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Millionaire NZ PM: Screw the Poor

Posted by te2ataria on January 18, 2010


Sent by a reader in Sewage City [Wellington]

John Key: No one would ever become a millionaire on an honest day’s work or on NZ$15 per hour, so why bother?

The rags-to-$80million-riches PM of New Zealand has ruled out a minimum wage increase to NZ$15 this year despite two-thirds of New Zealanders supporting the increase.

  • Current min wage in NZ (foreign workers and trainees get a lot less) :  NZ$12.50 per hour
  • Current min wage in Australia, calculated at an exchange rate of 1.255: NZ$17.98 per hour

As John Key, the millionaire PM of New Zealand, stands in front of his palatial home in St Stevens Ave, Parnell, Auckland, reportedly worth $9 million. As John Key’s estimated wealth reaches $80 to $100 million  mark, one in six New Zealanders, both Maori and Europeans, live in poverty. Photo: Geoff Dale. Image may be subject to copyright

I Kill, You cook, I get more!

A NZ Army Warrant Officer Class One receives about NZ$75,000 base salary plus lots of allowances and extras, whereas the catering workers are expected to live on less than NZ$22,000 for comparable work.  http://www.odt.co.nz/news/national/49761/air-force-catering-staff-strike-over-wages

About 100,000 New Zealanders receive the minimum wage, which is not enough to live on!

“Smiling Assassin”

“The Smiling Assassin” relaxing in his pool after a hard day’s killing.
John Key Photographed by Simon Young – From Metro Issue 286, April 2005. The image may be subject to copyright.

[A friend of this blog says there’s a Hinenui-te-pō Curse on John Key and his fortune. Watch how he will lose everything! TEAA]

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9 Responses to “Millionaire NZ PM: Screw the Poor”

  1. Kyle said

    […] my comments were not allowed becuase […]

  2. te2ataria said

    @ Kyle
    Are you related, or just doing your “job”?

  3. Kyle said

    Te2, related to who? and i have a job, its not for the government.

    at least you allowed a small portion of my post that time. 🙂

  4. mouse trap said

    Meanwhile, the markup on vegetables is huge, UP TO 500 PERCENT, was in the papers, Te2, did you read that? Disgusting avarice!
    Vegetable growers are getting low prices for their produce and the middlemen take a fat cut, charging consumers many times what they need to and endangering the health of our children.
    Never mind the “growers industry” and how it is doing, Kedgley. Children need to eat fresh vegetables so parents need to be able to afford them.

    Growers often have to sell their fruits and vegetables for less than they cost to produce.

    There need to be more ombudsmen here to prevent these sorts of abuses.

    In that same news piece it said that the managing director of the company that owns Four Square, New World and Pak N Save refused to say what the mark-ups were because it was “commercially sensitive”.

    Meanwhile, if you go around back their stores and look at the produce they throw out in bins, it could feed people. They should give it away to the poor.

    • te2ataria said

      mouse trap said
      “There need to be more ombudsmen here to prevent these sorts of abuses.”

      Unfortunately, the fat ombudsmen end up protecting the interests of the greedy rich.

  5. dioovhn said

    The NZ bar decides on complaints against its own members, for instance. Fox guarding the henhouse.

  6. c beck said

    whats wrong we are the slaves and we must obey , if its getting to much with you just drink more fluorided wate, get more vaccines , keep watching the all blacks, shortland street , or save your money and go to aussie and be a better paid slave over there. ITS a wonder our prime sinister has not put us on trademe, anyway after he finished working for the bankers and sold everything that new zealandes, have been working for all their life, he will be off into the sunset, back to Hawaii, with his money, for a job well done for stuffing us up big time. but in this country were the brains are at half mast, people love him because he wears nice suits, always smiles well so would you if you had all the slaves money. wake up kiwis!

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