony in 2012. She lived in Takaka, Golden Bay. Photo supplied via Stuff NZ.

andrew wyatt-41-from cronwall

Andrew Wyatt, 41, yet another English tourist killed in New Zealand.

Tongan murder victim Samiuela, 21, was described as a sociable, fun-loving and hard-working young man. (Photo supplied by police).

Zita Chung, 38, was last seen around midday on Thursday, “and may be on foot carrying a red bag”, police had said on their website, before removing the missing report.

Autumn Sciascia, 22, was found dead two days after she was last seen by her family on Wednesday, (April 24). Police haven’t revealed the circumstances surrounding her tragic death. Photo: NZ police.

Northland double fatal crash. Family ‘shattered’ by loss of mother and toddler who were violently killed. Jahnaiah Fairburn and her daughter Azarliyah Hadfield, 2, were killed in the violent crash on Saturday (March 30), while her partner and 1-year-old son are recovering from multiple injuries in Auckland and Starship hospitals respectively.

RIP. Chilean woman Millaray Antonia Bravo Ramos, 27, who was killed by drowning at an Auckland beach. was ‘always smiling’. Photo SEBASTIAN VERA/SUPPLIED via Stuff NZ.

Missing person, Andrew Rance, 21, Found Dead Tuesday, 26 March 2019.  “The body of missing man Andrew Rance has been located.

RIP. Marina Liebl. The German tourist has been named as the third victim in a horror smash that also killed the Australian couple Jesse Shortland, 28, and his wife Samantha Shortland, 26, who lived in Southland. Photo supplied/ via NZherald.  NZ Po-lice are yet to confirm that Marina’s mother was also killed in the fatal crash.

Australian couple killed just 3 months after moving to NewZealand: Dipton car crash victims were due to celebrate wedding anniversary on Labour Weekend Jesse Shortland, 28, and his wife Samantha Shortland were killed in head-on collision on Dipton Winton Highway, Southland. “Two infant children were pulled from the wreckage by a farmer and a firefighter. Their 2-year-old son Heath and 8-month-old daughter Skylar were both in car seats and have survived, Fairfax reported.” The female driver of the second car was also killed in the crash. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11931526


The Christchurch mosque shootings were consecutive terrorist shooting attacks at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, during Friday Prayer on 15 March 2019. The attacks began at the Al Noor Mosque in the suburb of Riccarton at 1:40 p.m.and continued at the Linwood Islamic Centre at about 1:55 p.m.

Brenton Tarrant, a 28-year-old Australian male living in NZ, shot more than 100 people, killing at least 52 and wounding 49 others; many of the wounded suffered critical injuries.

The coward Australian terrorist was described as a white supremacist and part of the alt-right movement.

At least 51 people from 19 countries were murdered by the ANZ terrorist. The victims identified so far originally came from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mauritius, NZ, Pakistan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Syria, Turkey and UAE. Photo: Newshub

Terrorist victims missing from the original police count:

Malaysian Muhammad Haziq bin Mohd Tarmizi was shot while praying at the Al Noor mosque. His father, who was badly injured, attended his son’s funeral in a wheelchair, Malaysian media said.

Mohamad Moosid Mohamedhosen, 54, was born in Mauritius and came from the town of Vacoas.

A list of the known victims of Chch terrorist attacks is posted at Mossad-style NZ govt: Rule by lies and deception!

Korean tourist Jae Hyeon Kim was kidnapped, throttled and beheaded with a spade by “Scumbag of the Year” Shannon Brent Flewellen in late 2003. His decapitated torso remained buried for five years before police were finally forced to search for the remains following an “anonymous tip.”

Navtej Singh, a father, husband anf shopkeeper was murdered in 2009. His fate had been sealed the moment he set foot on New Zealand soil!

“The body of missing man Rahul-Nathu Dahya has been found. The 22-year-old from Te Horo was reported missing on Tuesday 5 March [2019] after failing to arrive at an appointment in Mangaweka on the previous day,” police said. [He was almost certainly victim of a racially-motivated murder.]

Body of the missing American Denver Chance, 43, was found in March 2019. He was murdered, police said. https://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/denver-chance-investigation-%E2%80%93-police-make-arrest-after-body-found

Missing Presumed…

Tasman Jessica Boyce, 27, has not been seen since Tuesday 19 March, 2019 and her family are concerned for her wellbeing, police said. https://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/missing-person-%E2%80%93-jessica-boyce-photo

Srikanth Rayadurgam

MISSING PRESUMED “MURDERED.”  Srikanth Rayadurgam, 23, an Auckland University of Technology (AUT)  student, was last seen by his family around midday on October 1, 2009 when he left his Mt Albert home, Auckland, New Zealand.

