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Indians in New Zealand: Less Right to Life than NZ Lamb

Posted by te2ataria on January 31, 2010


sent by an Anglo-Indian reader [edited by DH]

Another Indian Taxi Driver Murdered in New Zealand

More Indian/”colored” Taxi Drivers Are Murdered or Seriously Assaulted in New Zealand than in Any Other Country in the World

If YOU are as outraged as we are, email Dr Manmohan Singh, the PM of India, and let him know how you feel: http://pmindia.nic.in/write.htm

Statistically speaking, Indian/”coloured” taxi drivers have less chance of staying alive [NOT being murdered] in New Zealand, than almost anywhere else in the world, with the possible exception of Australia.

Hiren Mohini (DOB: 27/10/1970), an Indian taxi driver, picked up a passenger in the city of Auckland, and was later found stabbed to death on View Road, off Dominion Road in the Mount Eden area, a news report said.

Mr Mohini had moved to New Zealand from Mumbai in about 2003, his close friend and schoolmate from Goregaon, Mumbai, Sachin Jadhav told Indian Weekender. He said he was driving his taxi for the past four years.

Hiren Mohini, slain Indian taxi driver, leaves behind his wife, mother and two daughters aged five and two.

He was stabbed and robbed in View Road, Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand, reports said

The victim,  originally from Gujarat, was described as ” a very quiet, reserved gentleman. A true family man, loved his family, and all he was doing was going about trying to earn an honest living doing a public service.”

Unfortunately for him and his family, he was born with the “wrong skin color” and was therefore “fare game” in Apartheid New Zealand.

As if they really give a damn, police are asking anyone with information to contact them on 09 302 6400 or call the Crimestoppers line anonymously on 0800 555 111 .

Another colleague, Shane, said Mr Mohini was one of the quietest blokes he knew and that he was always courteous and respectful. “If money is what the attacker wanted, he could have simply asked – and Hiren would have handed it to him with no hesitation,” he said.

“He was a very quiet, reserved gentleman. A true family man, loved his family, and all he was doing was going about trying to earn an honest living doing a public service.”

“Mr Mohini had moved to New Zealand from Mumbai in about 2003, his close friend and schoolmate from Goregaon, Mumbai, Sachin Jadhav told Indian Weekender. He said he was driving his taxi for the past four years.” The report said.

For every Indian/”coloured” taxi driver murdered in New Zealand, at least 50 others are seriously assaulted!

There’s Only One Law In New Zealand: It Says YOU Are Colored!

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New Zealand Weekend Buttlines

Posted by te2ataria on January 30, 2010

Sent by DH

Students Association concerned for “Unigirl”

The story is purported to be about a teenage university student who is selling her virginity to make ends meet while studying at a university.

“The 19-year-old refers to herself as ‘Unigirl’ and is using a website to find the highest bidder.”

“Union of Students’ Associations co-president David Do says it has been hard for students to get jobs this summer, so many are facing a more difficult financial situation this year. He says the woman may not have student allowance and could be borrowing to live, so given the huge financial burdens students face it is not such a surprising course of action.”

While what David Do [no puns, that’s the guy’s name] is saying is perfectly right, it remains to be discovered how you could find a 12-yer-old virgin girl in New Zealand, let alone a university-age student.
Newstalk ZB

MAF Douses Auckland with More Pesticides

Foreign beetles? NO problem! We have the answer bring on the pesticide tanks and sprayers.
At least 50 hadda beetles have been found in Dove-Myer Robinson Park, the Auckland Domain and along Tamaki Drive, MAF said.

“They are widely distributed in most other counties, across the Pacific and Asia. It is quite likely they’ve come in as a hitchhiker across the port on a container, probably, or in a container.”  The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s biosecurity response manager David Yard said, adding that the beetle can destroy potato and tomato crops.
“Mr Yard says after MAF has finished spraying the known colonies with insecticide it will carry out a survey to find out how far the beetles have spread.” A report said.

Minister remanded on sodomy charge

Auckland Methodist minister Kenneth Smith is due to appear in court on February 9 charged with sodomy of  a 17-year-old boy at a motel.

