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New Zealand Road Kills 2008

Posted by te2ataria on December 31, 2008

Every death in New Zealand should be regarded as murder, unless proven otherwise!

Road Kills 2008

According to the perfidious un-officials at the Ministry of Transport NZ, the road toll for 2008 was 359.

However, our contact, who once worked for Brian Pink at New Zealand Statistics and knows most of the tricks used by NZ un-authorities to cook the books,  one of a handful of “pious pakeha,” told us that the true estimate for 2008 was at least 557 people killed on NZ roads.

Since the road toll of 421 deaths for 2007 was also an incorrect figure, its difficult to calculate the actual percentage rise from 2007 to 2008.

Assuming the 2007 figure was “massaged down” by, say, 15% then the actual road toll for 2007 was about about 484.

If the 2007 figure was massaged by, say, 10%  (down from from 468 fatalities), then the percentage rise from 2007 to 2008 would be 19 %.

If, on the other hand, the govt misrepresented the figures by 5% then the percentage rise in road fatalities for 2008 would increase  up by 26% compared with 2007.

New Zealand road toll for 2008 rose by at least 13% to 557 kills.

To establish the real cause, the death of each visitor in New Zealand must be investigated by NON-NZ independent experts.

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