Jacek Grzybowski-l
Jacek Grzybowski, 28, a Polish computer software engineer visiting New Zealand.was killed in NZ. Mr Grzybowski went missing on May 31, 2008 and his body was found in a SHALLOW stream in the Rimutaka Forest Park on June 7, 2008. (Source)

Indian Student Ankur Sharma, 23, has been missing since 9 June 2013. https://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/35455

“The man missing from Masterton is Gurwinder Singh Dandian, not Gurwinder Singh as stated in a previous release (!!!)”  https://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/correction-search-continues-missing-masterton-man

Missing Masterton man Gurwinder Singh Dandian, 26, was last seen near a beach 1.5 km east of Cape Palliser Lighthouse around 4.30-5pm on 5 March, 2019. Items belonging to Gurwinder, including his vehicle, have been located in the Cape Palliser area.—

Murdered or Killed in NZ

Kerry Sargent, left, was killed in a head-on crash on NZ death roads. Her wife Jules was critically injured and their children Ben, 6, and Olivia, 9, are now being being cared for by a friend. Posted December 22, 2018. [Mary Peneamena, 65, from Auckland was also killed in the crash.]

Sven Urban Höglin, 23, and his fiancée Heidi Birgitta Paakkonen, 21, Swedish tourists, disappeared while hiking on the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand, in 1989. They were returning to Sweden to marry, but were brutally murdered on the Coromandel. The remains of Heidi Paakkonen’s who might have been 14 weeks pregnant at the time of her murder, were never found. Their real murderer has never been brought to justice.

Mother of a 4-year-old girl, Irina Yun, 37, was of Korean descent, raised in Kazakhstan, and lived in Moscow before moving to New Zealand. She was most probably murdered by NZ SIS in a cloak and dagger operation. [A search and rescue dog handler “subsequently located a femur and pelvis bone in the river bed wedged in between some rocks approximately three kilometres down stream of the Dart Hut.” “The Dunedin Coroner, an anthropologist and pathologist have examined the remains and have been able to confirm that the remains are that of Ms Yun,” police said. The story posted at the following link has since been removed – http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/3079959/Russian-womans-remains-found%5D

RIP. Czech tourist Dagmar Pytlickova, 31, was probably the 2,482nd foreigner to be murdered/killed in New Zealand since January 2000. Her body was found in a South Canterbury forestry block (May 29, 2012).

Grace Millane, 22, from Essex UK, was last seen in central Auckland on December 1 and was reported missing by her family 4 days later on Wednesday. Grace was on a year-long OE after graduating from the University of Lincoln in September. Grace’s violated body was discovered in six pieces on Sunday, Dec 9, 2018 in a bush, just 10m off the road, in Auckland’s Waitakere Ranges, informed sources told the blog. Her family had raised her with love for 22 years only to make the mistake of letting her visit NZ unsupervised.

Who killed Liat Okin? An Israeli tourist (soldier?) who was found dead near the Routeburn Track was likely to have been led away from the main path by an unknown person, police told the Coroner in Queenstown.  The 35-year-old woman’s body was found in the Roaring Creek by a search team on May 16 2008, more than six weeks after she went missing.

Karen Aims. Karen, 26, a visitor from Orkney Islands, was brutalized and murdered in Taupo, New Zealand (Jan 17, 2008).

Young American woman Lauren “Kimi” Worrell, 28, who was horrifically killed on 19 August 2018 at Castle Rock, was probably the 4,751st foreigner to meet a horrific end in NZ since 2010. Most of the deaths were avoidable.

“Korean woman’s death not suspicious” — police 

[Police lying through their teeth again because even the experts can’t determine cause of death within four hours of locating a corpse! ]

Wednesday, 15 August 2018 – 4:11pm – Waikato  –

“At around 12pm today officers searching the Waikato River on the Police boat located a woman’s body between Horotiu and Ngaruawahia.

“The body has now been recovered and has been identified as Hamilton woman Mi-Sook Yang, known as Annie, who has been missing since Thursday 9 August.”

Missing Mi-Sook Yang, known as Annie, was found dead six day after she went missing. Her body was found in the Waikato River between Horotiu and Ngaruawahia.