“The case had been transferred from the Rotorua District Court to Christchurch a fortnight ago because Smith, a former minister at Waitakere and Auckland Synod superintendent, has moved to Christchurch.”
Source: NZPA

Woman killed in south Auckland fire named

The victim was 44-year-old Amiria Dawn Renata, also known as Amiria Dawn McClintock, whose body was found at a “fiercely burning house” in Birdwood Ave, south Auckland.

“Fire safety officers had investigated the possibility of it being suspicious” but were later told to drop the case by the police because the woman was a “darkie,” and they couldn’t be bothered getting involved.

“Detective Senior Sergeant Gary Lendrum of Counties Manukau Police said on Sunday that it did not appear to have been deliberately lit.”

“We’re pretty confident it’s not suspicious as a result of the Fire Service investigation yesterday,” he said.

Large-nosed, soot-covered man robs post shop

Hawke’s Bay police are looking for a ”large-nosed” robber who held up the Waipukurau Post Shop and pocketed “a substantial amount of cash.” So far they have been outwitted by the “Asrawillie-looking” guy.
The Dominion Post

Disaster spreads in Otago

Pasture-damaging clover root weevils have spread further in Otago after first being found in the province a year ago.

AgResearch said today that it had discovered clover root weevils (CRW) on the Taieri Plain and its scientists were sampling local farms to see how well established the pest was in the area, before deciding how to address the infestation.

The CRW reduces the contribution clover makes to soil fertility by helping “fix” nitrogen from the atmosphere in soil to help pastures grow. The nitrogen-fixing role of clover is also under threat from the loss of “feral” honeybees to pollinate clover for free, as varroa mites kill off bees outside managed hives.

The CRW was first discovered in 1996 in Waikato and Auckland, and by 2004 it had spread throughout the North Island. In 2006, AgResearch found a large population established in dairy pasture at Richmond, near Nelson, and a year ago it was detected at Clinton in south Otago. More …

Second child attacked by dog

A three-year-old Wairoa girl received 20 stitches to her face after she was mauled by a pit bull dog,  Dominion post reported the police as saying.

It was the second pit bull attack on a young girl over the weekend. The attack came shortly after a similar incident near Whakatane when a 5-year-old girl was savaged by two bulldog-pitbull cross dogs.

“The girl was taken first to Wairoa Hospital on Sunday afternoon, then was transferred to Hawke’s Bay Hospital. It was initially feared she may lose an eye as a result of the attack.”
Source: The Dominion Post

Swedish tourist Still missing after hospital visit

Police are still looking for a Swedish tourist who went missing from Rotorua Hospital 6 days ago.

Nearly a week after Annamaria Edgren went missing from Rotorua Hospital, there’s still no trace of her. “The 77-year-old is described as being 172 centimetres in height, of medium build and with longish red hair. Ms Edgren was last seen wearing a dark top and baggy cotton pants, and was carrying a grey wheelie bag with her.”
Newstalk ZB

More police cars crashed than ever before

“About 100 police cars have been written off in the past five years at a cost of more than $3 million.”

As soon as you read the first sentence, you know the stats have been doctored because the actual figures are much higher … But the story make a good read.

Credit: MAARTEN HOLL/The Dominion Post.  Th new police car came to an early end as the driver wrapped it around a streetlight in central Wellington last August.

Man ‘executed’ by NZ police for growing cannabis

The family of a Golden Bay man who died in Christchurch Men’s Prison say a coroner’s report into his death is a whitewash and they would like an apology for what happened.

Stephen Cleary, 49, died on June 11, 2007, from a pulmonary embolism arising from deep-vein thrombosis in his right calf.

He was beginning a one-year sentence for growing cannabis. After being sentenced on June 1, 2007, Mr Cleary spent five days in unusually restrictive conditions in the Nelson police cells and was transferred to Christchurch in a prison van on June 6, 2007. …

A spokeswoman for the family said today the report was a “whitewash” and did not provide them the answers they were looking for.

“The coroner’s report … it was really watered down … really basic, and didn’t give any of the facts that the family were concerned about.”  More. . .

The incident is the second case of of a cannabis grower murdered by the police. See  Jan Molenaar Was an Ordinary Man

Thank goodness there’s no “channel tunnel” underneath the Tasman Sea!

Wellington trains end up in wrong station.  An “operational error” sent train passengers bound for Paraparaumu to halfway toward Lower Hutt.  [If you’re not a kiwi, don’t bother looking up a map. It was a stupid mistake.]  “Obviously we’ll look into how it happened because it’s not meant to.” Kiwi Rail said. ROFL.

