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Another Judge F**ks Up, Again

Posted by te2ataria on November 30, 2009

sent by a reader [edited by TEAA]

Sex with a Minor is [Statutory] Rape!

It is an offence in New Zealand to have a sexual connection with a person under the age of 16: NZ Crimes Act (1961) Part 7, section 134 [See below]

The Case: “A personal meltdown” after a 38-year-old’s long marriage broke down, according to the Christchurch Court News website, a report said.

The Rapist: David Michael Johnson (Property developer)

The *&^%$#@ Judge: Judge Colin Doherty

Defence Counsel: Jonathan Eaton

Crown Prosecutor: [They could have placed a vibrating sex aid with the batteries running out in the courtroom instead, and no one would have noticed the difference. ]

The Charges: Judge Doherty described the charges as “an eclectic collection of sexual connection methods.”

The pre-sentence report: The Rapist “did not accept responsibility and blamed the victim.”

The Victim:  Judging by the sentence handed down, readers may infer that the 15-yo victim was a “worthless” and “unimportant piece of dirt” who happened to be a “good f**k.”

Impact on the victim: “She now suffered from serious emotional harm. She had dropped out of school, was unable to concentrate, and had recurrent bad dreams.”

The victim believes that Johnson, the rapist, targeted her for having sex, which she later described as “rough and demeaning.”

Sentence: The evil Judge “reduced Johnson’s sentence for his guilty pleas, his apology, and the emotional harm payment. This brought it within the range where home detention could be allowed, but he said it was ‘a close run thing.'”

Then the *&^%$#@ judge “balanced” his decision by  imposing “special conditions”  on the nine-month house detention term, and lifting the name suppression (!)

What if the victim was a member of the bast*rd Judge’s own family? Would he have still gone out of his way to protect the rapist?

Home Detention for Statutory Rape? What part of the Law didn’t you understand?

New Zealand Legislation: ACTS

Crimes Act 1961 No 43 (as at 17 October 2009), Public Act

134 Sexual conduct with young person under 16

(1) Every one who has sexual connection with a young person is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years.

(2) Every one who attempts to have sexual connection with a young person is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years.

(3) Every one who does an indecent act on a young person is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years.

(4) No person can be convicted of a charge under this section if he or she was married to the young person concerned at the time of the sexual connection or indecent act concerned.

(5) The young person in respect of whom an offence against this section was committed cannot be charged as a party to the offence if the person who committed the offence was of or over the age of 16 years when the offence was committed.

(6) In this section,—

    • (a) young person means a person under the age of 16 years; and
    • (b) doing an indecent act on a young person includes indecently assaulting the young person.
      Section 134: substituted, on 20 May 2005, by section 7 of the Crimes Amendment Act 2005 (2005 No 41).

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