Annie’s name is not Yong Ho Shin as previously reported, police said, but they failed to explain why they got her name so wrong in the first place. {Was she another Korean Woman also murdered, but not reported by police?]

Then, within four hours of locating the corpse (body located at 12pm, police report issued at 4:11pm), police had already established the cause of death and decided it wasn’t suspicious:

“The death is not suspicious and will be referred to the Coroner.” http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/missing-woman-found-waikato-river

The mystery of why police initially named victim incorrectly as ​Yong Ho Shin also remains unsolved.

Reward of up to $30,000 offered to locate missing person Yoon Sook CHUN July 19, 2015
Yoon Sook Chun, 47, is one of more than 500 foreigners missing in New Zealand. Mrs Chun was last seen on May 18, 2009, shortly before she left her Christchurch home.


Blog moderators sincerely hope Mrs Chun, who is a mother of two, is still alive. However, the chances of that are pretty slim.

The body of a woman found in Woodhill Forest, Muriwai on Wednesday (15 February 2017) has been formally identified as that of Carissa Avison, 21-years-old, who was reported missing in Auckland in late January 2017.

Kayo Matsuzawa (left). Kayo, 29, a Japanese tourist, thought New Zealand was a safe place to visit – a mistake that cost her life. Her naked and decomposing body was discovered inside a locked cupboard in an Auckland building. Her murderer(s) walks free. She was murdered in 1998.

Birgit Brauer. Birgit, 28, a German tourist, was beaten, stabbed and strangled to death near New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Margery Hopegood. Margery, an English tourist, was stabbed to death in a toilet block in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Navin Govind, an Indian who immigrated to NZ only to be beaten to death in his shop because he was “colored.”

Shiu Prasad who also immigrated to New Zealand from India in search of a different life, but couldn’t change his skin color.

Bhagubhai Vaghel, a grandfather of two little girls, a qualified engineer and hard-working Indian who immigrated to New Zealand in search of his dreams (wrong color).

List of Chch Terrorist Victims:

1. Mujaad (Mucad) Ibrahim, aged 3. He was born in Hamilton, and is the son of Somali immigrants who arrived in New Zealand in the early 1990s.

2. Lilik Abdul Hamid, aged 58. The Indonesian foreign ministry announced Hamid’s death on its website. Hamid was an aircraft maintenance engineer with Air New Zealand for 16 years.

3. Sayyad Milne, aged 14. Sayyad, a Cashmere High School student, was killed in the shooting at the Deans Ave mosque. His mother Noraini, who was born in Singapore, managed to escape when the shooting started.

4. Hamza Mustafa, aged 16. Syrian Solidarity New Zealand confirmed the death of 16-year-old Hamza. The Cashmere High School student was the eldest son of Khaled Mustafa, who was also killed in the terrorist massacre. His younger brother is said to be in a stable condition in hospital.

5. Khaled Mustafa, aged 45. Like his son, Khaled was killed at the Masjid Al Noor mosque on Deans Ave. They had only been in the country a matter of months.

6. Atta Elayyan, aged 33. Kuwait-born Elayyan, whose death was confirmed by New Zealand Football, was a gifted futsal player and award-winning app developer. He was also a goalkeeper for the Futsal Whites, NZ national team.  Mr Elayyan, who was of Palestinian origin but also had Jordanian nationality, leaves behind a wife, Farah, and a two-year-old daughter, Aya.

7. Tariq Omar, aged 24. Omar is another former Cashmere High School student killed in the Masjid Al Noor mosque attack. His mother Rosemary had dropped him off and was driving around to find a parking space when the shooting occurred.

8. Husne Ara Parvin, aged 44. Parvin [aka, Hosne Ahmed] was tragically killed while going back into the mosque for her husband of 25 years, Farid, who is a wheelchair user. The couple, originally from Bangladesh, have a 14-year-old daughter. Ms Ahmed was among at least four Bangladeshis confirmed killed.

9. Ashraf Ali, aged 58. Ali, also known as Babu, was a regular worshiper at the Masjid Al Noor mosque, his sister Tamina Bibi told The Fiji Times. Babu was a taxi proprietor, and lost his wife just a year ago. He is survived by his only daughter.

10. Ashraf Ali, aged 61. Ashraf Ali, another Fijian man by the same name, lost his life in the Al Noor shooting. He too was a regular at the mosque. His brother Shabeer said Ashraf had migrated to New Zealand 17 years ago.