Source: Stuff.co.nz

Two Police Officers won’t be charged over misuse of police data

Why should they be? They should be awarded for remaining true to their colour.

Police national headquarters say only 33 police staff have been caught making unauthorised use of the National Intelligence Application information in the two-year period between August 2007 and August 2009, and of those only nine had later resigned.


Nelson man missing after night out

Mr Lipp-Neighbours who is described as a 1.85 metre tall Caucasian with light brown hair, has gone missing for 5 days without a trace.

Woman injured with a stingray tail she claims was left on chair

A woman who claims she “sat” on stingray tail accidentally was airlifted to Hawke’s Bay Hospital after the barb went into her “leg.”

A spokeswoman for the Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter said the woman, in her 40s, had sat on the stingray’s tail after it had been cut off and left on a chair.

A hospital spokeswoman said the patient was in a stable condition in the emergency department an hour after she arrived and she may be admitted for the night.  http://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/-/mp/6740321/woman-injured-sitting-on-stingray-tail-left-on-chair/

Name Suppression for Boy Sex Primary School Teacher

An Auckland primary school teacher was granted name suppression after he was  charged with paying boys for sex.

He appeared at North Shore District Court yesterday, the New Zealand Herald reported.

“The man is alleged to have formed separate relationships with the boys over fours years from September 2005, during which time they were between 12 and 16.”

One dead after car, tanker collide

The victim is thought to be a tourist.

Firearms Seized after Dogs’ Holocaust

Police have seized firearms used by Russell Mendoza and another man who allegedly used them to shoot 23 pups and 10 adult dogs after the dogs mauling death of Mr Mendoza’s fox terrier.

The slain dogs belonged to Mr Hargreaves who described them as members of  “his family.”

Three muggings: 2 young males thought to be tourists sustain head injuries, a third stabbed

In the first mugging, a young man was left with serious head injuries after being beaten and robbed near Kennedy Park, between Riverbend and Russel Roads, in Napier yesterday in broad daylight by a group of between 3 to 7 attackers. The victim was placed in induced coma at Hawke’s Bay Regional Hospital.

In the second incident, in nearby Massey Crescent,  unrelated to the first mugging, a 20-year-old male was robbed and injured by another man.

The third incident was a reported stabbing on Roberts Terrace after which the victim was taken also to Hawke’s Bay Hospital.

Police resources stretched by fourth Napier attack

“A fourth attack in Napier this weekend has left a 35-year-old man in Hawke’s Bay Regional Hospital with facial injuries.”


UPDATED 31 January 2010

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Dumb and the Dumbest

Posted by te2ataria on January 29, 2010

With thanks to Collins for the alert

kiwis swamp campsite despite fecal material in water supply

You can dispute some of the things they say about  kiwis, but their affinity for fecal matter cannot be challenged!

Campground still popular despite norovirus outbreak


Campers are still arriving at a Nelson campground despite being aware of an outbreak of the stomach bug norovirus.

The Golden Bay Holiday Park at Tukurua, near Takaka, had been closed to new campers since last Wednesday after about 120 holidaymakers became sick.

Some campers left during the weekend, but about 150 remained.

Nelson Marlborough District Health Board medical officer of health Ed Kiddle recommended the site remain closed until at least Thursday night after further people reported symptoms yesterday.

But new arrivals to the camp had been advised of the risks by the campground manager and still chose to stay, he said.

Information about the prevention and management of norovirus had been sent to other campgrounds in the area.

Nelson Marlborough Public Health Service district manager Peter Bassett said the campground’s owners reported having the situation under control on January 13 when they first notified the health board of the illness.

Last Wednesday, the health service received reports that it had become a major outbreak and was not under control, Mr Bassett said.

Public Health Service staff had been at the camp four times since to gather information about the spread of the illness and meet camp management.

Campers had been advised to boil their water after sewage contamination was found to be behind the outbreak.

Routine water quality testing by Tasman District Council staff on January 15 found high levels of E.coli contamination at the mouth of the Tukurua Stream, which runs through the campground.

The level was 700 most probable number (mpn), well above the 240mpn which would see the council start “intensive monitoring”.

