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Corrupt Judges Ought to Be Hanged …

Posted by te2ataria on January 19, 2010

Title suggested and some of the material provided by a pakeha in Europe

Corrupt judges ought to be hanged by their private parts, or surgically prevented from perpetuating the “corruption gene”

“I represent the Crown, you be the Court Clown and together we’ll hump the wool growers to their eyeballs. God knows they deserve it only too well for what they do to the poor animals.”

Justice Bill [Willy] Wilson, and two of his co-conspirator judges in the Court of Appeal  overturned a High Court decision in 2007 thus preventing a group of wool growers to share the former Wool Board’s financial reserves.

The Wool Board was represented by, you guessed it,  Justice Wilson’s buddy, ***** and business partner, Alan Galbraith QC, a Rhodes Scholar.

[NOTE: NZPA, New Zealand’s unofficial government propaganda mouthpiece and one of the bodies responsible for news censorship in the country,  carefully removed the QC title from the crooked lawyer’s name in the report, presumably to not embarrass Prince William, on his way out of NZ.]

Alan Galbraith QC, the Rhodes Scholar AND Justice Bill [Billy] Wilson [also a QC] co-owned a plot of Maori land in Waikato and breed horses together. [They do other things together, too, but that’s for another time.]

“At the time of the ruling, Justice Wilson was reportedly indirectly financially indebted to Mr Galbraith.” NZPA said.

A North Canterbury wool grower, Peter Radford, has since  complained that Justice Wilson ruling in the case was biased.

“He was yesterday interviewed by Commissioner Sir David [spinach, or was it misspelled esp****age?] Gasgoigne and former Australian High Court chief judge Murray Gleeson,” the Dominion Post reported.

[Anyone knows why we need a former Australian High Court chief judge, other than for the obvious reasons?]

Mr Radford and his lawyer, Sue Grey, who was also interviewed said the three hour “detailed questioning” was very encouraging.

“The commission can dismiss the complaint, refer it to [American-hater]  [Oops! The old dragon beckons. No chance matey!] or ask the attorney-general to set up an inquiry panel.”

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6 Responses to “Corrupt Judges Ought to Be Hanged …”

  1. I Shut Up said

    The New Zealand Press Association is a news agency and is completely independant of the government.

  2. Pickham said

    I read an article called Why Kiwi Leaders Get Less Respect Than Their Overseas Counterparts. Basically, they drag down authority reactively, for the sake of it, because they cannot abide the existence of any hierarchy, even a meritocracy. In the article, Brad Jackson, the Fletcher Building Education Trust professor of leadership, referred to a project called the GLOBE project, which shed some light on the internal workings of NZ society: how they get things done and what stops them from getting things done. How to “manoeuvre through” the crabs in a barrel mentality by making slow lateral moves, and not sticking your neck out where it can be chopped off.

    He concluded, “Leaders in New Zealand should know what they’re getting themselves into. If you can influence individuals here, you’re doing very well indeed.”

    Looking at court decisions, it’s clear that Jackson knows what he is talking about, because these decisions often seem to have no objective grounds. The criteria must therefore be subjective. Arse-covering, favour-mongering and palm greasing.

  3. Muffin said

    A recent article in the Occidental Observer, passed on by an acquaintance, remarked on Egypt’s real problems – low IQ and a culture of distrust. The sender joked that it actually sounds more like the Pack of Poxy Pakehas we have down here, than it does Egypt!

    “What the authors do not say is this: this is the way that low-IQ folks from collectivist cultures tend to operate: bribes, laziness, clans, and general cheating—from ordinary business practices to tax evasion, nepotism, government red tape (more bribes), systematic distrust of strangers outside the family and clan, and just general stupidity. You cannot run a modern economy on any of these conditions.”

    • te2ataria said

      @ Muffin
      NOT withstanding the racist remarks and stereotyping of Egyptians as “low-IQ folks,” the chief distinguishing difference between them and “the Pack of Poxy Pakehas we have down here” seems to be the size of a certain part of their anatomy. A new generation of ordinary Egyptians have proudly shown their guts by opposing an oppressive, corrupt and dictatorial regime.

      BTW, very little in substance differentiates between the Egyptian military-in-civilian clothes regime and our own secret police-controlled, military-first “democracy” here in the Dark Lands.

      Moderator k.

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