11. Syed Jahandad Ali, aged 34. Ali’s death was confirmed by the Pakistani Minister of Foreign Affairs. He was a senior dynamics developer at software company Intergen for more than six years. He is survived by his wife, Amna, and three young children.

12. Mian Naeem Rashid, aged 50. Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has labelled Rashid a martyr after he allegedly tried to tackle the Christchurch gunman and wrestle his weapon out of his hands outside the Al Noor mosque. His son Talha was also killed.

13. Talha Naeem Rashid, aged 21. Talha, like his father, was shot and killed at the Al Noor mosque. He moved with his family from Pakistan when he was 11.

14. Farhaj Ahsan, aged 30. Ahsan was a software engineer who completed his master’s degree at Auckland University in 2010. He later settled in Christchurch. His death was confirmed by Indian MP Asaduddin Owaisi.  He was married with two young children: a three-year-old daughter and six-month-old son.

15. Syed Areeb Ahmed, aged 26. Ahmed was a chartered accountant from Pakistan. He had travelled to New Zealand on behalf of PriceWaterhouseCooper about 18 months before the terrorist attacks.

16. Sohail Shahid, aged 40. Shahid’s death was confirmed by the Pakistani Minister of Foreign Affairs. He had a masters degree in chemical engineering from the Punjab University and was working as a production manager. He leaves a wife and two daughters.

17. Maulana Hafiz Musa Patel, aged 59. Patel, an Imam at Lautoka Jame Masjid in Fiji for 25 years, was visiting Christchurch with his family when he was fatally shot at Linwood mosque.

18. Dr Haroon Mahmood, aged 40. Dr Mahmood was an economics tutor at Lincoln University in Christchurch. He has previously worked at banks in Pakistan and has been a business lecturer.  [Mr Mehmood moved to New Zealand nearly five years ago from Pakistan, with his wife and two children, to study for a PhD in biochemistry, BBC said.]

19. Daoud Nabi, aged 71. Nabi was a former Canterbury Engineering employee and community leader from Afghanistan. He came to New Zealand as an asylum seeker more than 40 years ago.

20. Dr Abdus Samad, aged 67. Dr Samad was a lecturer in Bangladesh’s Agricultural Development Corporation until the end of 2012. He then moved to New Zealand with his wife and two sons, gained citizenship, and taught as a professor at Lincoln University in Christchurch.

21. Dr Amjad Hamid, aged 57. The Palestinian doctor was a senior medical officer at Hāwera Hospital in Taranaki. He migrated to New Zealand 23 years ago.

22. Osama Adnan Abu Kweik, aged 37. Kweik was originally from the Gaza Strip. He had also lived in Egypt, and was in the process of applying for New Zealand citizenship when he was killed.  He had a masters in engineering but was unable to find work in Egypt, so had moved his family to New Zealand to find a job.

23. Muse Nur Awale, aged 77. Mr. Awale was originally from Somalia, and had been living in Christchurch for about three decades.

24. Mohsin Al Harbi, aged 63. Mr al-Harbi had lived in New Zealand for 25 years, but was originally from Saudi Arabia. He worked in water desalination technology, and sometimes gave sermons at the mosque.

25. Abdukadir Elmi, aged 70. Father of four Elmi brought his family to Christchurch from Somalia about 10 years ago.

26. Omar Faruk, aged 36. Faruk came to New Zealand about two years ago from Bangladesh. He had been working as a welder.

27. Mojammel Hoq, aged 30. Hoq moved to Christchurch from Bangladesh more than three years ago. He worked in health care, and had plans to return to Bangladesh to marry his partner, start a dental clinic and start a family.

28. Hussein Moustafa, aged 70. Moustafa was of Egyptian origin. The family moved to Christchurch 20 years ago.

29. Abdelfattah Qasem, aged 60. Qasem moved to New Zealand from Palestine with his family in the early 1990s because of the Gulf War. He worked as an IT specialist in Kuwait.

30. Linda Armstrong, aged 65. Armstrong grew up in west Auckland, and moved to Christchurch a few years ago to be closer to her daughter and grandchildren. She converted to Islam in her 50s and, according to her nephew Kyron Gosse, was adored by the community at the Al Noor mosque.

31. Zeeshan Raza, aged 38. Raza was a mechanical engineer from Karachi, Pakistan. He moved to New Zealand in 2018. He is survived by his younger sister, who lives in Pakistan. Zeeshan Raza was the only son of Ghulam Husain and Karam Bibi, who were both killed in the attack.