Samples taken from the camp’s water supply also showed fecal material, Dr Kiddle said.

The campsite got its water from the Tukurua community supply, and it was treated at the camp.

Only the camp was required to boil its water, he said.

Council environment planning officer Dennis Bush-King said the council had been working on tracing where the contamination entered the creek.

http://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/-/top-stories/6728047/campground-still-popular-despite-norovirus-outbreak/     –Copyright Yahoo/NZPA

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The Dumbest Tourist of the Month Award

Posted by te2ataria on January 28, 2010

Sent by DH

Stingrays Dislike Being Used as Surfboards!

The Dumbest Tourist of the Month Award for January 2010 Goes to a Canadian

Matt Brazeau, 36, a Canadian tourist is reportedly recovering in New Plymouth after he was severely lanced by an stingray when he tried to get a piggy ride!

According to a news report, he claims that he mistakenly stood on the stingray  while kayaking !!!

He said he “had fallen out of his kayak in shallow surf at a beach near Waitara this week when he placed his foot on the stingray and immediately felt a stabbing pain in his thigh.” NZHerald Reported.

Taranaki Daily News said, “the barb entered his leg above his knee and came out the other side halfway up his thigh, leaving a wound which needed 40 stitches.”

“It was as though something had bit me but with electrical impulses,” he said. “It was really fast, in and out within a second. There was no movement, no action in the water except for me jumping back into the kayak. It had to be a stingray.”

Friends tied a belt around his leg to stop the blood gushing out, as he cried out loud like a baby, before an ambulance was called.

A doctor said he barb had narrowly missed an artery,  and the tourist  escaped without serious injury to muscle or tissue.

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Toxic New Zealand Headline

Posted by te2ataria on January 27, 2010

Sent by DH

Why We Call Wellington Sewage City (Other than for Obvious Reasons)

Sewage contamination at Wellington beach

Wellington City Council this afternoon warned swimmers to avoid Owhiro Bay waters, and erected pollution-warning signs after it detected sewage contamination.

Their test showed a large concentration of enterococci, which means  microbiological pollution, including sewage was present.  The pollution level was [highly] likely to cause a health hazard. In fact, the contamination level was so high, it probably killed other bacteria in the water.

Meanwhile, the E.coli count in Rona Bay in Eastbourne and Hutt River at Birchville fell below “deadly” and the two reopening for swimmers. However, if you have any cuts, bruises, or skin lesions, avoid the waters!

What caused the contamination? The government says it doesn’t know!

25c per hour wage increase all we could afford:  John Key

As the government plans to increase its military personnel wages by an undisclosed sum, it said 25 cent increase, amounting to about $10 a week, was they could offer, take it or f**k off.

Labour Minister Kate Wilkinson said you can’t have an effective [sic] military force and eat your food, too, or words to that effect.

Lower Hutt homes evacuated after chemical found

Imagine buying a new house and then discovering 200 tons of deadly chemical buried underneath your dinning room. Well, that’s almost exactly what happened to Benji [name changed, so that he can flog off the house to another first time idiot.]

According to a police spokesman, a special army unit was preparing to move  the chemical to an undisclosed location (!)

Toxic fumes overcome dump visitor

Toxic fumes from concentrated nitric acid mixed with other toxic materials  sent a person to hospital. The highly toxic acid was dumped among rubbish at the EnviroWaste refuse and recycling center in Patiki Road in the Auckland suburb of Avondale today.

Highly Contagious Mystery Bug Contaminating NZ Campsites

Holiday From Hell. A highly contagious mystery bug alleged to be Gastrointestinal Norovirus is contaminating New Zealand campsites.

Sewage in creek blamed for campground bug

“Routine water quality testing by Tasman District Council staff on January 15 found high levels of E.coli contamination at the mouth of the Tukurua Stream, which runs through the campground.”

“The level was 700 most probable number (mpn), well above the 240mpn which would see the council start ‘intensive monitoring’”.

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Aussie mercenary faces death penalty

Posted by te2ataria on January 27, 2010

Sent be a reader in Sewage City [Wellington]

Former Aussie soldier turned mercenary faces death penalty in Afghanistan

A former Australian special forces soldier turned mercenary is facing execution in Afghanistan for the murder of a security guard.

Robert William Langdon, 38, murdered an Afghan security guard by shooting him four times in the head and body. After he was arrested in May 2009, he told the authorities it was the Taliban insurgents who killed the security guard, The Australian newspaper reported.

Langdon was employed by the US-based mercenary firm Four Horsemen [of the Apocalypse] International as a “security contractor.” The report said.

After murdering the victim, who was his colleague,  Langdon returned to Kabul, took US$10,000 from his bank account and bought a ticket to Dubai, but was arrested as he tried to board the flight. The Australian said.

Langdon claimed diminished responsibility at his trial, but his claims “were undermined by an admission that he had tried to cover up the crime by throwing a hand grenade into the truck containing Karim’s body.”

“Langdon’s family is trying to raise money to persuade the dead man’s family to formally ask the Supreme Court in Kabul to spare his life.”

Australian PM [and head of the Pacific Gendarmerie,] Kevin Rudd has reportedly vowed to intervene in the case and save the convicted mercenary from being executed, The Australian said.

“We as the government always intervene in support of any Australian citizen who has been convicted of a capital offence,” Mr Rudd told Perth radio, The Australian reported.

“(But) While that appeal is under way I don’t intend to get engaged in a rolling commentary on the content of the case.”

Mr Rudd refused to comment  on whether Australia’s [neocolonial] role in Afghanistan would add extra weight to any intervention to save the convicted murderer’s life.

“We need to adhere to Afghan due process. I don’t think it would be wise at this stage to predict the effectiveness of any particular intervention by me,” he said.

“Talking publicly about how much influence you have with the government in question may not help their case. I think it’s fair to say more generally that we have a good operating relationship with the government of Afghanistan.”

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NZ surgeon pledges allegiance to Australia

Posted by te2ataria on January 26, 2010

sent by an Aussie reader

Top NZ Doctor Becomes an Aussie

First-class NZ surgeon in conjoined twins separation climbs the evolution ladder

New Zealand-born plastic surgeon Dr Andrew Greensmith, who helped separate conjoined Bangladeshi twins last year, became an Aussie.

Dr Greensmith is yet another living proof that when intelligent New Zealanders get the chance, they vote with their feet and opt for Australian citizenship.

“Dr Greensmith, his wife, Mexican-born Victoria and children Andres and Claudia, all pledged their allegiance to Australia at the Australia Day citizenship ceremony in Canberra presided over by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Governor-General Quentin Bryce.” AAP reported.

When asked why he made the move, Dr Greensmith said:

“We have been here for six years now and the children are very much growing up as Australians. We feel very much settled here,” he said.

“We had a period over many years prior to that with my training in France and England where we were exposed to many other cultures and societies. We were very unsettled because we were moving so much.

“And now we have found a place which is right for everyone. It is right for my wife who is from Mexico originally.

“We are very much a multinational family. Australia is a place that very much embraces and celebrates all those cultures.”

Would you want your kids to go to a New Zealand School?

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Trust your kiwi friends, they’ll leave you to die!

Posted by te2ataria on January 26, 2010

“what a lying, miserable, feckless bunch the Kiwi’s are”Navyref

A 24-yo man who became ill while tramping was left behind by his party

“Nelson police are disappointed that a 24-year-old Nelson man who became ill while tramping and had to be airlifted out of the Richmond Ranges was left by his tramping party to fend for himself.” Nelson mail reported.

The man who was with a party of eight on Sunday started to vomit about two hours from Starveall Hut, police said.

His friends continued on leaving the sick man behind. The sick man called his parents who then notified police.

He was eventually airlifted out by a rescue helicopter, the report said.

“It’s these departures from basic tramping protocols that can end in tragedy. You never leave an ill member of your party on their own, at least one fit and healthy member should remain with them, The police said.

“Thankfully this incident ended happily and the man was reunited with his family albeit dehydrated and ill.”

“He said if his friends had stayed with the man he might not have needed to be rescued.” The report said. “The man continued to be ill when he got to Starveall Hut and it would have been too dangerous for him to walk out.”

The young man should be grateful that none of his “buddies” was carrying a weapon. Who knows, they might have have shot him for his own good.

You can trust kiwis with your death!