32. Ghulam Hussain Raza, aged 66.  Ghulam Husain grew up in Karachi, Pakistan, and worked for Pakistan Airlines until his retirement.  Hussain is Raza’s father, and was killed in the Linwood Mosque while visiting his son in New Zealand.

33. Karam Bibi Raza, aged in her 63. Bibi, Hussain’s wife and Raza’s mother, was also killed  during her visit to Christchurch. [All three were killed at the Linwood Islamic Centre.]

34. Mohammed Imran Khan, aged 47. Khan moved to New Zealand from India. He owned the Indian Grill restaurant in Christchurch.

35. Hussein Al-Umari, aged 35. Al-Umari was killed while challenging the gunman, his family told the BBC. They moved to New Zealand from the UAE 22 years ago.

36. Junaid Ismail, aged 36. Junaid was born to Indian parents and ran a corner shop in Christchurch.  Junaid leaves behind a wife and three children.

37. Zakaria Bhuiyan, aged 33. Mr Bhuiya had taken a day off to celebrate his 33rd birthday at the mosque. He had moved from Bangladesh to New Zealand, where he worked as a welder helping to rebuild after the devastating earthquake in 2011.

REPEAT ENTRY. Abdul Fattah Qassim al-Daqqah, aged 59. The Palestinian ministry of foreign affairs confirmed Al-Daqqah, of Palestinian origin, was killed in the terror attack. [It’s unclear whether this entry is the same as No. 29 copied erroneously by NewsHub . Moderator]

38. Ali Elmadani, aged 66. Elmadani was a retired engineer who had migrated to New Zealand from the UAE more than 20 years ago. His death was also confirmed by the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

39. Kamel Darwish, aged 38. Darwish migrated to New Zealand from Jordan just six months prior to the attack. He was working on a dairy farm in Ashburton, and his family remained in Jordan.

40. Maheboob Khokhar, aged 65. Khokhar was the retired manager of a power station in Gujarat, India. He had flown to New Zealand for the first time last week to visit his 27-year-old son, Imran.

41. Asif Vora, aged 56. Vora, also from Gujarat, India, was visiting Christchurch to see his son and daughter-in-law, and to meet his new grandchild.  Asif Vora was killed at the Al Noor mosque alongside his son Ramiz.

42. Ramiz Vora, aged 28. Asif’s son Ramiz was also killed by the ANZ terrorist. He and his wife had just welcomed their child into the world the week before the attack.

43. Ansi Alibava, aged 23. Alibava moved to New Zealand from Kerala, south India a year ago with her husband, Abdul Nazar. She was studying agriculture at Lincoln University, and had worked part-time at Kmart Riccarton and interned at Lincoln Agritech.

44. Ozair Kadir, aged 25. Born in Saudi Arabia to Indian parents, Kadir was a student at International Aviation Academy of New Zealand. He had moved from Hyderabad, India to Christchurch, and had plans to become a commercial pilot.

45. Munir Suleiman, aged 68. Suleiman was a design engineer at Scotts Engineering in Christchurch. He had been in the job for more than 20 years. Egypt’s Ministry of Emigration confirmed his death.

46. Ahmed Jamal al-Din Abdul Ghani, aged 68. Egypt’s Ministry of Emigration, citing authorities in New Zealand, named Ghani as one of the victims.

47. Ashraf Morsi – aged 54. Egypt’s Ministry of Emigration, citing authorities in New Zealand, named Morsi as one of the victims. The father of two leaves behind a wife and two children.

48. Ashraf al-Masri – age unknown. Egypt’s Ministry of Emigration, citing authorities in New Zealand, named Morsi as one of the victims.

49. Matiullah Safi, aged 55. Safi came to New Zealand from Afghanistan about nine years ago. He and his wife had seven children – six sons and a daughter.

50. Zekeriya Tuyan, a Turkish citizen who was critically wounded during the terrorist attacks at two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch on March 15 has died, raising the death toll from the shooting to [at least] 51, a report cited Turkey’s foreign minister on Thursday (May 2, 2019).

51. Muhammad Haziq bin Mohd Tarmizi, aged 17. Muhammad Haziq Mohd-Tarmizi, a teenager “missing” for days until being confirmed as a victim of the Christchurch mosque shootings was a Malaysian national. He was confirmed dead by police on Thursday.

52. Mohamad Moosi Mohamedhosen, 54 years old. Mohamad Moosid Mohamedhosen was born in Mauritius and came from the town of Vacoas, BBC reported.

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