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Sex Diary of New Zealand Police Farce

Posted by te2ataria on January 25, 2010

Suggested by a reader

New Zealand Police Farce Protects Murderers, Pedophiles, Rapist, Sodomy Jocks, Extortionists,  Perverts …

January 4, 2010

NZ Cop Demands Blow Job from Female Driver

Another blow job on demand case!

New Zealand cop demands a blow job from female driver threatening her son with physical harm.

January 5, 2010

Acquitted police officer off work on full pay

A Canterbury police officer acquitted of raping a young girl has been off work on full pay for three years pending an internal disciplinary tribunal hearing.

The officer, who has permanent name suppression, was found not guilty at the end of an eight-day trial in April 2008 on a charge of raping a 12-year-old girl. The man had seen himself as a “mentor and father figure” to the girl, but the Crown alleged at the trial that he had been infatuated with her.


January 11, 2010

Police mum over Tokoroa death

Police are saying little about the death of a man in Tokoroa on Friday night, other than it is still unexplained.

The body of the 33-year-old man was found in his Tokoroa house on Saturday morning and an autopsy was done yesterday.


January 13, 2010

Police B*stards Kill Another Biker

Chase-to-Kill Police Unit Kill Another Biker Near Wellington

A 29-year-old biker was killed by police after they gave chase  near Wellington and forced out of the road this afternoon.

January 21, 2010

Ex-officer for trial on sex charges

Another former Rotorua police officer is to go on trial, charged with sexually violating a woman in her flat more than 20 years ago.


January 22, 2010

Former police officer fined for having child porn

A former Rotorua police officer has been fined for possessing obscene images of young girls being abused.

Robert Theunissen was fined $1000 and ordered to pay $260 court costs by Judge Chris McGuire in Rotorua District Court yesterday.

The 64-year-old man had pleaded guilty to 18 charges of possessing objectionable material at an earlier court hearing.


January 23, 2010

Second police officer charged with exposing himself

A second off duty detective has been charged with exposing himself to a woman and her son after a night of drinking in Auckland.

The officer, 43, was due to appear in Pukekohe District Court next month accused of offensive behaviour,The Weekend Herald reported.


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Do YOU Believe In Curses?

Posted by te2ataria on January 25, 2010

The son of a New Zealand senior judge killed in Canada

A friend of this blog, who is Maori seer, says curses are as real as road crashes!

The first of the three children of Court of Appeal president Sir William Young was killed after being struck by a vehicle while jogging in Vancouver on January 19, The Press reported.

Nick Young, 27, who graduated in 2006 from Canterbury University, moved to Canada working as an engineer.

“The former Christ’s College pupil was on a pedestrian crossing on a major Vancouver street when he was hit by the car.” It was reported.

His father Justice Young, his mother, Susan, and siblings Charlotte and Thomas have all flown to Vancouver to bring his body to Christchurch.

Do you believe in curses?

APA, the Maori seer, has seen into the possible futures and will reveal his visions on demise of

1. A wealthy American couple who live in New Zealand
2. A prominent British couple who are also residing in NZ
3. Seven other well-known individuals living here or related to this country

Coming soon…

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Another NZ Pilot Downs His Helicopter

Posted by te2ataria on January 25, 2010

kiwi pilot Kills Himself and two Spaniards

The bodies  of Kevin Holmes, a New Zealander, and two Spaniards, have been recovered from the wreckage of a helicopter in Spain, news agency AFP reported, Stuff NZ said.

New Zealand-born Kevin Holmes was probably flying the helicopter when it crashed into the sea off the port of Almeria, Spain.

Of the four people on board, three were reportedly killed, but the fourth person survived and was rescued.

“Holmes’ body was found in the helicopter at a depth of 85 metres by a Spanish navy team using a remote-controlled submarine.”

The helicopter was on a routine flight and the cause of the crash is a mystery, AFP reported.

Try pilot error [incompetence, poor training, alcohol, drugs…!]

Meanwhile …

An Air New Zealand Double Tragedy Waiting to Happen

Air New Zealand had a “close call” as two passenger aircraft over Queenstown’s Lake Wakatipu came close enough to spark an automatic warning to the two pilots, the Otago Daily Times reported.

“CAA spokeswoman Emma Peel said yesterday an Air New Zealand Boeing 737 was approaching Queenstown Airport’s runway last Saturday when it was warned by its “terrain collision avoidance system” another aircraft was in the area.” The report said.

Back in  Auckland International Airport …

Another Emergency Landing at Auckland International Airport

An  Airbus A340-200, some 60 minutes into its flight from Auckland to Buenos Aires, reported the shutdown of its No. 1 engine, and returned to Auckland, scaring the living daylight out of its passengers. Fortunately for the 229 tourists onboard,  the plane landed without incident at about 10.25pm,  a report said.

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Dumbass kiwis shafted by Avatar

Posted by te2ataria on January 24, 2010

sent by kiwi moviegoer from Dunedin

Avatar sales reach $1.6 billion, kiwis get one finger salute

The Government handed over nearly $45 million in taxpayer money to the film producers

NOT only NZ government handed over nearly $45 million in taxpayer money to the filmmakers, it’s now defending the scheme that threw away the much needed cash amid growing poverty in New Zealand.

Avatar recently dominated the Golden Globe awards, with sales of more than $1.6 billion. You would have thought the production company would have paid back the money with a fee or interest; they gave the one finger salute to New Zealanders, instead.

“Much of the digital post-production work was done in New Zealand via Weta Digital, and the makers received $44.69 million from the Large Budget Screen Production Grant (LBSPG).” Reports said.

The Economic Development Minister Gerry Brownlee [Brownnose] said today the grant delivered more than $307 million in tourist expenditure to the New Zealand economy.

“Attracting large budget film productions here offers wider benefits to the economy, including increased opportunities for New Zealanders as well as tourism benefits from having New Zealand locations shown to an international audience,” he said.

“Avatar has set a new standard for visual effects and this showcases our capability in what is a high value, high technology sector of our economy.”


Mr Brownhead said overseas movie and television productions had spent at least $1.42 billion in New Zealand, and New Zealand government had paid out grants to film production companies worth $189.4 million, so far Year end June 2009).

Liar! How come 219,627 New Zealand Children live in poverty?

“New Zealand’s connection to the success of Avatar will continue to deliver huge benefits to the country and will help to attract more large budget productions here in the future.” Mr Brownnose said.

“The film includes a thank-you to the New Zealand Government in its credits.” He added.

Hey, not bad for $45 million!

Other films that have received grants in the year to June 30 2009 include Wolverine, Jumper, The Day the Earth Stood Still, They Came From Upstairs, Underworld 3 and Prince Caspian, as well as the latest in the Power Rangers television series, reports said.

Previously King Kong and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe were also made at New Zealand taxpayers expense.

Here’s another reason why ONE in SIX New Zealanders live in poverty. NZ government prefers foreign movies to food for the poor.

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NZ Visitor Health Alert Bulletins # 32, 33, 34

Posted by te2ataria on January 24, 2010

NZ Visitor Health Alert Bulletin # 32

Highly Contagious Mystery Bug Contaminating NZ Campsites

If you are visiting New Zealand, and you really ought to know better NOT to, don’t use the camping sites!

Holiday From Hell. A highly contagious mystery bug alleged to be Gastrointestinal Norovirus is contaminating New Zealand campsites.

In the latest incident a Golden Bay camping ground was forced to close down and its campers quarantined on site after up to 150 campers were struck by vomiting and diarrhea as a result of the bug.

“Camper Gwyn Edwards told The Press his group of 10 adults and children had arrived at Golden Bay camping ground, north of Takaka, on Sunday, a week after the virus began appearing, but were not warned and all became sick.” NZPA reported.

“On Monday night quite a few people went down with it, and by Tuesday night it was like a war zone.”

He said the camp’s facilities were too inadequate and unable to cope without hot water or disinfectant.

“A  visited the Golden Bay Holiday Park at Tukurua Beach in the Tasman district on Wednesday, finding the campground’s facilities overwhelmed by up to 50 new cases of sickness in the camp, the Nelson Mail reported.”

Nearly all of the campers had experienced illness, as of posting, before the camp was finally closed to new arrivals.

The cause of the outbreak was not known but the virus [assuming it’s Norovirous] could spread through water,  a local health inspector, Dr Kiddle, was quoted as saying.

NZ Visitor Health Alert Bulletin # 33

If you are visiting New Zealand, and you really ought to know better NOT to, avoid ending up in the hospitals.

Death-pitals. Dunedin Hospital, Tokoroa Hospital, Taranaki Hospital, Thames Hospital and Whangarei Area Hospital have been struck by one or more highly infectious viruses.

An estimated two to three hundred patients and hospital staff have been quarantined in the past week.


NZ Visitor Health Alert Bulletin # 34

If you are visiting New Zealand, and you really ought to know better NOT to, try some New Zealand shellfish, not all shellfish are deadly here (!)

New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty health officials have issued a strong warning after up to eighty people fell ill from toxic shellfish poisoning.

“Medical Officer of Health Phil Shoemack says the risk has not gone away and two people have been admitted to hospital. At least another four people have been seen in Emergency Departments.” TV NZ reported.

“Dr Shoemack says there are anecdotal reports of others getting sick with classic paralytic shellfish poisoning symptoms of numbness and tingling round the mouth.”

Blog can confirm that the reports are true, rather than merely “anecdotal”

The area affected by paralytic shellfish poisoning runs from Tairua on the Coromandel, all the way south of the Bay of Plenty including Whakatane rivermouth.


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New Zealand Soldiers Are ‘Well Protected’

Posted by te2ataria on January 22, 2010

sent by a former military man [now a worthwhile person and a pacifist]

Statistically, kiwi troopers may be safer in Afghanistan than they are in New Zealand

Don’t let the “tough guy” photos fool you. Only start worrying when more than a dozen soldiers return in body bags [assuming you’ll hear about it.]

Is it true that they wear pink underwear? Probably not, it would be too expensive and provocative, but the regulars are known to change theirs regularly.

Why did the military allow their “boys” to be photographed?

The main reason is their recruitment campaign. They are falsely portraying New Zealand military as “fearless”, “successful” and “professional”.

In reality, they are very well protected by the US and other military forces, as well as the “friendly Taliban” factions, their main role being patrolling the “safe” areas. The top brass know the soldiers are safe, for now anyway.

[The rest of this post was edited because Moderator did not believe it was necessary for this blog to divulge detailed information about the military operations and individual soldiers in foreign countries.]

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Cost of Raping a ‘Colored’ Girl in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on January 22, 2010

sent by a reader in Auckland [edited by TEAA]

Another District Court Judge F**ks Up Again!

Lawyers’ fees + $5,000 (if the victim is an Indian or a Pakistani)

Graeme Stuart Redmond,  A Kirwee farmer, couldn’t keep his farming tool in his trousers, but managed to find the right lawyer.

Graeme raped a 15-year-old member of the minority community, believed to be an Indian or a Pakistani girl, got himself a “good” lawyer, wrote an apology letter to the girl, offered $5000 emotional harm reparation and was sentenced to eight months home detention by the evil judge.

Who was the Defence counsel? It was  Jonathon Eaton QC,  of course. The lawyer who specializes in looking after the old boys after they rape a minor.

“He said the incident was an example of a gross act by an intoxicated man with ill judgment. He realised it was wrong and stopped, then apologised to the girl the next morning.”

[“Hey, he apologized, didn’t he? And the girl must have enjoyed it, too. She was just a darkie, and must be grateful for the fun, and the money.”]

What did the Crown prosecutor say? “Redmond could have had no reasonable idea that the act was consensual,” or words to that effect.

Who was the Crown Prosecutor? They could have placed a vibrating sex aid with the batteries running out in the courtroom instead, and no one would have noticed the difference.

The *&^%$#@ Judge

Christchurch District Court Judge David Saunders reportedly said that he had “accepted Redmond’s remorse and generous offer of reparation, and it was evident he had support from the people in court,” NZPA said.

Uh… so next time all rapists should ask members of their extended family and school friends, too, to attend the court. Right?

“He said Redmond, who held official positions in the local community, had good references, and this was an isolated incident from a man with good character.”

[“In short he was one of the good old boys! And the victim just an Indian girl who couldn’t make her mind up, no doubt. She might have even asked for it”.]

“Earlier in the sentencing Judge Saunders spoke directly to the girl’s father and encouraged him and the family to attend a restorative justice meeting.”

The judge then revealed that the family was considering leaving New Zealand [and returning to their country of origin.]

That’s one way for apartheid New Zealanders to repatriate “colored” immigrants.

No name suppression in this case, because Jonathon Eaton QC didn’t think it was necessary to hide the identity of a kiwi HERO!

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